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Mio had been hospitalized with serious injuries for a week. His face was swollen and cut, his wrist fractured and had a gash across his back. His hair was covered in blood from patches ripped out in the attack. The doctors were reluctant to let him leave the hospital afterwards and for good reason. He returned less than a week later with deep cuts up his wrists. The entire time Mio appeared calm, or rather absent. Nurses gossiped about the boy who had lost his soul and was now a shell. The doctor called it a waking coma; with Mio being mentally there, but not consciously. Mio could still hear and see everything going on, but he wouldn’t acknowledge it.

“PTSD?” his mother asked, confused. “What’s that?”

“When someone goes through trauma, they react differently. Soldiers who have seen horrors are a large example. Being attacked, seeing what he did, its caused him to seclude himself within himself” the doctor answered.

“Will he get better?”

“possibly. He doesn’t have any brain trauma; the swelling is gone. Its up to him to pull himself out of this”

“and the suicide attempt? Was that caused by this?”

“I told you he shouldn’t have left then; our psychologist hadn’t seen him. Anyone with a brain could have foreseen this” the doctor answered gruffly before sighing. “Survivors guilt, it often drives PTSD patients to suicide. They spend their life asking themselves why they were spared while others died. We don’t know everything that happened that day still, but from what the medias said, the two of them were close.” He rested his hand on Mios mothers shoulder. “we just have to wait on him”


Mios memory was splotchy at best. He surfaced every now and then to see nurses changing his clothing, or change his iv bags. Occasionally he would hear his mother and father, most often fighting now. He would be up for a couple minutes before falling back into the darkness where it was safe.

Two months after he was readmitted he surfaced, gasping for air and grasping at the sides of the beds. He had stopped breathing a couple times at night so the nurses had fed an air tube down his throat during the nights. The tube felt foreign, and it scared him. He lifted his chest as he grabbed at the Velcro around his mouth. The tube was pumping oxygen into his mouth but he felt like he couldn’t breathe, like his chest was being crushed. He felt the Velcro give way as the machine next to him screamed in tune with his panicked heart rate. Everything was dark as he grabbed the tube and pulled it out of his throat and tossed it to the ground.

Nurses ran into the room and the lights flicked on. Mio clutched his chest, gasping for air like he has been suffocating. Along with the heavy breathing came sobbing tears. They didn’t help his breathing or the feeling of his chest being crushed. He coughed a couple times, blood hitting the sheets. He had scratched his throat when he ripped the tubing out.

The first nurse took Mios hand, crouching down so he could see her. “Welcome back” she smiled and rubbed his back. “deep breaths” she demonstrated, waiting for him to mimic her. He did. He didn’t know what was going on and blindly followed her instructions as he looked around the room. He finally registered where he was. “h-h-hospital?” he asked, and she nodded. “You’ve been admitted for a couple weeks.” She rubbed his back again before checking his lips. There was still blood on them from him coughing. “I need you to lie back” she said and grabbed a bottled water. “Drink,” she said softly and motioned for the other nurse to speak privately.

“Don’t mention the attack” she whispered. “And call his parents. They should know he’s awake” she said and the other nurse took off.

Mios eyes followed the nurses and he sipped the water slowly. He felt sore, like he hadn’t moved in a while. He recognized the nurses though, he had seen them change his clothes before. How long had he been here? Why was he here? He felt so hazy.

A couple minutes later the first nurse came over, and checked his physical body, and shone a light in his eyes. “You seem pretty fine considering” she smiled. “The doctor will still want to see you before you can go home” she said. “do you want anything to eat?” she asked. Mios stomach rumbled, but he didn’t feel hungry. He shook his head, but she insisted. “I’ll get you some crackers to nibble on” she said. “wait right here” she left Mio alone in the room.

Mio frowned but he didn’t protest. He continued to sip the water. He looked around the room. He was the only patient. The walls were beige, there was one vase of flowers in the corner but aside from that there were no signs of life or visitors. There was a couch and a loveseat on the far wall, both empty and carefully made with all pillows in their proper places. He looked down at his body, he had lost weight, making him look even smaller than he was. His blonde hair was shaggier and hung in front of his eyes. His pale skin stood out even against the beige bedsheets. His fingernails were longer than he liked. His wrist was encased in one of those temporary casts with the Velcro. Poking out from the end of the cast was a pink puffy line. He checked his other wrist, the same pink line ran from the bottom of his palm to the middle of his forearm. He squinted his eyes at the marks. He didn’t remember where they came from. He didn’t remember the cast either. He didn’t remember much.

The nurse came back just as he was running his fingers along the pink line. She sighed and set the bowl of crackers on his bed. “they will heal” she said, rubbing his head. He flinched away the second she touched him. “I’m sorry, does your scalp still- “

“Don’t touch my hair” he growled. “Just… don’t. okay?” he asked. She nodded and stood up. “We’ve called your parents. They should be here soon” she said. “Eat, if you need me… call” she smiled and left the room.

