Izetta seems to have followed my ‘have my cake and eat it too’ statement from episode 1.. Fine has maintained her position as a strong female character, while Izetta uses her abilities to aid her against the Germaininans.

So far Izetta’s used her powers twice to aid the princess, but is unable to use them within the castle because there are no natural ley lines in that area. The ley lines are a witches secret, but with Izetta being the last witch.. A fact people seemed to have forgotten about.. There isn’t much risk in her revealing sensitive topics.

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Izetta as a character is naïve. She has this image of grandeur about Fine that Fine cant fulfill and wont be able to fulfill. Fine is going to ascend the throne and drive out the Germaininas with Izetta’s help. She has reasonable expectations, and even withholds her men from fighting, instead of just simply throwing them into battle once again to die. Her training as a princess has kept her expectations in check. Even when assessing Izetta’s abilities she seems to have a calm head.


As it stands now, Germania has retreated, the news of the White Witch is out, and on Fines coronation they will reveal Izetta to the world. Its all hunger games right now, preparing Izetta for the big reveal, planning out the ley lines and the routes to take.

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Multiple times Izetta speaks to her grandmother in a monologuey way, apologizing for the turn of events. Through the monologues we discover that the with witch  of legend is considered a traitor by her kind., and she is undertaking the second coming of the White Witch for Fine. While we don’t know exactly why the White Witch is considered a traitor, it most likely has to do with the fact that she revealed the secret of witches to the world, creating the legend. As with other stories, there may be more of a backstory to why the legend was created. It may have been a mirror to what is happening to Izetta in this moment, and I hope we do find out.


Fine as a main character has taken a bit of a backseat now that she’s risen to power. When we do see her she is surrounded by men, those advising her as she takes on her leadership role. I feel like tis going to go in more of a military direction than a fantasy one.


The story has been on the upwards trend in the first four episodes. The protagonists have had victory over victory, and with the coronation and the big real up in the next episode, there may be something that knocks them down a bit. Aside from the war and the death of the king, ever since the characters met up they have been fortunate in every endeavor they have had. They even fought in a ley line rich area that enabled Izetta to use her abilities to the max!

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Overall the series so far is very positive, despite the conflict going on around them. The other characters easily accept Izetta as a person they can trust. I do feel like her naivete is going to cause some trouble, either as her being too trusting, or her being awkward and revealing information. The Germaininsn are miffed that they lost, the opposing King is obsessed with the White Witch and is thrilled to hear she is Elystadt, and Fine is going to be coronated as the duchess. Well. What could go wrong?


No one would… attack the coronation would they…


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