Okay so real confession time, I still have a bunch of characters I absolutely despise. Shocking right? Here, take my anime fan membership card. It may be a bit.. Messy, I was looking at Haikyuu fan art a little while ago. Its just drool.

While yes, we all have our likes and dislikes, seeing what others feel can often times shock people. When I hear people say they don’t like Sword Art Online, not even the first 13 episodes.. Im a little taken aback. I really enjoyed that season, yes both seasons, but I understand the cultural workings of how a series comes to be hated.


Popular series get more exposure, and there’s not a series that can be universally liked so there will be more people who hate or dislike it than there will be people who like it. Its easy to jump on the hate train anyways.


I digress.


There is a popular series that I watched, all 28 episodes, tearing my hair out. I watched it, no one can tell me I didn’t give it a chance. I gave it all the chances! I have it 28 chances, 21 of them were genuine,  original chances! 7 were repeats, but they were still chances given!


The series that I HATE is the Haruhi Suzumiya series. The 28 full episodes, the 25 mini ova’s, all of them. I despiiiise it.


And I know exactly why I hate it, I hate it because of Haruhi Suzumiya herself. She is one of the worst characters have ever had to spend 8+ hours of my life with.


I watched the Disappearance of Yuki Nagato, and I liked it. It had a significant lack of Haruhi, which may be why I liked the spinoff so much. The premise of the spinoff as well was different from the main series. It focussed a lot on Nagato and her soul being swapped or hidden or something. It was a good series. So I don’t hate all of the characters, just Miss Suzumiya herself.


For those who have not had the displeasure of meeting her, she is a high schooler with a big imagination, a low tolerance for boredom, and mysterious god-like powers that draw aliens, time travellers and espers to her side. She is unaware of her abilities so they run rampant all of the time. Kyon is a normal human caught up in her co-ed harem, and for the most part we follow his point of view in the main series.


Now, Why do I hate SPECIFICALLY Suzumiya?


Oh let me count the ways. There are.. 3 reasons.


  1. She is a bully. She 100% bully’s Miss Asahina(I hear Kyons voice every time) From forcing her into a bunny suit, to stripping her, to taking photos and expecting people to follow her un-challenged, Haruhi Suzumiya is a manipulative bully! She bullied her way into the literature club, changed the name and stole the club room, she bullied the tech club out of their best computer. Her mentality is that of a toddlers. If she wants it, its hers. If she sees it, its hers. Who are these peasants to deny her what she wants. I hate it.


  1. She is unaware. She is surrounded by an advanced android from another dimension, time travellers, and an esper representative that SHE created, but she has no idea. She constantly whines about being bored.  She is unaware of her abilities, and frankly she should be aware. She should be! I mean how many times can things work in your favor before you start to suspect things?


  1. And the reason why I DESPISE this girl. Before this, I could just simply dislike her. I wouldn’t unfriend her but id unsubscribe from her posts on Facebook, but no. She had to go and start the Endless Eight. The garbage ‘arc’ of EIGHT EPISODES that were carbon copies of one another. 8 episodes out of 28, so almost one third of all of the episodes were the exact same. There were no minor details switched that would eventually lead to the different outcome, no. there were ZERO changes, except for the number of times that week had repeated.


Now what happened was Haruhi was not happy with how her summer ended, so she pulled a Groundhog Day, and rewound time over 15,000, FIFTEEN THOUSAND times. This bitch. Oooooh. Time finally moved forwards when they all did their homework together, that’s it. That’s all it took.


This little arc just drove me nuts, just a little. I had to look up the final number of repeats, and eagerly awaited Nagatos count to try and find the last episode. But I watched every single frame. So I gave it a chance, and I hated it.


If your planning on watching it, don’t.


Characters aside, the watch order of the series is so messed up as well. There are multiple watch orders, depending on which character you want to follow.  The original broadcast didn’t have it in set broadcast order either, up till the 15th episode. Granted some of the episodes are rather closed and don’t require a set order, it would be great if we could have some kind of consistency!


Unless its supposed to be something meta about Haruhi screwing with time and space.


God damn Haruhi Suzumiya.


To give an example of the 4 different viewing orders, you can start at episode 1 for the Kyon Order, episode 11 for the Haruhi Order, episode 1 for the DVD Order, or start at episode 25 to view the 2009 Broadcast or Chronological Order.


Okay well rant is.. I guess over. I was recommended this series numerous times back in highschool so I finally gave it a chance and have really regretted it ever since. So if this is on a watch list, id suggest taking it off. Watch the spinoff, its such a nice show.  Don’t lose hair, sleep or alienate your friends because of this show.


Not sure if this was a character feature/character I hate segment or not, but I wanted t get it out there! Standing here, on my soapbox shouting to the world using a toilet paper roll as a megaphone.


So if you’ve seen Haruhi Suzumiya in action, what are your thoughts on her? Are you horrified at my critiques? Are we about to brawl behind the gym? Let me know down below.


Thanks for reading!