Its been a delay but here is part 5 of Bitten! immediately after Hinata is Bitten by Zuzu, what goes on?

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“Get up”


“Get up, please”


“Hii-kun” he whined, crouching down and touching the orange mop in front of him. “please sit up. Pleeeease” Mamoru moved his hand down to Hinatas cheek, rubbing his thumb over the soft flesh. They were still a bit wet, even after 10 minutes of laying face down.

“The grass has been watered, please sit up”

Hinata sniffled and pushed himself up as best he could, resting on the backs of his calves, avoiding Mamorus eyes. He stretched his arm and rubbed it softly. His arms felt so weak. His whole body felt weak. He wanted to lay down again. The one thing that didn’t feel weak was the pain in his neck, radiating throughout his body at the moment. It pulsed with his heartbeat, passing the pain throughout him every second.

The Mark was so deep. It made Kageyamas half-Mark look like a surface scratch. The Mark drew blood, it throbbed, it wasn’t letting him forget for even a second what had been done to him.


The feelings from immediately before and immediately after the bite were worlds apart. In an instant the fear was blasted from his body and replaced with… it was hard to explain. Hinata remembered feeling like it was right, like things were perfect, almost like he was flying higher and higher the deeper the teeth sank into him.

But what goes up must come down, and the second the teeth were pulled from his skin he crashed to the ground, literally and emotionally. He slumped in Kozus arms, which must have surprised the Alpha because he slipped from his arms and collided with the grassy dirt, a choked scream stuck in his throat. The open Mark let small amounts of blood ooze from his neck, but the skin was bright red with inflammation. Nothing felt right in that moment! Nothing was beautiful or warm or connected in that moment like it had been with Kageyama. The cold hard ground was all that wrapped around Hinata now.

He could have stayed at practice, he could have waited for Kageyama and walked home together. Instead he was laying on the cold dirt in the dark, his body clenching in pain with an Alpha standing over him. It was hard to even scream between the pain and the loss of breath. The pain made it impossible to take a steady breathe with each pulse jolting him, wiping his mind of its task.

Arching his back into the night air Hinata finally took in a gasping breath. Emotions were spiralling throughout him at breakneck speed, none of them positive. He felt fear, panic, pain, all on a constant loop. His fingers clenched the dirt under him as he tried to crawl away from the pain. He felt so cold, so alone, so abandoned.

He heard the footsteps before he saw anyone, and before he knew it he was being lifted up from behind, to see the blonde from before, his eyes full of worry. He saw him speak to Kozu, the man holding Hinata up but he couldn’t hear their voices. Between the rushing blood in his ears and the pain everything was hazy.

A second later Hinata felt his back press against something warm and arms wrapped around his chest, warming him. Hinatas breath shuddered and he started crying again, or rather, finally. The pain in his chest dulled and loosened enough to let the built-up screams escape, flying into the night air, escaping the horrible fate that awaited this unfortunate child.

The painful pulsing stopped even stopped when he felt something touch the Mark, something wet..


“Zuzu! Hes hurting! Is there anything you ca do to help?” Mamoru asked his Alpha, cpping Hinatas face. The boy seemed to not be listening, just crying.

He helped move Hinata to Kozus chest, and saw an immediate effect. The screaming and crying may have seemed like a negative reaction, but it was a change. It was a good change. Hinatas face was losing the redness, and his breathing was more regular.

Mamoru remembered these feelings, the cold, the pain, the feeling of being alone. He hadn’t been Marked in the most standard method, and sat in the hospital room alone for a number of days, wallowing in the feelings. He had wanted to be held, he wanted to have his Alpha hold him, touch him, make everything okay. It was aftercare. It was the restabalization of everything. Nothing felt right if you were just left to cope with it on your own. He didn’t want Hinata to experience those emotions.

Marks were supposed to be symbols of love that created familys, and somewhere they became sort of political at times, and rules were placed on mates and non-mates. But biology and brain chemistry didn’t care if it was a positive or negative interaction. A freshly Marked person needed aftercare, not to be left alone for days on end.

There were still some nights when Mamoru needed to crawl into Kozus bed, fresh from a nightmare. It dreams were often of him back at the hospital, alone for days. Those were really the dark ages of his short life. Having to deal with the emotions alone after being Marked. When uzu had finally come to the hospital and hugged him, the feelings may have dissipated, but the nightmares remained. He nightmares felt like years and years alone in that hospital room.

