Heya Buds and Guys,


So first off I just wanna say sorry, not sure why but since we are talking about Canada *moose call heard in the distance* we might as well start it off right now eh?


As you may or may not know, I am a Canuck, a Snow Mexican, an Igloo-living, moose wrangler from the Tim Hortons Homeland. Just a few facts:

Canada Day is July 1st. No we are not celebrating Americas Independence Day 3 days early. We are 150 years old this year! Now get off our lawn, please.

Our National animal is a beaver. They are also National Assholes.

Canada has the second largest land mass of any country, besides Russia.

We thank bus drivers for getting us places safely. I often feel guilty leaving through the back doors cause its rude to shout across the bus.

Our population is 1/3 of Japans population, but Japans land mass is only 1/3 of one of our provinces!

Sometimes our politeness is out of habit, but habitual politeness is more pleasant than being rude.

Tim Horton is the one true God of the North.


So I had this great idea, Canada in Anime. Sounds great eh! Id have a lot to write aboot, seeing how popular Canada is as a country, with so many bright personality staples to embody.


No? No.. Oh, that’s the American characters? They’re the colorful ones? But.. But Canadas Red and White, Like Japan. Surely that must mean something to our island neighbors!


No… Well sorry for assuming…


Despite the shove off Canadas gotten, character wise, there have been some pretty good characters from the Northern Wasteland.


So here is my list of Canadian anime characters. If you by some miraculous miracle remember anymore, please please please let me know down below! Forum crawling for Canadian characters was so depressing, it even made my Tim Horton’s cold! Although a Double Double still works as an Ice coffee. Timmys goes great either way.


The first is:

  1. Well.. Hetalias very own Canada!


Canada, or Matthew Williams visually looks like America in the show and one episode was centered around Canada being yelled at, mistaken for America. Once the angry country realized it wasn’t America, they would offer Canada ice cream. Another instance was a kind of.. Non instance. Canada was missing from a group meeting and the others knew SOMEONE wasn’t there, but just not who wasn’t there. *sigh*


I believe those were the two episodes that Canada was in, out of.. 100+ episodes. Sorry for not being interesting enough.. I thought we as a country had more memeable qualities.


I guess Russia’s got the penchant for cold element.. So what are we left with.

I mean we partook in the World Wars! We looks hot in the uniforms! We could totally sit in a trench in Hetalia and write home about the stale crackers!


This is depressing. Sorry guys.


The second Canadian character, the one we all know and love, the light of my life, the man who puts a spring in my step! KING JJ HIMSELF!


Yes yes, a Yuri on Ice character, how did you not see that coming. JJ, or Jean-Jacques Leroy, the Canadian Goose with a fab Caboose!

JJ is a 19 year old Canadian skater with a Tramp Stamp. My personal theory is that when he turned 18 he got that tattoo as an act of rebellion against his parents. That’s my theory and im sticking to it! He would have to be 18 to get a tattoo and I don’t see his parents getting him one before he’s 18.


JJ is a fantastic skater, and hails from Quebec. His parents are very Canadian looking, I think my grandpa owns the same trucker hat, and that jacket, very Marks Work Wearhouse. I would have been hilarious to hear one of them grumbling about the coffee in Russia.


The THIRD Canadian character is only an allegedly French-Canadian character (man, they really wanna keep some element of Europe in these characters. SORRY)


Chiffon Aoi, or Chiffon Fairchild is a Pandora from the series Freezing. She is a member of West Genetics, and is HIGHLY skilled. If my memory serves me right, she dies. Oops spoiler, sorry. Its an honorable death though, very Canadian. Despite our tugboat of a navy we Canadians are brave people! How else would we tame all those while geese. Have you seen them angry?? I still have the scar.. *flashback*


I digress.


The fourth Canadian character is actually historical!!

Elizabeth F. Beurling is actually based off of a male WW2 ace pilot, George ‘Buzz’ Beurling, that we kinda had mixed feelings about when he was alive. Sorry Bud, here, have a beer.


Elizabeth is 19! So she can drink. Jealous Americans?

While her wiki page says she originates from ‘The Far Away Land” (-_-) she was part of the Brittania Air Forces.

She’s said to have a slightly suicidal streak, which, maybe im stretching, but I mean, the Aboriginal Community has reported alarming rates of suicide. Am I stretching? Sorry. Am I a bit salty? It must be all this ocean water surrounding me.


HOLD THE PHONE. Strike Witches!! Featuring Wilma and Lynette Bishop(a homage to Billy Bishop Top Ace Pilot of WW2), Wilma actually joined the Far Away Air Force! As small as that may be, its nice. Like a nice Medium Double Double *sip* ooh hot.


The fifth and final Canadian character is Ren Kaidou from Super Lovers.


Again this may be kind of a stretch. He was FOUND in Canada, but he only spoke Japanese, according to Haruko, his adoptive mother. So Ren is maybe kidnapped-Canadian?

American characters make fun of the surface stereotypes. Canadian characters expose the dark underbelly of this lovely land.. *sigh*


Ren’s adoptive mother Haruko still lives in Canada, and assuming she has citizenship and officially adopted Ren, he would most likely have a citizenship, making him Canadian. But then again.. Japan doesn’t have dual citizenship.. And wouldn’t he need to be a citizen to enroll in Japanese schools?? Hmm, its like the mangaka wasn’t concerned with the intricacies of Canadian citizenship. *Le Gasp*


So those are the Canadian characters I found, I hope you enjoyed the list-WAIT LOOK AT THAT. Is it a moose? Is it Wayne Gretsky? Is it a flying Vanilla Dip!?




Santa Claus?


YUP! Dear Old St Nick is in fact Canadian, and you can tell by his POSTAL CODE.  H0H 0H0.


And you cant deny he’s been in a lot of animes! Making him the most popular Canadian Anime Character!


Haha twist ending!


What has this post turned into.


Im gunna just let this go now, sorry.






Thanks for -sorry- reading!