Mio frowned and ate a couple crackers. He didn’t like being alone in the room. It felt like at home, lonely. He felt lonely. He was always so lonely before… “Kino!” he gasped, looking around as if he was there and he hadn’t seen him. “Kino!!” he called out. Surely Kino would be here if he was injured? Surely he would know… what happened…

Mio winced as his head tinged with pain, making him gasp and clutch his temples. He started sobbing, his chest and breath was ripped away from him when he remembered, Kino was dead. Clutching his chest, he puked up the water and cracker mush, screaming the entire time.

“No! No! No!!” he screamed, gasping for breath between each word. The nurse walked back in, grabbing his arm and slid the IV from his skin. The last thing she needed was for him to rip it out. She figured this would happen, and removed the vomit covered blanket.

Mio screamed and sobbed in mourning, gripping the bedsheets under him. It broke the nurses heart to see the boy go from comatose to a wreck in only moments. 10 weeks of mourning and sadness was pouring out right in front of her. She was at a loss for how to help.

Soon after Mios mother showed up, but Mio didn’t notice. He felt arms wrap around him and he clutched onto that person, digging his nails into the arm. “Why him!” he sobbed. “Why! Where is he? Why please why!” he sobbed, reclutching the arm every couple seconds.

After 10 minutes of no end in sight, the nurse opted to sedate Mio, to calm him down. His grip loosened shortly after being injected and he slumped against his mother’s chest. She sniffled, and lay her son back down on the bed, brushing his bangs from in front of his face. He was red and puffy, similar to after the attack. But now his face was wet with tears and bore a twisted pain look. She wanted to make everything better for him, but she didn’t know how to. And now she had to tell him about the divorce.

The next morning Mio woke up, his face hurt. He sat up and winced at the sunlight. He looked over and saw his mother on the couch. When had she come in? His nose tingled with the threat of tears but he croaked out a sad ‘mom’ before he let the tears have him. He didn’t sob this time. Tears slid from his eyes of their own volition as she sat back on the bed and rubbed his back. “I know” she whispered. “thank you for coming back to me, I know you are in pain. But thank you for coming back to me” she kissed the top of his head. “I love you Mio” she hugged him. He hugged back.


The following two weeks were physical therapy hell. He was forced to walk all day and prove he wasn’t a vegetable. He hated every second of it. He wanted to curl up and cry but they kept making him walk. Sometimes he would cry and walk, and they would think he was in pain. Other times he would zone out while walking, and they shook him. They were afraid of him slipping back into the waking coma. Mio hated all of them almost as much as he missed Kino.

The day before Mio was allowed to leave the hospital he screamed and shattered a mirror with his bare fist. He panicked when he saw his reflection. He wasn’t sure why, whether he thought he saw himself or Kino. He punched the mirror to destroy the image he had seen. He cut up his knuckles and refractured his wrist, still not 100% healed. The doctor still let him go home but advised him to speak to a shrink regularly. He scoffed at the idea but his mother promised she would make him before driving him home.

He attended school the following week.

His gakuren sleeves covered the cast on his arm, which he was glad for. He didn’t need to stand out, joining the school almost 3 months into the semester. He sat in the back, kept his head down. He didn’t speak much, if ever.

“Mio your father is living in Germany. We are getting a divorce” his mom said to him the night before. Mio stayed silent. His mother was afraid he would take the news hard. She didn’t mean to upset him… but his father had already left… She stammered when Mio stood up suddenly and locked himself in the bathroom. She panicked, and grabbed the spare key. She didn’t want to find him with his arms cut open again. Once was already heartbreaking enough.

What she found instead was Mio with his head bent over the bathtub, hair dye prepared next to him. “don’t stop me” he asked, his voice breaking in the middle. His mother sighed and took the bottle and the gloves from the box. Mio frowned, slumping back against the wall. He was surprised when he heard the gloves slide onto his mother’s hands. “Come here, let me do it” she said and pinned some of Mios hair up to reach more roots.

With his blonde hair dyed Mio didn’t stand out in school. He wasn’t the blonde haired kid anymore; he wasn’t the foreign kid or the outsider. He was a nobody and he wanted it that way.

It took a week but Senpai showed up at his classroom, and angry. He got to the doorway, his chest heaving in anger. He stormed in during lunch and grabbed Mios shirt, lifting him up from his seat and pulling him from the room. The classmates erupted in cries of cheer, fear and fangirl.

Senpai pulled Mio to the back of the gym before pushing him against the wall. “Where the hell have you been!” he shouted. “I texted! I called! Where were you! You didn’t even go to his funeral!” he screamed, drawing a few eyes.

Mio kept his eyes down. “sorry” he mumbled. “I was… I was in the hospital until last week. I don’t even have a phone. It was destroyed” he said, wincing as the gash on his back throbbed. He felt so small in front of Senpai. He felt guilty and ashamed. He didn’t attend the funeral… he didn’t know about one… He didn’t remember a lot, just the end. He remembered laying next to Kino until they were found. They were both thought to be dead at first, with all the blood.