When he finally broke out he couldn’t spend the rest of the night alone. He had to sleep in Kozus bed, it was the only way to make the feelings go away. He felt needy, but he was thankful for it sometimes. Kozu was relatively soft with im when he was having a nightmare, almost as if he felt guilty.. Being swamped in the strong arms of his Alpha helped clear Mamorus mind every time, and he would fall asleep almost immediately.

Mamoru watched Hinatas chest shake as he breathed, his arms clutching at Zuzus forearms with his nails. But he was also leaning his whole weight on Zuzu, proving that he did need the aftercare. Hinata was following his instincts, which was a good thing. Now Kozu just had to keep doing his part. It was a good thing Kozu was being very pliable right now, and not fighting Mamoru because he was technically telling him what to do. Kozu was showing concern for the orange Omega in his lap.

“Zuzu, maybe you should try soothing the Mark” he said, kneeling next to them and touching the skin around Hinatas Mark. It was very red, and the Mark was very deep.

Mamoru touched his own Mark. He had 2 full Marks from Zuzu, but was Hinatas deeper? He felt a flare of heat rise in his chest, and put his hand on Zuzus arm. “How deep did you bite?” he asked.

Zuzu chuckled and looked over at Mamoru. “Jealous?” he asked.

“Do I need to be?” he asked back, blushing at his boldness and looked away, flipping his hair, so his entire Mark was visible to Zuzu. He knew Zuzu loved looking at it.  “Sorry. Never mind” He rubbed his face, adjusting his hair and inspecting the Mark again, without worrying about its depth “Try licking it” He said. “isn’t Alpha saliva something.. comforting?” he asked, turning back to the Bitten Alpha, Misono. “Didn’t it help you?”

Misono had been standing in the middle of the path, more or less keeping guard. The Omega was making such a rukus that if someone heard it they would come running. The last think Misono wanted was to get in shit for not intercepting anyone who came by. The ast thing he needed right now was the ultra-Alpha to be pissed at him. His chest still hurt from last time.

“Hell if I know” Misono scoffed, still pissed about his Marking. It had been a year since he was Marked and he still hated both of his ‘Mates’. He hadn’t been hospitalized though. He didn’t know all about Mamorus Marking, but he knew bits of it. He had asked about his fucked up Mark after all. If he was in the hospital, then why hadn’t they fixed it? He had seen Kozu fuss over the Mark sometimes, making sure it was visable at ALL the time, like he was proud of the deformity.

“Well Zuzu gave you aftercare, so how long were you in pain for?”

“Im still in god damn pain” he snapped, feeling his Mark. Zuzu had hit a nerve in his neck during his Marking, so there was the occasional throb of pain. Mamoru seemed to be pain free at least.

He sighed, stiffening when he caught Kozus glare. “The actual wound hurt for a good few days. And no one licked me” he made a disgusted face. “And don’t you ever try and lick me” He turned to walk away. “I wanna go home” he looked back at Zuzu, a learned behaviour. Simply stating he was going home would incite the others wrath. It wasn’t his place, as a bitten submissive mate to declare things it seemed. He had to ask permission, which he hated.

Kozu looked over at Misono before shaking his head. “Go pick up his bike and bags and bring them here.” He said, not giving him more of his attention. He leaned back over the Mark like he was going in for a second Bite, but instead just passed his tongue over the indentations. Hinata jumped, but the crying lessened.

“What?! Why didn’t you just bring them when you-“

A growl ripped through the air and everyone froze. Misono jumped back a bit and turned his head, rubbing his elbow.

“Go get the god damn bags, because if I have to go get them, then home will be the last place you want to be” he threatened, his growl holding. It stopped suddenly when Kozu felt the body against his shake. He looked down and saw the boys face, he was terrified.


Hinata had never heard a real Alpha’s growl. Daichi had gotten a bit loud or angry sometimes when he was fooling around with Noya or Tanaka, but this was on a different level. In a second he couldn’t move, he couldn’t breath, he was too afraid. He stiffened, and clamped his eyes shut, trying to be silent. His body still reacted and he was shaking, his hands over his mouth He couldn’t stop shaking, He was terrified.

“Hey” The deep voice behind him nudged softly. “Hey, little one” He pulled Hinatas hands from his mouth and took it in his own, squeezing the fingers. “Its okay. Im not mad at you” he flashed a look at Misono, flicking his head for him to go get the bags.

“How’s your Mark feel?” he asked, keeping his hand around Hinatas. Hinata looked around before he shrugged, still nervous with the turn of events.

