If Katekyo Hitman Reborn was in space, it would be elDLIVE.


Which makes sense, seeing as they are by the same author.

First off, I love the voice cast for this series. I think they did a great job. A lot of the voice actors I recognized right away, from Ayumu Murase, the Main characters voice actor, he also plays Hinata Shoyo in Haikyuu. Saori Hiyami voices the love interest/antagonist maybe, an also Miyuki in Irregular at Highschool. Happys voice actor, Rie Kugimiya is also a prominent role as well! So already I’m happy.


Not that this episode disappointed. Usually there were some fantastic transitions. In explanations  going between memory’s had this open/shut kind of animation that made it interesting.

Screenshot 2017-01-19 11.34.30.png

The introductions to the characters are okay. We are told a lot about why the protagonist, Chuta  Kokonose is unlikable but we also see his perspective on that issue.


Mizusu Sonokata, the love interest of our protagonist has seemed to ignore him up until this point, and suddenly is very opposed to him. It does feel like a leap, and whether or not he has a crush on her still becomes a bit fuzzy.


The episode was wrapped up nicely, it had a goal, it accomplished it and it can proceed.


There were a lot of chaScreenshot 2017-01-19 11.35.24.pngracters introduced, but it wasn’t overwhelming. The main characters we will be dealing with seem to be humanoid, and there are a few that peaked my intrigue. It has a very Star Trek vibe, which I like.


A long term plot isn’t introduced yet, so it looks like it will be a closed episode? We will see. Anyway it was a good episode. I enjoyed it and im looking forwards to more!


Thanks for reading!




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