Senpai paced for a little. “why didn’t… when did….” he attempted to ask questions but he couldn’t argue with a destroyed phone and hospitalization. “Are you okay?” he asked finally.

Mios eyes flickered up and he bit his lip. “fractured wrist, scar down my back…” he shrugged. “I got off light” he shrugged again.

“Your hair” Senpai reached for the strands, but Mio swatted his hand away on instinct.

“Sorry” he said quickly. “I dyed it… I didn’t want to stand out more when I’m coming in mid semester” he said. “and I didn’t want to see… every time I look in a mirror I didn’t want to see him” he sniffled. “It was the reason he’s gone” he wiped his nose as the bell rang. “I need to go” he stood up.

“Wait” Senpai grabbed his wrist. “Come to my place after school. I…I want to talk more”

Last year Mios heart would have exploded and he would have died with excitement and nervousness. But now he felt nothing. He felt numb to everything. He nodded. “Okay then” he said and waited for Senpai to release his wrist before heading to the classroom.

Tanaka frowned. He didn’t like the Mio in front of him. He didn’t blush or smile or react like Mio. He felt distant. He didn’t know this Mio. He wouldn’t know what books to recommend this Mio. The cold look in his eyes wasn’t the worst change though, the hair change… it didn’t look normal. Not for Mio. While miserable with blonde hair, the old Mio was still happier than the new Mio with dyed hair. He understood why Mio would be like this though, losing Kino… losing a close friend, a lover…

Kino had kept Tanaka up to date on their relationship. He had practically threatened lasting spiritual harm to Tanakas family line if he didn’t reject Mios confession. Tanaka loved to tease him by saying he might accept Mios confession.  It was always fun to tease Kino. He missed Kino so much. The newspapers had no idea what had happened. A couple people speculated, but after finding two boys beaten bloody… evidence of a group of others being there, he could only imagine the horrors Mio went through to become who he was now. It hurt his chest…

After school Mio walked to his lockers before Senpai stopped him. “You’re coming to my place right?” he asked. Mio looked up at him and gave a shrug. “I guess” he mumbled and changed his shoes. Tanaka frowned. “Do you want to stop by the library first?” he asked. “You were probably bored in the hospital without a book” he smiled. Maybe getting back into the old routine would help him. But Mio shook his head and headed outside.

He hadn’t been to a library yet, but he didn’t want to. And that worried Tanaka. He followed him outside and motioned for him to follow him home.

The walk home was silent. Mio stayed 2 paces behind Tanaka, despite Tanaka moving next to him multiple times. He used to be shy because he liked him, but now Mio was quiet because he was sad.

When they got to his house, Tanaka slid his shoes off and set his and Mios bags down before taking his hand and pulled him into his bedroom, closing the door behind them. “Mio.” he whispered, putting his arms next to Mio against the door. “Mio what happened. What happened to my friend? Please tell me” he asked, leaning his head on Mios chest. Mio had gotten taller since summer vacation.

Mio sighed. “They came after us because I was teaching Kino some German words my father taught me.” He whispered. “Kino bleached his hair, so between the hair and the German…. They thought we were foreign” he frowned. “They beat me first, before Kino. Kino was stronger so they beat him harder” his voice broke. “i-im sorry” he sniffled. “I’m sorry. Its all my fault. Its all my fault. I’m so sorry” he clutched Tanakas shoulders to hold himself up, but both boys were going down. They slid down the door, and Tanaka clutched Mios jacket. Mio expected him to hit him or yell at him, but all Senpai did was cry and clutch his clothes.

After a couple minutes Tanaka let go, and sat back on the floor, wiping his eyes and pushing his hair back. He clipped his bangs up and looked over at Mio. “I should apologize to you. Kino had asked me to hang out that day too but I had work. When I heard there were attacks… I tried contacting you but I guess…” he wiped his nose. “They wouldn’t tell me anything. I couldn’t find you or him… I wasn’t sure who was injured…” he sniffled.

“Do you wish it was the other way around?” Mio asked. “Kino injured and me…” he trailed off.

“No!” Tanaka shouted. “Id never… No. absolutely not. that’s an impossible question” he frowned.

“its okay if you do… I do. I do every day. He should be here… not me” Mio said. “So don’t worry. You’re not a terrible person” he said and shrugged.

Tanaka slammed his palm on the floor. The vibrations made Mio jump. “Don’t say that! Kino would definitely not think that, let alone say it” he frowned. “So don’t ever think that ever again. There is no way I would ever wish that you were dead instead” he said.

Mio bit his lip. “I don’t know how to be okay though. I don’t know how to stop missing him. All I want to do… I just want to stay in my room. I don’t want to- “

“Too bad. You think Kino would have been fine if you had died? He would have lost his shit, he would have been so upset he would have sobbed and cried and hid away too” Tanaka said. “You aren’t acting abnormal or any worse than Kino would have. Just… don’t let this ruin your life. Kino wanted you to live so fucking live” he said and stood up, pulling Mio up with him. He wasn’t rough like before, but he was stern.