Mamoru sat next to them and touched Hinatas neck again, being gentle with the skin. “It looks like it helped” he said and smiled, leaning on Kozus shoulder a bit, rubbing Hinatas arm. After a few seconds of silence Hinata sniffled. The fact that the Mark wasn’t burning anymore didn’t mean things were alright. Things were so far from alright.

“When Misono gets back with the bags and the bike, we will take you home and get you settled, okay?” Kozu asked, waiting for Hinata to turn his head and confirm. The boy didn’t. “I don’t ask often you know” he said as a pre-warning. Mamoru watched Hinata, but he wasn’t responding. His back was still towards his Alpha, something that Mamoru never did. Was Kozu going to snap at the Omega?

“Omega” Kozu growled a little to get his attention. “Answer me when I talk to you”

Hinata jumped and pulled his hands away from Kozus and covered his mouth again. It only restricted his breathing, making him hyperventilate and his heart pound.

Mamoru stood up and knelt in front of Hinata, taking his hands in his and looking him right in the eye. “Calm down” He said softly. The face in front of him was so swollen from the crying, but it was still cute. His eyes glistened with the tears and the shiny tracks that ran down his cheeks.

“Take a deep breath with me” He said led by example, overaccentuating the action. “Now exhale” He kept eye contact with Hinata. He didn’t want to lose him. He wanted to help him through this. He wanted to make things easier for Zuzu.

Hinata copied him, and eventually calmed down again, or at least was managing to hold in the tears. Mamoru leaned forwards and pressed his lips to the tear tracks under his eyes. “don’t worry, you’ll get used to things. You just have to listen to Zuzu.” He smiled and looked up at his Alpha. “He’s a good Alpha. I promise” he cupped Hinatas cheeks. “You can sleep in my bed if you want” he asked and looked up at Zuzu. “is that okay?”

Zuzu pursed his lips. “I guess we have a month” he said and sighed. “when he is pregnant I will have a room set up for him, so until then its alright for him to stay in your room” he said.

Hinatas brow furrowed and he looked up at the two talking about him. “What? No, I have a home. I have a bed. I have my own room in my own house” he said, his voice becoming higher as he spoke.

“You are my mate now, so you will be living with me. I’ll speak to your family and allay any fears they have about me being able to support you” he said and rubbed Hinatas arm stiffly, his attempt at soothing him.

“but.. Natsu…” Hinatas voice became quiet and he thought about his family. Would they really give him up that easily? Was he stuck being someone else’s mate like this? He had always been told being partners was something romantic, something he should want to do, not.. this. He was being forced, it wasn’t his choice, he didn’t even know the Alphas name! “My family, they wont sell me away like that” He pushed to stand up, and backed away from the two of them. “Im not moving way from my family! I have friends, and school, and I had everything before you came along!”

His hand touched his belly. He was about to lose a lot of what he loved anyways, but now it was ripped away from him. It was different! It was different than if Kageyama Marked him, it was different if it was Kageyama!

Kozu didn’t stop Hinata from standing up, but he wasn’t going to put up with the defiance for long. “That’s how this works. You live with your Alpha. Its disrespectful to me if you don’t.” Kozu said. “it makes me look like I can’t afford to take care of you” he said and stood up. “And im not having anyone think I can’t take care of my mates”

“Then you should have chosen a different Omega, cause im not going anywhere with you” Hinata started to walk away.

Kozu grabbed his arm roughly and grit his teeth, pulling him back to face him. “no, you are moving in, you don’t get to say no. You are only an Omega”

Hinata felt the overwhelming urge to submit when he looked into Kozus eyes. The look he was getting, it was piercing him, it was reaching to something inside him. His Mark throbbed and he opened his mouth to respond, but only a few stutters came but before he had to turn away.

“I have school, I have a team, I already have a pack. I don’t need you! I don’t want you!” He yanked his arm free and started walking down the path.

The farther away he got the more his chest hurt, the more the situation hit him. He was Marked. He had been bitten. He was an Omega, and it was his position in life to be bitten and claimed.

Mamoru kept looking between Kozu and Hinata, trying to figure out what to do. He wanted to help Kozu, he wanted to have Hinata be happy with them, if he didn’t.. he didn’t want Kozu to get mad. Kozu was still scary when he was mad.. He got mad at Misono a lot, and dealing with those arguments always left Mamorus stomach in knots. Zuzu wasn’t wrong! Omegas and Betas moved in with their Alphas after being Marked. Betas and Omegas were expected to give up their lives, because they were not Alphas. An Alpha was supposed to take care of their mate, and that’s exactly what Kozu was doing. He was taking care of them all.

