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Nothing could compare. The taste, the feel, the utter sound of the pulse was taunting him, and it was finally his. His teeth finally closed around the pulse, the skin breaking apart under his touch, it was HIS.

Kozu inhaled as he held onto the pulse, claiming it as his own. It was already in his mind, filling his senses with it. He would never forget the deep, frantic beating under him. He would never have to, it was now his. His to indulge in, to tear apart, to hold, it was HIS.

The taste filled his mouth, the sickly iron taste on his lips. With each passing second he could taste more, he wanted more. He wanted it all, it was HIS.

Nothing else mattered, not now that he had what was his. He could feel the heartbeat thrumming underneath him, faster and faster as he indulged himself, taking his time to enjoy every single second. It was HIS.

The first bite had been perfect, the sound of the skin tearing, the sound of his teeth breaking into the skin, it was all so perfect, he wanted it even more. He dug his nails into the skin underneath him, loving the feeling of the pulse quickening under the skin. He needed more.

He pried his teeth from the jagged holes created in haste and repositioned himself to get an even better angle. His mouth closed around the pulse again, digging deeper, claiming every single solitary cell that he could get his hands on. There would be no question, this was HIS.

Time didn’t matter anymore, it went by so fast, and so slow. The pulse under him was an unreliable clock. All too soon he felt a presence in his space. A growl ripped up his throat when he felt them get too close, as if they were coming for what belonged to HIM!

His attention was refocused again when he felt the hands from underneath him, gripping him pushing, him away. But the struggle made him want it even more. The challenge, the heat, he wasn’t letting go of this any time soon.

Well it wasn’t his choice. He felt fingers grip his jaw and force his mouth open. His teeth slid from the skin and he was pulled away from the hot pulse underneath him. Kozu felt another growl rip from his throat, directed at whoever dared touching him, but he could still feel the separation between him and what was his growing colder. His hands reached out to try and grab hold of what belonged to him, but his hands were forced back.

“-zumi! Ikazumi!” an Alphas voice hit the air, ripping through Kozu for a solitary second. Just long enough to draw his attention to where he was.

The harsh lights of sun from the window made his eyes sting, like he had been in the dark for a while. He tried to move but he was being held back still. He struggled against whoever was holding him, their hands digging into his wrists. “Let go!” he screamed, trying to pull his arms down, but they were held up and away from his body.

He kicked his foot out, hitting it against a desk next to him. He screamed in pain, finally taking in his surroundings. He was in his classroom, but it was empty of students. Books were still open on the desks, and but some chairs were knocked over. When had he even gone to school?

“Ikazumi!” The Alphas voice sounded again, and he looked up at its source. It was his teacher, Yuma-sensei. He was angry. The male walked up to him and gripped Kozus face, lifting his chin harshly. He looked into his eyes, and Kozu pulled his lips back in a half growl. If he wanted a challenge he would get one.

“let go of him” the teacher said, and Kozu felt his arms drop. Kozu immediately pulled his wrists forwards and rubbed them, pissed off at having been restrained. He was even pissed off that he couldn’t turn to see who it was who thought they got to put their hands on him. But being released was also brought a huge sense of relief. He didn’t feel calm though, he wanted to just scream at everyone, and he wanted to find what belonged to him right now!

He knew that what he wanted was right behind Yuma-sensei, but if he broke the eye contact then he would lose, and he wasn’t going to lose!

“Go get the nurse” Yuma-sensei spoke to the student behind Kozu, without breaking eye contact. The student ran from the room as fast as he could. The air in the classroom was so heavy with Alpha scent, it was hard to breathe. It had less of an effect on students who hadn’t presented, but it was a scary situation, especially after watching the to-be Beta Ikazumi go feral!

The two were locked in a staring contest, neither one willing to give in. Kozu took a step towards his sensei. “Move” he growled, “its MINE, not yours!” he yelled, slamming his first on one of the desks next to him.

“Yours?” the teacher scoffed. “You want to see what’s yours?” he almost challenged. “Fine, look at what you did” he spat and stepped to the side a little, affording Kozu a small look at who was behind him.