“Look, Kino loved you. He loved you for a reason. He loved your smile, your laughter, your happiness. Don’t let that part of you die with him” he said softly. “Dye your hair, who cares. But don’t lose what makes you, you” Tanaka looked right at Mio, driving this message home. “its what I love about you too” he finished.

Mios eyes widened. What the hell! What was that confession? Was he really confessing like that? Was that what was happening? Mios eyes searched Senpai’s face for any indication that this was a joke, but he couldn’t see anything. He didn’t even know what to look for, was he lying> faking? Trying to give him some kind of reason? He didn’t know, his cheeks were heating up, his heart was pounding…

Tanaka smirked. “So you’re still in there” he smiled. “Good. Then I guess I can do this” he leaned forwards and pecked his lips. He leaned into the kiss more, gripping Mios hips.

Mio pulled back, covering his lips with his hand. “What-what-why-when…” he stammered before a puff of smoke escaped his head and he collapsed.

Tanaka smirked. “Kino made sure to tell me to reject your confession… because he wanted you. I was going to do it for him… but I don’t want to reject you now. I don’t want to push you into someone else’s arms. I want you for myself” he purred, clutching Mio close and kissing his neck. “I want my cute kohai to be mine.”

Mio squirmed against Senpai’s arms, but he didn’t try too hard. He would be lying to himself if he said he wasn’t happy. But he was so conflicted. “P-please let go” he sniffled.

Tanaka frowned and let go of Mio. The boy stumbled and leaned against the door. “what’s wrong?” Tanaka asked. “I know you love me” he brushed hair from in front of Mios eyes. “so what’s wrong?”

“I… I love Kino…. Too” Mio said quietly. “I don’t want to toss him aside like nothing” he brought his hands over his face. “I don’t want to..-“

“We aren’t tossing him aside” Tanaka said, taking one of his hands and kissing his palm. “we wont toss him aside, ever. He will always be in your heart. I know that. I knew that from the second he told me he loved you” he kissed his cheek. “I think he would be happy. I think he would want you to have someone, even if its just me.” He hummed and pulled him away from the door and held him to his chest. “I wont do anything you don’t want” he said. “But please… please say yes” he whispered. “please tell me… give me your confession. I’ll accept it. I just need to hear it” he clutched him close.

Mio leaned on Tanakas chest but he couldn’t open his mouth. He couldn’t say it.. not now. “I-I’m sorry” he sniffled. “I can’t… I can’t right now” he tried to pull away. He wasn’t sure if Tanaka would be angry or disappointed and figured he would want him gone anyways.

Tanaka sighed and let Mio pull away. Maybe this was too soon. “Okay” he smiled softly. “I wont push you, I promise you I wouldn’t push you.” He sat on his bed and sighed. “Will you stay with me though? Will you stay here and keep me company? Talk to me? I wont make any advances.” He held his hands up innocently and smiled up at Mio. If the male wanted to leave Tanaka would understand; he just made advances on him knowing full well he still loved Kino. In many circles he would be considered scum, a grave robber for even asking this of Mio. He couldn’t help it, wanting him like this. He had been infatuated with him when they were just librarian and patron, but when Kino started sending photos of Mio and telling him all about the quirks and vulnerabilities this boy carried, he wanted to see them for himself; he wanted to hold him and reassure him. Yes, he was scum, the very worst.

Mio bit his lip and thought for a moment as his cheeks reddened. Less than 6 months ago he would have accepted the invitation in a heartbeat, well maybe more than a heartbeat. His heart would have been beating a mI’llion to one, but he would have accepted. It was his dream come true. But then didn’t Kino become his dream? Or his reality? What was the difference between the two males? He loved them both.. didn’t he? With a big inhale he looked up at Senpai and nodded. He still held the same feelings for Senpai so he accepted. “We can watch a movie and play videogames right?” he asked, afraid of what the others more sinister intentions were.

Tanaka smiled softly and took Mios hand in his own, pulling him to the edge of the bed and onto his lap. He held him tightly for a moment, laying his forehead on his shoulder. “All’s I’ve got is a PlayStation 2, I hope that relic is good enough for you” he smirked before standing up and taking Mios hand again.

Mio blushed and nodded. His father had brought a PlayStation 2 home a couple years ago but it was sitting in storage at the moment. He followed Tanaka into the livingroom. It was brightly colored and messy. It looked lived in. the photos on the wall were as disorganized as the livingroom. The people in the photos were laughing and out of order, the opposite of the photos at home. Even Tanakas bedroom had a charm. Mangas had been on the floor, books lined the 4 shelves along the wall and the bed wasn’t made. It was cute. Senpai wasn’t flawless. He did seem to have younger siblings. But they weren’t living with him? Kino lived apart from his parents but he never thought to ask about Senpai’s family, a conversation let alone such a personal topic seemed out of reach until recently.

Tanaka pulled out the game system and turned it on. The screen sprung to life as the Pac-man 3 disc spun up inside and started. “Pacman, SpongeBob or sims?” he offered Mio.