Hinata felt overwhelmed. He felt anger, sadness, but there was a tinge of happiness. He was happy to be claimed, wanted. He spent the past 5 days feeling unwanted, and here was someone who wanted him. He wanted to be happy at that. He was happy at that. But he hated it. He hated that part of himself. He didn’t want this… person to be part of his life forever. They didn’t understand anything. He was so mean, he wasn’t gentle or fun. He couldn’t joke with him the way he could Kageyama.

Thinking about Kageyama hurt. It just made everything worse. Why had Kageyama left him.. Why had he ignored him? Why was he such a hard-headed idiot!

Hinata stood still, tears pricking at his eyes again. He had been doing too much crying tonight and his eyes were swollen and puffy. But he wanted his Alpha, Kageyama. Kageyama was supposed to be his Alpha. They may not have said it, but Hinata thought that it was understood, that they would be together. The whole team knew they were basically Mated, and he did have a half-Mark from him.. why wasn’t that enough! they were supposed to play volleyball together, be together, and eventually.. Hinata did want to have a family with Kageyama.

The one time the Baka didn’t have volleyball on the brain was when Hinata did. Great.

Conflicted, Hinata lay down. He wanted to go home, but he felt like he couldn’t. He felt a pull to go back to the others, but he didn’t want to. He hated them, they were so mean and.. well the blonde one was nice. Hinata touched his cheek where he was kissed. The blonde, Mamoru was really nice to him.. but he didn’t seem to be only helping him. He also tried convincing Hinata to let Kozu bite him. Whatever the guy was getting at.. but he was comforting.


When he sat up at Mamorus request he wiped his eyes and sighed. “I have to go home. I have someone coming over” he said. “I have homework.. I have-“ he paused, his hand flying up to his Mark and his eyes widening. Kageyama would know. Kageyama would probably try and touch him, and Hinata would get sick, and Kageyama would find out and they would kick him off the team!

Mamoru tilted his head at the sudden brain fart. The Omega had a far off, horrified look on his face.  “Hii, what’s wrong?” he touched his cheek, pulling him back to the present. “You are expecting company?”

Hinata sputtered for a moment before gathering his thoughts. “my- an Alpha.. from my team” he said, his eyes flashing over at Kozu, who was still sitting in the same spot across the path, watching him. “he’s coming over, and he.. he’s gunna know” he whispered, his voice cracking in fear. “he can’t know. He can’t find out but he’s going to” he pushed his hands into his hair. If Kageyama found out, he would be so mad. He would freak out, he would throw things and scream and yell and just imagining the anger was enough to terrify Hinata. Especially if Hinata might be pregnant.

Mamoru sighed and leaned forwards, taking Hinatas hands in his. “look, he wont find out unless you tell him” he said. “ill see if Zuzu will put the Collar back on, at least while your friend is over” he said. “He wont be happy about it, but he might do it if it’ll calm you down” he said. “So don’t worry”

“But if he touches me..” he looked away from Mamorus gaze. “He will know I’m Marked. Marked Omegas get sick when they’re touched by other Alphas!”

Mamoru tilted his head. “Are you Sensitive?” he asked, patting his palms on Hinatas cheeks, looking for a reaction, but none was showing. “no I think you’re okay” he said. “We can have Mii try when he gets back, but I think you’re okay.” He said.

“Sensitives are Omegas who can’t touch anyone but their Alpha after being Marked. They can’t really touch alot of people before their Marked either. Most end up with mysophobia or something.” Mamoru explained. “Why did you think you were a sensitive?”

Hinata looked at Mamoru with a puzzled expression, before it fell into one of fleeting relief “Noya… my Senpai… told me that” he said, feeling his chest go cold. If he hadn’t thought it would affect him.. then maybe Kageyama would have bit him, and things wouldn’t be like this..

“so if he touches me.. I wont get sick?” he asked, feeling his chest constrict a bit. He could still play with his team, he could still hug Noya, he could still high five Tanaka and be around Daichi and all of them! “I thought id lose everyone” he wiped his eyes, one hand over his mouth. “I thought id never see them again”

“You aren’t going back, you know that right?” Kozu had stood up and walked over to the pair. He wanted to head out soon once Mitsuo returned, so he had been eavesdropping.

Hinata looked up at the voice, the tone of it startled him every time. “what do you mean? Its my pack, my team. Of course im going back!”

“Your pack is now the three of us, I’m going to have you transferred to my highschool next week, so you can spend the time adjusting” he said.