On the floor, wedged uncomfortably between two desks lay a student. His body was bent awkwardly, like someone moved him, attacked him. He was panting, but not moving. A groan slipped from between his lips every few seconds, it sounded like he was in pain. There were bright splashes of red in his blonde hair, seeping from his neck.  The red continued to pool on the ground underneath him, staining his uniform.

“Mamoru!” Kozu shouted in surprise, before he was filled with rage once again. “What happened to him!” he turned to Yuma-sensei, furious. “Who did this!” Mamoru was his best friend, he was strong and smart and he looked like he was dying!

He turned back to his friend and pushed passed the teacher and knelt down to brush his hair back. “Mamoru” he touched his cheek, and moved his hand to the blood, feeling very clearly punctures in his skin. “What?” He felt his mouth go dry. “He’s Marked? What happened!” he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the Mark, it was horrifying, but he couldn’t help but like it. He felt his chest swell, which made Kozu feel sick. His best friend was attacked and he was.. admiring the Mark?!

“you happened, Ikazumi.” He watched the new Alpha, who seemed to be both disgusted and proud. “You did this. You attacked him in the middle of class!”


The day had started off simple enough. Kozu had a minor fever in the morning, but he couldn’t stay home from school. He had a fever yesterday too, but nothing really came from it. He was fine! They had a prep class for highschool entrance exams. He wanted to go to Aoba Josai, so he needed to ace his exam. His mom had pushed for him to stay home, and he had felt guilty about defying her, but he knew if he didn’t get into Aoba Josai, then his brother would never let him live it down.

His brother was preparing to graduate from Aoba Josai, leaving an open legacy for the younger brother. Expectations weren’t high though, not for a suspected Beta after all. Betas couldn’t compare to Alphas. At 14 years old Kozu already knew his place in the world. Born to a Beta mom and Alpha dad, everyone assumed Kozu would be a Beta. Everything about him screamed average. He had no defining features, he wasn’t memorable or powerful like an Alpha. He wasn’t beautiful or flirtatious like an Omega, he was just.. existing at this point.

While he was the second son to Ito Ikazumi, entrepreneur and wealthy CEO, it wouldn’t matter in the end, Kozu wasn’t in line to take over the business. His older brother and Alpha Ryuunosuke Ikazumi would take control when the time was right.

The one person who did notice him was his older brother, or half brother. Born from different mothers, Ryuunosuke was technically an illegitimate son. Born from two Alpha parents, he was almost a guaranteed Alpha. And in this world, an illegitimate Alpha was better than a legitimate Beta, and the two brothers knew that. Even if Kozu forgot, his older brother never failed to remind him.

The bullying was ignored for the most part by all parents. Kozus mother couldn’t fight back on behalf of Kozu, she was only a Beta. She had tried once, and was slapped. Kozu endured much more than a slap quite often, so maybe he resented his mother a bit for giving up so easily. But he smiled at her as she bandaged him up, reassuring her that he was okay, even when he was really in pain.

Smiling through the pain became second nature to Kozu after a while. He had to reassure teachers, neighbors, and classmates that he was okay on an almost daily basis as he came to school with new bruises or bandages. It took 3 days to reveal his wrist was fractured the past spring, and another 4 months for it to heal after he removed the cast himself.

The one person who knew just how badly Kozu was hurting was Mamoru, his neighbor and childhood best friend. Mamoru was always able to see past Kozus fake smile, and the sickly-sweet reassurances didn’t affect him one bit. He had seen the bullying first hand on multiple occasions, and he knew of the nightmares it put Kozu through. Multiple times he had to rewrap injuries and ice bruises on the younger male.

“When I present as an Alpha, im going to take you away from Ryuu” he promised, all the time. Mamoru was tall, strong, he was charismatic and stubborn, all Alpha traits. All the opposite of Kozu who was short, deceitful, and ingenuine. Mamoru never lied, he never hid his feelings or beat around the bush. He was blunt and genuine the opposite of Kozu. The two were the most mismatched pairing, but Kozu couldn’t help but feel grateful to have the blonde to-be Alpha by his side.

