Awe man, I was looking forwards to this series too. The synopsis sounded so cool.. It looked like a mix of M3: Sono Kuroki and Asterisk Wars.

If it was, then its like an off-brand filmed in a flea market mix. Im pretty sure the episode I was watching was done with a camera filming the episode on another computer. The frame was all wonky and the lip sync was off a few times.

I watched it on Kissanime, it said it aired on December, so.. Im not sure. but you can see the odd framing in all of the images in this post.

The method of recording cant explain a whole lot of the simple composition issues it had.

From jumping into the OP too fast, almost cutting off the characters speech, to an accelerated series of events to altering the scene suddenly while keeping the character in focus in the exact same position of the screen, it was not a pleasant viewing experience.


The way that characters moved were very stiff as well, with not much movement besides maybe a swinging arm and their mouth. I will say that the mechanical scenes looked good because I guess the studio is good with stiff mechanical movements. But human characters just looked.. Awkward.

The main character seems to be a child of abuse/experimentation, so now as an adult he resents his abilities and refuses to use them. But at a simple request he gives in and uses his abilities, and even joins the task for he so angrily refuses to be part of.

 Screenshot 2017-01-23 14.39.22.png

Oh did I say he angrily refused? I think he was supposed to say it angrily, but it came out more of a whine.

So we have weak characters, weak composition, weak voice acting…

If things were composed differently, if instead of being ‘called to action’ the main character as inadvertently involved in the drama it would have felt more authentic and leant to his character instead of making him come across as a pushover. If his character is a pushover, which could very well be the case, then he makes some bold demands for joining the team he adamantly did not want to join.. The Black Lamb Squad, the first group of underage Closers.

Closing what you ask, *whisper* I don’t know. He started swinging a gun/sword type device at some point.

 Screenshot 2017-01-23 14.44.21.png

Will I do more on this series, most likely not..

Thanks for reading and cringing with me!


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