Mio laughed and sat down on the floor. “Pacman completely” he said and scoot closer to Senpai as the game title screen popped up. The Pac-man on screen was playing hackey sack with a Pac dot, the flute music played on repeat behind him. Mio hummed. This was nostalgic. Tanaka opened a save game and let Mio choose which level he preferred. “Ba-doin Forest” he chose and hummed.

“That’s the best level” Tanaka whispered as he pulled Mio into his lap with a small squeak of protest. Tanaka rested his chin on Mios shoulder and hummed when he saw the boy turn red. “You are so warm” he hummed, snuggling into Mio. Mio sat up straight, unsure how to feel. He wanted to feel ecstatic about Senpai snuggling him, but he wasn’t sure how comfortable to get or how to sit so it was comfortable for Senpai to sit like that. He looked down, Senpai seemed comfortable, how legs wrapped around Mios waist and his arms wrapped around his stomach and chest, pulling their bodies closer. “Comfy?” he inquired softly, getting a purr and nip on the shoulder in response. Mio smiled softly. “Let me know if you want to change how you are sitting” he said and started the level. At first he was careful not to move so he didn’t jostle Senpai, but later he discovered how fun it was to throw Senpai’s balance off and drag them both to their backs.

Tanaka lifted Mio up but kept him in his lap. He held his small body to his chest, wondering if the boy could feel his heart racing. He could feel Mios. He wasn’t sure which he liked better, the racing heart when he was embarrassed and very conscious of their intimate contact, or when his heart was calmer because he was completely comfortable like this. Both were perfect. Mio was perfect. Well, he kinda sucked at Pac-man but that was besides the point. It was fun to watch him play. He let Mio play a couple levels before taking a turn for himself to show him how a pro handles the thumb pads.

The two sat like that until midnight, I’lluminated by the glow of the tv and silent except for the sound of Pac-man feeding and the occasional curse and giggle. Only when holding the controller did Tanaka let go of Mios frail body. Time seemed to have stopped in that livingroom. Mio was enjoying this so much, almost too much. Should he be having this much fun so shorty after…

Whenever Mio would think something negative Tanaka seemed to know and would quickly I’llicit a response from the smaller male. Often times it was kissing his skin, shoulders neck or cheek. The small squeak and blush brought Mio back to the present and made him more aware of where he was. Being in the arms of your love interest was a feeling Mio loved. He didn’t want to leave. He didn’t want to go outside 0r go home. One time he turned his head to scold Tanaka for making a move on him when he caught his gaze and saw the smirk on his lips. It was..enticing. He found himself leaning up to make his own move when he caught the clock in the corner of his eye.

“Shit!” he gasped when he saw the time “I have to call home” he said. He hadn’t told his mother he was going to be late, and now with the trains done for the night he would be.. spending the night.

“use the phone in the kitchen. Tell your mother I’m sorry for keeping you” Tanaka said and let go of him and helped him stand up. “Do you need to spend the night? It honestly wasn’t my intention to keep you this late. I mean if your okay with it that’s great, I just… I don’t want to trick you into spending time here” he said, stumbling over his thought process. “I lost track of time too. I’m having so much fun with you” he squeezed Mios hand. Mio smiled and went to the phone and called his mother. He apologized a lot, and tried to explain what happened. His mom was pretty mad, but she was happy he was with someone who cared about him. If only she knew. She gave him permission to spend the night and they hung up.

“All good?” Tanaka asked and Mio nodded. He didn’t head back to the livingroom though. He leaned against the wall for a moment, thinking. Tanaka tilted his head and looked to Mio concerned. “Are y-“ Tanaka was surprised when Mio suddenly hugged him, his arms wrapping around his back. “Mio-“

“I love you Senpai” Mio squeaked. “I have for a long time” he blushed and buried his face in his chest. His heart was racing; his chest was pounding. Could Senpai feel his heartbeat? Probably. How could he not?

Tanaka hugged Mio back and kissed the top of his head before rubbing his back and takin gone of his hands. He walked Mio back over to the couch and sat straddling the smaller male. Mios heart rate kicked up a notch. Was this where it was going to happen? Was Senpai going to take his cherry right here? Right now? Oh the couch?

Tanaka smirked at the panicked look and leaned down to kiss Mio gently. “Lets go to sleep” he whispered. “You can wear my pajamas. Or sleep in the buff” he teased mercilessly and stood up, disappearing into his bedroom, making Mio follow him of his own free will. Of course nothing would happen, he wasn’t going to have sex with Mio tonight, even if the atmosphere was perfect. He didn’t want Mios body to be under any strain. He wanted to take his time when loving Mio, both before during and after. The last thing Mio needed was to be sitting all day afterwards.

Mio stood in the bedroom doorway with his hands on his hips. “I am not sleeping in the buff” he said pointedly. “Boxers maybe, with a long t-shirt, but you’ll have to work harder to see my buns” he said before losing his cool attitude to a fit of giggles.

