The past couple of days I have spent binge watching Season 1 of Boku no Hero Academia. And let me tell you! Immediately I was in love with the show! Kacchan is a little spicy meatball if there ever was one. The plot is executed well, and the emotions you feel about the characters are built on nicely, if you can keep a straight face.


The emotions I felt towards this show are like the emotions I feel while watching Haikyuu. I shouldn’t watch it in public. My random cheers and facial expressions scare the children on the bus.

Now those of you who haven’t seen this series, it is about a boy names Izuku Midoriya, or Deku. He lives in a world where people develop Quirks, or super powers. The main goal for a lot of students is to become a hero. Deku is without a Quirk though, and becomes the subject of bullying, especially by his former friend, Bakugo, nicknamed Kacchan.


Deku aims to be admitted into UA, the best hero school and Alma mater of All Might, Dekus, and the worlds, favorite hero. By a set of circumstances, Deku is able to acquire a Quirk, but is unable to control it.

So in entering UA, he must not only learn how to control his new Quirk, but to resolve his conflict/fight with his Bakugo, who seems to be out for blood when it comes to Deku.


So the series has these roller coaster of emotions, from suspense, to awe, to dread. The characters are so interesting and there’s definitely a larger plot with Bakugos reaction to Dekus sudden quirk.

Maybe I find Kacchan(Bakugo) so cute because I have a sibling who is their age. So im all “Awe, look at you, trying to act all tough” instead of being worried.

The plot isn’t only about superhero’s though. I mean its not about accepting yourself as you are either, considering Deku does acquire a quirk. And the first season is very introduction-y. We meet all of the new students, we meet a few villains, and we learn some closely guarded secrets.

And Kacchan is so freaking adorable.

 maxresdefault (2).jpg

He’s fiery and arrogant and he has a ‘im not weak’ complex, exasturbated by Dekus sudden power. Kacchan may actually not be as explosive as we see him. There are some hidden scenes to look for to see his character growth.

But man, the ups and downs! Although, towards the end there was a pattern with Deku. His personality is very heroic, almost self-sacrificial. But not in a ‘I want to die’ aspect, but one that he has to do something, anything to help. And im not really mad at it. I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed this series. I recommend it to everyone and anyone.

So check it out! Let me know what you think, if you liked the series, and if you didn’t. When I remembered there was a season 2 I nearly lost it. I found out my eyeliner wasn’t fangirl proof.

I want more. I want more. I want more.

Thanks for reading! I reviewed episode 1 like… forever ago, if you wanna read it HERE!