“Morun” he would tease, “Ryuu would just come for you then” They never really had a solid plan of escape. Neither had family outside of Miyagi or any funds that they could access. The safest place the two of them could find was Mamorus house. At least his parents would show opposition to when Ryuunosuke came for Kozu. When Mamoru presented as an Alpha and was moved to a more prestigious Alpha school, its not like Kozu would be able to follow, not as a Beta.

“Ill mark you Zuzu. Then you’ll have to change schools with me. We can stay in the dorms a Partners” the nickname aside, the idea made Kozu grimace and touch his neck.

“That’s not funny” while Alpha Beta pairings weren’t uncommon, being Marked would solidify his lower status in his brother’s eyes. At least if he was unMarked, he wasn’t someone’s submissive partner.

Besides, Marking was something done between two people in love, or who wanted to start a family. While it had never been brought up specifically, the two were just friends. Kozu didn’t want to be romantically involved with Mamoru, he just didn’t have those types of feelings. Even if he did, he didn’t want to change their relationship. He felt comfortable and safe around the elder, which meant more than any stupid Marking.

Mamoru was thankful for their friendship as well, or for Kozus acceptance of their friendship. The younger to-be Beta was more open with him without the pressure of a romantic relationship. Between sleepovers, baths, and the constant medical care, the two of them saw one another naked quite often. Being just friends meant that things weren’t made weird by sexual pressures. They could just focus on being friends.

Mamoru would be lying if he said he wanted to stay just friends. He had feelings for the younger male for a while. Kozu was just so cute, and when he wasn’t concerned with others perception of him he was fun and he laughed and he only shared that side of himself with the to-be Alpha. Kozu saw himself as plain and completely average, but to Mamoru he was anything but.

On multiple occasions he had probably overstepped Kozus boundaries. He would hold him tighter to his chest after he fell asleep, or rub his back to lull him out of a nightmare. One time he even offered to help him masturbate when his wrist was in pain. But he wouldn’t push any relationship on Kozu. The last thing he wanted was to make him feel like he was disappointing him, and resort to the same ‘im fine’ that he gives everyone else. He would be fine meeting Kozu wherever he let him, which right now was deep in the friendzone.

But given a sliver of a chance Mamoru would Mark his friend, and secure his ability to protect him. He almost dared Ryuu to try and harm Zuzu once he was HIS. Ranks aside, he would return every bit of pain back to the Alpha tenfold.


It was a nice dream while it lasted.

Kozu was struggling in class, clearly he had a fever and still chose to come to school. Idiot. Mamoru decided he would chastise him later, and until then he would watch over him. He was only 2 desks away from his, by the window. The window was open, providing a breeze that sent shivers up Mamorus spine. It wasn’t summer anymore, and it was getting cold! The air had a weird scent to it as well, but no one paid it any mind.

It crossed his mind that maybe he had an infection. He had had to patch up a gash on Kozus leg a few days ago, but he didn’t have a medical degree so maybe he did something wrong? He planned on investigating this at lunch. Its not like Kozu would tell him he was sick, the idiot would push through for a stupid reason.

But by the time the bell for lunch rang, the classroom would be empty, students would be crying in the hallway, and Mamoru would have found his way to the hospital instead.

It happened so fast.

Kozu had been getting worse the longer the lecture went on, eventually just laying his head on the table. The teacher hadn’t noticed yet, so Mamoru stood up, interrupting the lesson. While he hadn’t presented yet, he still was well known in the classroom as a to-be Alpha, so he drew the attention of the classroom immediately. “Sensei! Ikazumi is sick, can I take him to the nurse?” he asked, pointing over to the panting Kozu.

Everyone’s attention turned to Kozu, a muffled ‘im fine’ poking through the makeshift arm-pillow.

“You have a fever” Mamoru countered, walking over to him and crouching down to feel his forehead. His hand was swatted away before he could touch him.

That had been unexpected.

With a sigh the teacher allowed them to go to the nurse. Clearly Kozu wasn’t in any shape to be at school. He waved the two with permission and turned to return to the lesson. It was on complex fractions, and he could tell enough students were lost already.

Yuma-sensei was an Alpha, as a majority of teachers. It wasn’t necessarily a high-class job, but Alphas were needed as teachers, to be able to maintain order in the classroom. Betas and Omegas were allowed to be teachers when it came to smaller children who were in no danger of presenting yet or challenging authority.