Tanaka was pleasantly surprised by the charade, and walked over and scooped up Mio. “Oh is that so?” he asked, groping one bum cheek. Mio squeaked and trashed to escape the clutches of his hentai Senpai. “that tickles!” he laughed when Tanaka rolled him onto the bed and straddled his thighs, pulling at the back of his pants. “show me the buns~” he purred as Mio squeaked, trying to keep his pants above waist. “Pervert! Ero-Senpai!” he laughed.

Tanaka flipped Mio over, straddling his hips and pining his arms above his head. “Ero Senpai am I?” he asked, kissing his neck, nipping the soft skin. “Well I guess I can fulfI’ll that role” he purred, holding both of Mios hands with one of his own, using his other to tease Mio. He slid a finger down his chest and ghosted over his lower stomach. “are we a tad indecent here?” he asked, making Mio screech and cross his legs. “its your fault!” Mio accused with a red face. Tanaka purred. “I’m willing to take responsibility” he licked his lips. Mios chest was heaving, he was excited, Senpai was sitting on his hips, creating friction.

Tanaka may have been getting carried away, he wanted to tease Mio is all. He hadn’t expected to get so wrapped up in their game, or Mios expressions. He assumed the erotic face he was making was embarrassment. When Mio gave a cry as his body jerked, Tanakas eyes went wide. “Was that…” he bit his lip. “Mio did you-“

“Shut up!” Mio covered his face with his elbow. He was embarrassed! He was mortified! He just … he was too excited! He let himself get carried away, his body reacted on its own! Senpai has been teasing him! “Shut up…” he mumbled when Tanaka stated laughing. “you… you Ero Senpai!” he shouted, a chuckle tailing the end.

Tanaka smirked and let go of his hands, but pushed his hair from his face. “Well if id known you were gunna go and cum without me id have taken a picture” he said, crawling off of him and laying next to him on the bed.

Mio covered his face, mumbling something behind his hands. After a moment he sat up. “I’m gunna go change” he said. “can I get pajamas?” he asked. He didn’t bring spare boxers.. and now his were… soiled.

“Go shower” Tanaka kissed his forehead. “I’ll toss your clothes in the wash for tomorrow” he said. “and I’ll loan you some of my smaller pajamas. Anything my size would be giving me permission to tease you” he smirked.

Mio stood up and stuck his tongue out. “pervert” he accused and headed to the bathroom. He opened the door a smidge just to fling the clothes out from the room, scattering them on the hallway floor. Tanaka gathered the clothing and took them to the laundry machine, tossing them in as well as his own leaving him nude. He headed back upstairs and grabbed a towel, opening the bathroom door.

Mio squeaked and covered his crotch. “What are you doing!”

“Bathing” Tanaka said. “turn around, I’ll wash your back” he said and sat behind him. Mio turned red but obeyed. The last thing he had expected had been this. Was Tanaka really here, naked, seeing him naked? Washing his back?

When the sponge touched his back Mio jolted upright when a shot of pain seared up his spine. Tanaka dropped the sponge when Mio cried in pain. “What’s wrong?” he asked, looking over his body for blood. The injury on Mios back had bee covered with a skin graft, but internally it wasn’t healed yet, so even the slightest touch caused pain.

“M-my back” Mios breath shuddered with the after effects of the pain. “f-from th-the att-tt-ttack” he crouched over a bit. The sudden pain made him feel like vomiting.

Tanaka looked at his back and saw discoloration, and followed the graft to see how big the injury was. Shoulder to mid-back.

Tanakas breath hitched. “Oh god, I’m so sorry. I didn’t… was I hurting you in the livingroom? Or pinning you to the bed?” he asked, thinking back to when he applied pressure to Mios back. “The last thing I want is it hurt you” he rubbed his hip, trying to soothe him. He was afraid of rubbing his back now.

“n-no. it didn’t hurt then” Mio croaked out, still clutching his stomach. “when I’m bathing the water… it makes it more sensitive.” He explained. “it absorbs water or something and touch just.. hurts.” He frowned.

Tanaka nodded and picked up the sponge. “How about I wash your hips and chest” he offered. He wanted to make it up to Mio.

Mio nodded and turned around to face Tanaka. He was less conscious of his body now that he was in pain. But there was still a lot of marks from the attack. He wasn’t exactly thrI’lled to have Tanaka in the bath with him. He didn’t feel like he looked sexy. What was sexual about a scarred up skeleton?

Tanaka put his thumb on Mios bottom lip, lifting his downturned face. “What’s that expression for?” he asked, tilting his head. Mio had been sporting an absent expression, or a profound sadness. Either way, Tanaka didn’t like it. He leaned down and pecked Mios lips, “I want you here. I want you to squeak and giggle while I wash you” he said, sliding his hand down his neck and chest. His hand brushed one of Mios nipples, making him gasp. “There we are” Tanaka purred, kissing his jawline and using his thumb to more forcefully stimulate his chest.

