I think I’m going to start a Feature Character weekly post.


Well yesterday I posted about a character I hated, Migiwa Kazuki. There are plenty of characters that I hate, but there’s more characters that I love. So maybe my feature post will either be a love or hate piece, depending on which character I feel the urge to write about that day. The posts might not come on a consistent day, but I’ll see how it goes.


My choice for this week may not be a surprise again to those who have followed my Haikyuu posts or had the unpleasant opportunity to hear me gush about this character, but the character I wanted to showcase, is Inuoka Sou from Haikyuu.


‘oh another BL shipping character. Great’ I hear you say as you roll your eyes, but my love for Inuoka is entirely platonic. Although to an extent I do ship him with Hinata, but I FRIENDship them.


So Inuoka is probably my favorite non-Karasuno character in Haikyuu. Noya is my #1, he is bae and I will protect him to the death. Fight me. Even though there are other characters who are given more in depth backstories and are built up to the viewer as these amazing characters, Inuoka won me over in 1 episode, with absolutely no backstory. I had to go look up his full name because I don’t think we were even told his full name in-show. We aren’t given much information on him at all, as we rarely get to see Nekoma, and even then it focuses heavily on Hinatas relationship with Kenma.


When we do see Nekoma in the second season at the training camp, we find out that Inuoka has been replaced as a regular by Lev, the Russian giant. I do like that they took the time to actually explain what happened instead of hoping people forgot and silently sneak the 7 foot tall player in.

inuoka 3.png

So Inuoka is/was a regular on the Nekoma Volleyball team. His position was Middle Blocker, his number is 7. He is a first year. He is a Scorpio, and he had brown eyes and hair.


While we don’t get background info on Inuoka, I don’t feel like its needed, because from what we get in the little interaction with him we see a lot of his character.


Kenma is often considered Hinatas counterpart on the Nekoma team, but to me, Inuoka should be the best friend character. From the offset he didn’t underestimate Hinata based on his size. He didn’t look down on him or assume things would be easy. When he saw Hinatas jump he was in awe. He was so excited with Hinata, and the two of them even speak the same “GWAAA” language. With the same position, the two are perfectly paired rivals. Hinata is more inspired than dejected when his spikes are blocked by Inuoka


While he doesn’t have MC hair, Inuoka definitely has the skill. He was easily able to get used to Hinatas spikes, and even managed to keep up with his speed! Hinatas speed is praised to heaven and beyond, but Inuoka who was able to match him has been left behind.


Do I want to see more Inuoka, definitely. I haven’t finished season 2, but I know there is more of the Training camp to come. I hope Hinata and Inuoka are reunited and have their best friend moments again. I also heard season 4 will have Nekoma. While I like Lev.. I like Inuoka more. He stuck me as a genuine character, who took Hinata seriously. And when you’ve been underestimated for the longest time, having someone take you at face value is a huge deal.


So those are my thoughts on Inuoka, let me know below your thoughts on him. Did he strike these same feelings in you? Do you agree or disagree with me?  Checkout my Haikyuu posts HERE if you’d like!


Thanks for reading! These are fun!