Yuma Takeru had wanted to be a teacher for a while. He came from a half-home. His mother was Stolen, so she was Marked but the Mate was unknown. Stolen Omegas were the worst possible position in life you could be, so for a majority of his life Yuma lived in poverty. The stigma of being the child of a Stolen Omega clung to Yuma until he presented as an Alpha in his first year of middle school. His father must have been pretty high ranked because Yuma was ranked in the upper middle realm at the school he was transferred to. He was the preferred rank for teachers, so things worked out really well. Teachers were paid well enough, given their responsibility, and Yuma had happily taken in his mother, so she no longer had to live in poverty.

This was his first year at Nisihtaga Middle School, having been transferred from a position at Aoba Josai High School where the Statuses were separated by classes, to keep accidental markings to a minimum. Highschool aged students didn’t necessarily have the greatest control of their instincts, and there was always an Omega in the year that was the ‘favorite’ by their classmates. Packs were always present in schools, either stemming from groups like clubs, or formed around a charismatic Alpha. The school didn’t discourage Packs being created, but it added a new level to the teacher’s responsibilities to deal with Pack conflicts.

There were some prefectures that had different Statuses segregated to different school buildings, but Miyagi was not one of them. There were middle schools that were Alpha only, with high ranked Alphas as teachers. Many middle school students who presented as Alphas were required to attend the Alpha-only middle schools for safety reasons. Middle schools had even lower instinct control. By the end of the year around 50 students would be moved to an Alpha-only school. So far 7 had been transferred, 3 from Yuma’s own class. So far he had 3 Omegas and 9 Betas already. He had his eye on a few students he pegged for to-be Alphas, and Hikigaya Mamoru was one of them.


Just as Yuma-sensei returned to the lesson, a growl cut through the silence. It wasn’t very loud, but it was without a doubt, an Alphas growl. It sent shivers down his spine, which shouldn’t happen unless it was a higher ranked Alpha.

The classroom was silent, the Omega and Betas in the room keeping their heads down in submission, or fear. The remaining students looked back at the Kozu Mamoru pair. Who did that growl come from? Mamoru?

Mamoru wasn’t affected by the growl, like most of those who hadn’t presented yet either. He was twice as confused though. “Zuzu?”

Kozu was half standing up, half leaning on his desk. Mamoru had reached to slide his arm over his shoulder before the growl crawled into the world. He pushed Mamoru away from him and gripped the desk behind him until his knuckles were white.

This wasn’t normal behaviour for the male, and it was making Mamoru nervous. He reached for Kozu again. “Come on, lets get you to the nurse” he said. “Everyone’s going to worry about you until we leave” he whispered, trying to use Kozus insecurity to aid the situation. He felt scummy doing it but something wasn’t right and he wanted to get Kozu out of the classroom so he would tell him what was up.

Kozu let out a small growl again, ending with a hard cough

“Calm down Zuzu” he rubbed Kozus back, trying to soothe him. He wasn’t really responding, was this a night terror? A fevered day dream? This wasn’t normal! By now even the Betas and Omegas were watching the two of them, and Yuma-sensei had turned around.

The air felt thicker, and it was beginning to worry Yuma. “Let him be, ill call the nurse in here” he said and walked to the phone by the door. “Get away from him Hikigaya-kun” he said and waited for the nurse to pick up. If he was recognizing things right, then Ikazumi Kozu was presenting as an Alpha, and was experiencing the first bout of dominant instincts. It was dangerous for the other students. He shouldn’t even be at school right now.

The line clicked open. “Class 4-3, I need the nurse. A students presenting as an Alpha and isn’t-“

Screams filled the room as the two students tumbled to the ground, and low growl filled the room.

“Shit. Everyone out of the room!” Yuma-sensei shouted, opening the door and running to the back of the room. Kozu had Mamoru pinned under him, one hand pressed against his face, holding it to the side as he popped the buttons on his shirt to expose his neck.

“Kozu! Stop!” Mamoru pleaded underneath him, pushing his hands up to try and keep him from reaching him. “Zuzu! Stop it!” the boy was near tears, terrified.