Mios breathing became laboured again and he gripped Tanakas arms tightly, digging his nails in. “Are you trying…ooh… to make me cum again?” he growled before letting out a small moan. “stoooooop. I’m tiiired. I want to go to bed already” he whimpered and slumped against Tanakas chest. He was still breathing pretty hard. Tanaka leaned Mio against the wall and opened the window outside, feeling a bone chI’lling breeze sweep in. It should help if Mio was feeling light headed due to the heat.

“how’s that?” he asked just as Mio turned and vomited on the ground.

Tanaka lay Mio on the bed and slid the covers over him. He rubbed his forehead. “How’s that feel?” he asked. He had slid light pants on the boy and lay him on the cold side of the bed with a cloth on his forehead. “I…I need my cast” he whimpered, wiggling under the covers. It felt good against his skin.

Tanaka nodded and went back to the bathroom to retrieve the Velcro cast. He had rinsed off the floor and opened the second window to air out the bathroom. They would have to bathe again in the morning when Mio was feeling better. He still had to wash his hair.

Opening the cast, Mio slid his left arm into the plastic, allowing Tanaka to secure it. “Which way is easier for you to sleep?” Tanaka asked. Mio whimpered in confusion. “I want to spoon you, so is it better for you to lie on your left or right?” Mio rolled onto his right arm, keeping his eyes closed as the warm body slid in behind him and wrapped his arms around him. “you are mine” Tanaka whispered and received a happy hum in return, followed by a rather loud snore.

Sunshine poured through the window as it rose over the horizon. Birds began screaming and chirping. Mio groaned and rolled over, hiding his face from the light. He pulled kicked the blanket off of himself. He was so hot… he rarely slept with a heavy blanket like this. When it was evident the birds weren’t going to shut up he reached for his phone. He felt the table for the device, groaning when it wasn’t there. It took him a moment to remember he didn’t have a phone. He sat up to look for a clock. When he rubbed his eyes and yawned he paused. This wasn’t his room.. He looked around suspiciously and pulled the blanket over his chest. He didn’t see anyone; his ass wasn’t sore… his back was though. He didn’t recognize the room though. It wasn’t Kinos.. he knew that much. There wasn’t a body pI’llow of Alois Trelancey on the bed, or embarrassingly similar to Mio hentai posters on the wall. The bed was twice as big as Kinos too. He felt nervous. Books lined the walls, both written and manga. He picked up a few and recognized some titles. He flipped to the back, old habits die hard, and smiled when he saw the familiar signature. The smiled turned into a concerned frown when he remembered he wasn’t in the library. Why would Senpais signature be in these books?

His eyes widened as he slowly remembered last night. The videogames, the bath, the… the cuddling! He spent the night with Senpai! He felt a twinge of guilt. He… Kino didn’t deserve to be replaced so quickly. Mio pulled the blanket around his shoulders and hugged his knees to his chest. He was horrible.

“Good morning” a voice called from the doorway. “Feeling better?” Tanaka enter the room and kneeled at the end of the bed, and kissed Mios forehead. “I’m making breakfast. After you eat you should finish your bath” he said. “You still need to wash your hair” he kissed his forehead again.

Mio looked up at him. “Did we… do anything last night?” he asked timidly.

“What? You don’t remember last night?” Tanaka asked, slightly hurt.

“I… I remember most I think. I remember up until the bath. I puked cause of my back, I don’t remember a lot after that” he said. “I’ll clean up the bathroom too. I’m sorry for vomiting” he bit his lip. Puking so wasn’t sexy.

“Not much happened after. I put you to bed, and I held you all night” he said. “we didn’t fool around; we didn’t do anything intimate. I wouldn’t do anything to you without your consent. Well.. I wouldn’t do anything serious to you without consent” he smirked. He had already sexually harassed Mio plenty last night. He couldn’t help it though, Mio was so sexy and cute. He wanted to monopolize him and keep him right here in this bed.

Mio had a look of relief on his face and he exhaled. Tanaka would have been lying if he said it didn’t sting. “I’m glad” Mio said before jumping. “N-not that nothing happened…. I mean I am I just…” he went red. Senpai was going to misunderstand him! He had to say it clearly!

“I don’t want to have sex with you while I’m still grieving Kino! Please respect my decision!” he clamped his eyes shut and held his arms out to prevent Senpai from getting close and try to change his mind. If he really wanted to, Senpai could easily ignore his request and take him right then and there. Mio wouldn’t put up a fight because his mind was swimming with his love for him, but Kino was in there too. Kino was in his heart, it felt like Kino was squeezing his chest, making it hard to breathe and think and he took up so much of Mio right now. So being with Senpai made him feel both happy and disgusting. He didn’t want to overwrite Kino; he didn’t want Senpai to touch the places Kino had just yet. He wasn’t ready to let go of Kino.

Tanaka bit his lip and saw back on his calves. He took one of Mios hands and kissed the shaking palm. He kissed up his arm and pecked his cheek. “I understand. Of course I will respect your decision.” He said softly. “I mean; I don’t want you to force yourself. Its not fun if you genuinely don’t want it” he said and stood up. “Come on, lets get some food in you” he said.

