Mothers in anime have always been either hit or miss. With the common practice the Main Character being a middleschool or highschool aged character, the mothers are often either mention-only characters or serve as motivation.

It’s a common trope that moms in anime die, especially those with a certain side-braid hairstyle. The mothers that survive aren’t always the best parents either. Some are great, like Sachiko from ERASED, but some are downright scum, like Ragyu Kiryuin, or like Akemi Hinazuki, also from ERASED.

Huh, they really went all in with the mother characters didn’t they.

But the focus for today is going to be the mother that I personally despise the most, Migiwa Kazuki from Bubuki Buranki.

I mentioned my hatred for her in my posts about BRNK a lot, because the things she does are downright ridiculous. She should not be a mother.


So some background on her. In the BRNK universe there are these mechas known ad Buranki and Bubuki. Humans have developed the ability to use Rinzo, a type of force and are able to co-operate with Bubuki and Buranki to battle.

Migiwa is known as the Witch because of her ability to operate a Buranki as its heart user, with 4 other Bubuki users to act as the limbs. She’s essentially team leader.

Her best friend Reoko is also a Heart user, and they engage in a battle over whether or not humanity at large should know about Buranki.

Migiwa injures and imprisons her best friend for 8 years, before getting knocked up and running away to Treasure Island. She remains on Treasure Island with her children and husband/boyfriend for 6 years.

In episode 1 she is shown with an illness, so whether or not she is alive is a mystery for the majority of the first season. Although her being dead would be better than what she did alive.

So, she has earned the title of Worst Mom in Anime History for a number of reasons, which are:  She abandons her children, she is self sacrificial, her daughter is not even worth her time, and she behaves like a mom from Dr.Phil.

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  1. Migiwa abandoned her children fairly early in their lives, when they were 6. She sent them to earth, a foreign place to them, because the Buranki were acting up and posing a danger to them. She did send them with their father, but at no point did she try and retrieve them.

We know she is able to come and go between Earth and Treasure Island because Duroc, a Buranki, brings back the father before ascending back to Earth. Migiwa is on good terms with Duroc, so saying perhaps “hey my children are lost somewhere on this planet, can you help me bring them home’ would be fairly simple, if she even wanted her kids back. She was very quick to toss them out of the nest.

Even after Treasure Island is shot down from the sky she makes no attempts to contact her children, even though they spend a lot of time wondering if their mother is alive or not.

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  1. Migiwa seems to have a death wish. She starts by sending her family off so she, her sick self, could fight to the possible death to protect the Buranki. I mean why wouldn’t we assume she was dead, she opens the series being sick and cared for. Often when someone stays behind to save the rothers, sick or not, they end up dying. But no, she survives and goes on to later actually kill herself in the ‘final’ battle. She does this in front of her son that she’s seen once in 10 years, permanently scarring him.


She constantly puts herself in situations that she may not get out of, one being a face to face with the overall villain with a sketchy escape plan at best. Remaining on an island as it hurtles through space isn’t exactly a survival tactic either. Her final act of self sacrifice actually worked though, and she time travelled to essentially kill herself 14 years ago… confused? Same. I don’t understand Migiwa.


  1. Kaoruko, oh poor Kaoruko. If anyone is the victim in this series, it is Kaoruko. This poor girl was abandoned by her mother, and her father, and her brother, and never heard from her mother again. Azuma was able to see Migiwa one more time, 2 times if you count the scene in which she died.


Kaoruko didn’t even get the obligatory “here’s where I die, so let’s visit everyone important to me’ message. Migiwa just.. died with no concern for those she was leaving behind.


We do see Kaoruko upset over her parent’s fate. When she learns of her fathers passing she is clearly upset, but fires back as if she isn’t affected. This girl is 16 and had been on her own since she was 7 years old. And her mother has abandoned her.


Part of the reason Kaoruko may be the lesser child in Migiwas eyes is that Azuma is the child who inherited the Bubuki Heart. He’s the oldest of the two of them, and the most docile.


We do find out that Kaoruko and Azuma are names that Migiwa and Reoko chose together, which I guess is supposed to be a touching addition but it still seems pretty selfish.


In later episodes we find out Migiwa is part of Entei, time travel Kings Cross stuff. So being essentially Enteis brain meant that she would not harm her own past/present self, she would merge with Azuma and Oubo, but, she would injure Kaoruko by burning her form the inside out and causing her excruciating pain by just setting foot in Entei.


  1. She behaves like a teen mom who says ‘I raised you, now its my turn to have fun’ when she’s been brought to Dr. Phil because she’s out partying till 6 am every weekday.


It’s a vivid picture I know.


Well her timeline, she’s 16 when she battles with Reoko.

She is 24 when she moves to Treasure Island and gives birth. So not exactly a teen mom.

She is 30 when she ships her children off to earth.

She is 39 when her husband reappears to the island and dies.

She is 40 when we begin the anime.

She is 41 when she sacrifices herself, travels back in time 14 years ago, and implants herself in Entei for Reoko.


So, she is a 40 year old mom out on the town, trolling dangerous alleyways while her daughter is literally being coerced by strange men to kill her brother and bring destruction to the whole world. But you feel like you need to die so badly you ignore your children, and leave them with the guilt that its their fault you are dead.


Screw you Migiwa. Rest in Hell.


So, in no way has she behaved like a responsible parent. If it comes down to a ‘take care of the kids or take care of the Buranki’ situation, and the greater good demands you fend for the Buranki, then don’t have kids. Don’t bring people into this world that you cannot and don’t want to take care of. Because both Kaoruko and Azuma were negatively impacted when their destructive mother re-entered the picture. Worse off, Kaoruko inherited all of Migiwas belongings after she died. So now there will be boxes and boxes of items to remind Kaoruko just how much her mother didn’t love her.


Whew. Long rant over. I swear I’ve never bee so frustrated by a character before. It was almost reverse character development.


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Thanks for reading!