“No!” Yuma shouted, reaching for the back of Kozus uniform before hearing the sound of skin being torn into. His hand touched fabric and he pulled, dislodging Kozu from the other student’s neck, but his grip faltered and he heard the second bite. Mamoru was silent afterwards.,

Another student had pried the two apart, but it was too late. Mamoru had two deep Marks on his neck. “FUCK!” the teacher screamed in frustration, and went to take care of the situation. He sent the student away to find the nurse. He had to deal with this new Alpha.

He never in a million years would have thought that Kozu Ikazumi would present as an Alpha. He had seen more dominant Omegas than this kid. He was docile, masochistic even. He was always injured, and never really offered an explanation. He just told everyone he was fine. Who did he have at home? Did he even have parents? Alphas don’t phase all at once, was he more aggressive at home?! If he was then you deal with that at home! You don’t send them to school! Exceptions are made for these situations!

When the class was clear and Kozu was at least coherent, Yuma had to figure out how to deal with this and make sure Hikigaya was okay. He was nervous that he would attack again, but when he let Kozu see his friend, he didn’t seem to remember what had literally just happened. Yuma had been prepared to pin the boy down, but the second Mamoru wa reintroduced the boy seemed to lose all Alpha instincts, well maybe not all. His mouth was spewing concern for the boy but his eyes were glued to the Mark, torn and bloody. Marks weren’t supposed to be bloody! Marks weren’t supposed to be on un-presented people!

Kozu stayed with Mamoru until the nurse arrived, stroking his hair and speaking to him. “You’ll be okay, the nurse will fix this, you’ll be okay. “Morun, open your eyes and say you’ll be alright” the little Alpha whispered, ignoring the teacher’s presence.

Was this really the same kid?!

Yuma jumped when Kozu growled, and stood up, glaring at the door. Seconds later the nurse appeared, and was thrown back a bit by the confrontation awaiting her. “move, im the nurse” she said and pushed Kozu aside, seemingly unphased now by his attempt at dominance. If she wasn’t so focussed on the bleeding student in front of her she may have found the time to patronize Kozu and call him cute. But she had bigger worries.

After a moment of inspection, resulting in the unconscious moans of pain from Mamoru, she sighed “This isn’t going to heal well” she muttered to herself. “He hadn’t presented yet had he” she asked Yuma and the teacher shook his head.

“Damnit” she clicked her tongue, and pushed Kozu away again. He kept moving closer to her and she needed space. She took a pack of gauze and covered the wound, wrapping it to keep pressure on it. It as still bleeding, not heavily, but enough to be a concern. Normal Marks weren’t this bloody, and they healed on their own. This one would not heal normally.

Kozu nearly lost it! “Don’t cover that!” he shouted at her, reaching for the bandages. Within a second he was on the ground, his face mashed into the tile. “Don’t touch my patient you arrogant little shit” she growled, “this is your fault, you just ruined a student’s life, im not going to let you scar them even worse.” She looked up at the teacher. “Get him out of here, and send in another student to help me carry him to my office” she said. Yuma nodded, and waited for her to release Kozu. He picked him off the ground and pulled him from the room, it was not an easy task.

“Im not leaving him! Let me go back to Mamoru!” he shouted, but the teacher grabbed his mouth, preventing him from opening it again. He grit his teeth and let out a deep inhale. “just shut the fuck up” he pushed him forwards. “you’re going home”

After waiting in the office lobby for 20 minutes, Kozu was called up by the secretary. He walked up, and lay his hands on the counter politely. “How’s Mamo- How’s Hikigaya-kun. Any news? Can I see him? Please?”

The secretary sighed and looked up at him. “Hikigaya Mamoru has been transferred to Miyagi Hospital. He will be absent for the foreseeable future” she said. “Your family is here to retrieve you”

Kozu ran a hand through his hair, half expecting to see black strands on his fingers after. He was so worried! Mamoru was in the hospital?! At least he would be able to convince his mom to take him there. She knew how important Mamoru was to him. Walking out of the office he walked to the front entrance, looking for his mom. But she wasn’t there. His stomach dropped when he heard the voice.

“Hey Lil bro, so you’re an Alpha now huh”