Every season there are the top series and the flop series. Some are fantastic and some are horrible. Its inevitable some series are not going to be well received, either because the art, the story, or the execution.

Recent series seem to be Trickster and Bloodivores that aren’t well received, and I recently covered a series, Black Lambs HERE that was pretty terrible all around.

So do you watch the bad series to understand and judge for yourself, or do you avoid it like the plague and trust that the opinions were at least semi-unbiased?

Well I chose the former, and I watched the 4-8 hours of terrible anime, so im here to warn you of these titles.


  1. Pandora hearts


This series.. The plot sounds like such a cool series, this boy has been charged and found guilty of some Alice in Wonderland crime, is transported to the Abyss, only to return some odd 10 years later to find life continues without him. He’s made a contract with a Chain, known as Alice, a bloodstained black rabbit, and are doing.. Something with a secret organization!

It sound like if Black Butler had an Alice in Wonderland take.

But getting through it was like pulling nails. The art style is so pretty, but the main character and his ‘ill sacrifice myself’ mentality, and the story in general was so tedious!

I have met a few people who have liked the series, but I don’t. The 25 episode long series has so many different angles and sub-plots that holding onto a consistent idea is so hard and its just so… not interesting.

And I really wanted to like it.

If you like concise plots, this one isn’t for you. The main quest is finding out what the Main Characters crime is, but there’s just missions and mission that distract him and others are always having to save him because he throws himself away. Gil is pretty cool though, his childhood friend.

  1. 11eyes


Now in order to finish this series and banish it to my completed list I literally had to unplug my Wi-Fi and focus only on this show, because I hated it.

The plot is another one about a type of opposite world, where those with these abilities have to try and survive. The world switch is timed, and they only have a short time in the Red Night. They see this woman trapped and think they have to rescue her, but that’s not really the case.

Again, the plot sounds fantastic right? Wrong. This show is arguably the series I had to force myself through the hardest. The characters were so whiny, and the shows pacing was off and the actual execution of the plot was so.. Horrible!

The characters themselves were a mishmosh of clichés. We have the two love interests, one with a mysterious eye patch, the one who looks like the dead sister, the noble swordsman and the tsundere pyro character.

While the plot twist was unexpected, it didn’t help the overall story.

10/10, would NEVER watch again.

  1. Nananas buried treasure


This show, while feeling incomplete and totally plotless, once again, had a good premise. Im sensing a theme here… Great synopsis writers.

A boy wants to find these items, that are both scientific and magical inventions and the ghost in his apartment is the only one who could help him. Seems great, seems like it would end with the ghost, Nanana, passing on with the help of one of the items.

The show didn’t really have an ending, and was filled with mini puzzle arcs that left no real plot behind. The final episode didn’t really even have an ending, unless im missing some hidden 12th episode.

We are left with no resolution, the final item is one that cant be explained or spoken about, the fate of Nanana is up in the air. All of it is just so incomplete and frustrating. The puzzle sections were okay, but I really didn’t like it otherwise.

  1. Kanojo ga flag


The art style f this series drove me up the wall. AS well as the main character. Imagine ha harem of 2 year old’s, whining, crying, high pitched and clingy. That’s what this show felt like. The colors are all so bright and pastelly it hurt to watch.

Souta, the main character, essentially has to ‘save’ the girls he knows from themselves because he can see Flags, like death flags and love flags. He prefers to break flags, but when push comes to shove(off a cliff preferably) he seems to wat to save them


That’s an infuriatingly stupid plot. I cant even say ‘good plot, poor execution’ because everything about this series made me want to quit anime forever.

  1. Momo Kyun sword

If you wanted a half-story of Momotarou with Boobs being the euphemism for the peach, you’ve come to the right series! What screams historical stories better than little girls in small clothes, big peachy bosoms and flashy animorphs?

Nothing was really.. Wrong with the show. It was well done, and there was even some.. Interesting ending points about the antagonist and protagonist, but it was very much reliant on the boobs factor. There was surface content, but I was rolling my eyes the entire time. Its definitely not the worst, but I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.

  1. Gunslinger Stratos


The longer this show went on the more it needed to stop. Once again, we have the case of a good premise, turned to garbage. The actual story wasn’t too bad, I really enjoyed the story, but the animation.. It melted like a Crayola in a tanning bed.

The animation was always kind of bad, but it could be overlooked if you weren’t looking too hard a the end, but in the final episodes.. You know the background characters you see that look derpy and like the animators 2 year old drew them, yea the main characters started looking like those.

There was really nice emotional scenes in the show, with moral dilemmas and a whole alternate universe, worlds colliding element, but man, it was not visually executed well.

When it comes to bad anime, whose fault is it really? The content for the most part isn’t original, it comes from a source material. It takes the already present content, complete or incomplete with all the minor details and turns it into anime. Altering the content is a double edged sword as well. Do you stay true to the content material or do you try and fix the content for the viewer and alter the order of events, or take out arcs or even create ‘filler’ to help explain something better.

Either way, people wont be happy. So its hard to blame the studio specifically for the entire mess. But maybe that’s just my little moral hang-up, but some of these studios.. Whyyy.

So, please, if you are not a masochist, please don’t watch these. If you are a sadist, then you will enjoy forcing someone to watch these and hear their groans of displeasure and torment.

If you want to see the series that I DO recommend, click right HERE! It’ll brighten up your day after these series have left a bad taste in your mouth.

SO! Have you already seen some of these series? Did you continue? Did you drop? Did you let your laptop on fire and run screaming into the hills? Let me know below! Come be miserable with me *sniff*

Anyways! Thanks for reading!