Senpais smile made Mio feel a bit better, but he still felt horrible. He was rejecting Senpai after confessing to him because he loved a dead man. He took his hand and allowed himself to be led from the room. “…hirt” he mumbled.

Tanaka turned and tilted his head. “Oh, shirt. I’ll grab one for you” he said and grabbed a clean one fro the drawer. He slid it over Mio carefully, despite protests and denials of being a toddler. “Oh hush. Let me take care of you.” He said and kissed his cheek.

The two of them sat down at the table. There was scrambled eggs and salad for breakfast. Mio watched Senpai struggle a bit with the chopsticks. “Who’s the toddler now” he teased and held some egg in outstretched chopsticks. Tanaka laughed and at the egg offered to him, purring. “Indirect kiss” he cooed, getting the chopstick tossed at him. “Hentai” Mio said as he moved seats so he was next to Senpai. Clearly he needed help eating.

“I usually use a fork” Tanaka confessed. “I wanted to impress you, because that went well” he smirked. “It worked out though, you are feeding me” he hummed. “which makes breakfast taste a mI’llion times better” He picked up eggs with just his fingers and held it to Mios lips.

Mios lips opened and covered the tips of his fingers, his teeth sliding across the skin softly. “mmm you are so right” he said and licked his lips. He blushed soon after and sat up straight in his own chair.

“Hard again?” Tanaka asked, tilting his head.

Mio smacked him and gave a slight scowl. “No” he said and ate his own food. “I just.. its really easy to act like that with you and I think only of you…”

“And you stop thinking of Kino. You feel guilty” Tanaka finished and sighed. “I understand” he groaned and ate his own food, pouting a bit. He wanted to be selfish. “I’m glad you forget him when you are with me. I want that. I want you to be happy like that and fI’lled with love. I’m not saying Kino should be forgotten for good, but I think there should be times where he doesn’t have to be the first person in your mind” he said honestly. “I want to be first. Kino can be second” he said and went back to eating.

Mios stomach turned a bit and he ate in silence. He knew Senpai had a point. He didn’t deserve to be second when he was right in front of him, but he couldn’t just forget Kino! He couldn’t drop him like last seasons fashion! He needed to grieve his death and he didn’t want to muddy that grief by hopping into the next available bed! The more Mio ate in silence with his own thoughts the angrier he got. How dare he tell him who and how he should grieve. It was none of his damn business.

When he finished eating he took his dishes to the kitchen, washed and dried them before putting them away. He walked to the bedroom and made p the bed and searched for the laundry room to get his uniform. He wanted to leave.

Tanaka followed him around, confused with what he was doing. Making the bed? Cleaning the kitchen? “I thought I said to go finish your bath?” he said as he stood in the doorway while Mio pulled out his uniform. “I’ll do the cleaning, you just go-“

“Don’t tell me what to do” Mio interrupted dryly. “I’m going home.” He found all of his clothes and stripped down and changed. He set the pajamas in a laundry basket near the door and buttoned up his shirt. He walked past Senpai to get to his bag.

Tanaka grabbed his arm. “What are you doing?” he asked, sounding more confused than angry. “you don’t have to go. We already slept in, just take the day off and stay here. We can play pacman again” he smiled.

Mio pulled his arm away. “no thank you” he walked to the door. “Thank you for your hospitality” He said dryly and left, closing the door behind him.

Tanaka leaned on the wall, completely confused. What just happened? Why did that happen? Did he make Mio mad? Was it when he asked to be first? Surely not. Mio wouldn’t freak out at him over that would he? No way! Not possible… right??

Sighing he sat against the wall. He could hear the sound of Mios shoes on the metal staircase outside. Why was everyone he loved leaving him…

Mio stormed down the stairs and headed to the train station. He wasn’t going to school. He was going home. He was so angry he couldn’t think straight. He felt tears sting at his eyes and he let out an angry scream. The stray cat next to him sprinted left. “Stupid Senpai!” he screamed and wiped his face, boarding the train home.

Tanaka eventually got up, and started packing up the videogames. He took the dishes inside and finished cleaning up before collapsing on his bed, pulling Mios pI’llow to his nose. It reeked of hair dye and vomit. But he could still smell Mio. He held it to his face for as long as he could, his hand sliding into his pants. He stroked himself while inhaling, the sound of Mios voice sounding in his head. He groaned into the pI’llow as he came, soaking his hand. “Miiiooo” he whimpered before getting up to clean off his hand. The bathroom was clean, the livingroom was clean.. there was no trace Mio had been here the night before. It was just him in a big empty house. His brother was abroad, his father lived with his new wife and kids, his mother took week long business trips, leaving him alone in this big apartment. Mio had brought some sunshine back, but now he hated him.

Tanaka crawled back into bed feeling like all of his energy was sapped. He held Mios pillow to his chest and closed his eyes.