Action! And maybe gags? Also like no more romance.

This episode felt so short! It reminded me of Lilo and Stich, where they would capture the other 625 experiments. Except Lilo hates stitch, and Stich says ‘ochinchin’ twice because that’s what the Monitalien inside him looks like a certain body appendage. And Lilo is a space angel.

I think this episode was supposed to be a character development episode, but it didn’t really come across as one until the last 5 minutes. Throughout the episode Chuta was still a weenie, he didn’t help much in the actual objective. What he did was push an old lady out of the way.

Screenshot 2017-01-20 14.34.20.png

2 days into being part of the Space Police you don’t expect him to go from zero to hero right away, well unless you are Sonokata. She has been opposed to Chuta joining since the start, and its based on unfounded or disproven statements.

He talks to himself? He had a 4 billion year old alien inside him speaking to him, he’s not delusional. He’s a pervert? Well the statements you’ve heard him say, boing boing, and ochinchin, both in response to the alien protruding from his chest!


Apparently people cant hear its voice still, but Brick Laine could see it last time. So if Sonokata can see it, it just makes her picky and unreasonable. Her attitude is unnecessarily aggressive for the situation.

So maybe character development that way? We develop more of an opinion of Sonokata. She has friends at school,, for as long as she’s been there. She reveals she was sent there to watch over Chuta. How long she’s been there im not sure. Although, wasn’t Shuta just chosen by the Mothers like the night before?

As for information on elDLIVE as a police force, there seems to be some well thought out elements. The one that stands out most to me is the language viruses. They are in the air and allow you to speak and understand the other types of aliens aboard the ship.

Screenshot 2017-01-20 14.52.33.png

We saw the tour of the ship, including a few personnel.

The series is still in its infancy, so im still enjoying it. I am nervous about the gag jokes included.. Like the getting hit in the balls, and the blatant over reaction. Katekyo Hitman Reborn was gaggy as hell, and it was nooot enjoyable.

Fingers Crossed!!

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