Hinata looked up at him like he had two heads. “no! no? No! im not leaving my team! I don’t care what school you go to, im not changing from my school, not for anything, not for anyone, least of all you!” he stood up, taking a step back.

“You will go where I want you to, you are now my mate.”

“im also a person! I had a life, I had a team and a partner!” he shouted, “I love someone else, I am so in love with him, and you just… you just…” Hinata reached over and pounded his fist into Kozus chest, his knuckles hitting muscle. “You just.. you do this! You rip me apart from the Alpha im in love with, and you think you’re going to rip me away from my team? I worked so hard with my team! We are so close to nationals, you can’t make me leave! You cant! You cant!” he pounded his fists into the male in front of him, screaming with each hit.

“Oh yea?” Kozu scoffed and gripped Hinatas wrist, stopping it mid swing. “ill make you do whatever I want”

“Zuzu..” Mamoru piped up and put his hand on his arm softly. “Let go of Hii-kun” he whispered. “please, I don’t want you to fight. We can talk can’t we?” he asked, tilting his head a bit to show he was being submissive. The last thing he needed was for Kozu to think he was coming after him. He wouldn’t listen to reason if he saw everyone as a threat.

“Talking wont do any good, because im not going to change my mind.” he  scoffed but let go of Hinata. “If he wants to play on a team, he can play on the Aoba Josai team. I’ve heard that the team isn’t horrible.” He said to Mamoru, not addressing Hinata for the moment.

“Y-you go to Seijoh?” Hinata asked, his eyes wide. “With the Great King?! And Iwa-chan and Turnip head?!”

“I don’t know” Kozu dismissed the names. “but if you are set on playing your game, then you will join that team. You aren’t staying at the school with your old pack members” he said. “No way in hell”

“you can’t-“

“Zuzu..” Mamoru looked over at Hinata and back at Kozu. “what if.. if he’s worked hard. What if he did stay there, and just finished the semester.” He asked tenetively “a transfer student at this time would draw attention to you, ” he said. “And if we make him move now.. he probably wont like us, he wont want to be in our pack..”

“he doesn’t have to WANT to be in the pack. He is in the pack”

“but Zuzu..” he sighed. “if he’s going to be a mom to your baby..’ Mamoru touched his own belly instctively, “he should like you. Hating you could affect the baby”

Kozu paused for a moment and looked over at Hinata who was scowling at him. If looks could kill.

“Speak” he motioned at Hinata.

“you know what im going to say. Im not leaving my team. We have a big tournament coming up! We already beat the Seijoh team, so no, I don’t want to go to Seijoh. Im staying at Karasuno”

Mamoru smiled and turned to Hinata, “You won! That’s amazing! I’ve heart great things about the Aoba Josai team, so beating them, im proud of you!” he praised. “What if you moved after the tournament though? How long until its over?”

“Three months.” He said.

Mamoru looked up at Kozu. “Can we give him those 3 months?” he asked.

“3 months unsupervised with people he considers his pack? Hell no”

“What if..” he paused and bit his lip. “what if I went with him? To the practices? I could pose as his family member or something” he offered. “I can supervise. I can make sure no one hurts him” he said. “I can make sure he doesn’t do anything he shouldn’t” he tried catering to Kozus main concerns.

Kozu scowled and looked over at Hinata. “Will you move easily after the tournament?”

Hinata pursed his lips. “Is that my only option?” he frowned and looked down, pulling at his fingers. “Fine. I’ll go to Seijoh after this tournament.” he grumbled. “ill be a traitor, a spy, the team switcher” he snapped. Should he even play on the Seijoh team? Could he? He couldn’t imagine playing with anyone but Tanaka, Noya, Asahi, and even Tsuki. He couldn’t imagine any setter of his being anyone but Kageyama. He didn’t want Oikawa to be the one to toss to him. It wouldn’t be the same!

“Then its settled. You will move into my apartment tomorrow morning, and live at my house until the tournament is over, then you will move to Aoba Josai at the beginning of your second year” he said and looked to Mamoru. “Satisfied?”

Mamoru had a small smile of victory on his face. “im happy if you’re happy” he said. “And Hii-kuns happy. I want all of my mates to be happy” he took a step back, just enough to grab Hinatas hand and pull them into a threeway hug. “I want my family to be happy always” he kissed the top of Hinatas head. The boy was smaller than him by just a few inches, and fit nicely in the cook of his neck.

Misono was walking back just as the group was hugging. He was once again left out, not like he wanted to be part of their gross fake family garbage. He dropped the bags and the bike on the ground. “Im going home” he shouted and left.