Hinata Shoyo is a character who is notoriously short. He’s called Chibi, Shrimp, and Number One Shorty by his own teammates! When he meets new people they often assume he’s a weaker player because of his height. Only after they see his jump do they not underestimate him. As a volleyball player, height is an important factor. So how is it that this character, a grade 9 student, is TALLER THAN ME.

Like come on! Im not even that short! I feel like im regular sized! Im 5’3. Im average height I think. Im actually EXACTLY the average height of a Canadian woman. So how is it that this little Chibi, this Little Giant, is taller than me but is still considered a shorty at 5’4.


So to boost my self esteem I’m going to find characters who are shorter than me! And laugh. Mwahaha. What, short people have a higher concentration of evil. >.>


  1. Edward Elric


THANK GOD. If I was shorter than Edward Elric, there would be some ankles bitten around here. Enough short jokes are made at FullMetals expense that if he wasn’t short than me id be an angry shortstack.

Edward Elric clocks in at a puny 4’11, a full 4 inches shorter than me! Yay! Other peoples misery!


Although, towards the end of his adventure, it seems all that milk really has spurred him cause he rockets up a foot and ends up being 5’6! What the hell! I guess he’s a growing boy. Damn puberty.

  1. Nishinoya Yuu

He is in the same series at Hinata, and is even on the same team. Nishinoya, or Noya, is 5’2.7, a full .3 shorter than me. Although he’s still 15, so he will most likely surpass me in height. LET ME HAVE THIS MOMENT.


Noya is a libero, which is a special position on the team. He is diving to the ground a lot, so being short would help. He is defensive about his height as well, and his hair seems to defy gravity and give him a few extra inches. Hinata at one point mistook him for a child, which, he’s only 1 inch shorter than you Hinata.


3  Tsukushi Tsukamoto

Another sports character! The tiny soccer player, again he is in 9th grade so being short is understandable. I mean I haven’t grown since 9th grade, but that just me.. Right?


Tsukumoto, the team princess clocks in at 5’1. there isn’t an update for him height wise yet, but he’s the shortest character on his team, so that’s not giving me much hope.


Female characters!


  1. Hinata!

Mwahaha I’m taller than a Hinata! Hyuga that is. She’s 5’2. I feel a sense of accomplishment. Here’s my award for being taller than an anime character.


Im not much of  Hinata Hyuga fan, and with the new Boruto stuff coming out I’ve seen more of the SasuNaru fandom psychoanalyzing everything. Interesting reads.


  1. Chii from Chobits

At 4’9, Chi! The Chobit/Persocom is tinier than me! Not as tiny as some persocoms, and maybe the shorter persocoms were supposed to represent children.. Too deep.


Maybe looking at robots is a low blow, but im desperate here!


And Finally!


  1. Hestia herself!

Yes, I am taller than a deity, mwahaha! Clocking in at only 4’7, Hestia is teeny tiny, almost as tiny as I assumed Hinata Shoyo was! Although she has to be short to keep that dress down low. I still don’t know how that ribbon holds up those boobs. She is a physical anomaly, but, she’s short than meeeee, which is all I need.


Is this a petty list, oh yes. Im not sure why I looked up Hinatas height, but I did and I haven’t been the same. Does this mean… AM I CHIBI? >.> maybe. Oh lord. Yuri Plisetsky is taller than me. *sinks into a hole* like I could get any shorter!


Well with an average height of 5’7 for males, and 5’2 for females anime characters may just have me beat. I bet its all that coffees fault im short.


Naw, genetics. Thanks for nothing mom. She’s short too. God forbid any Greek goes into me. Greek women are on average 5’5! Id have Hinata beat.


Well this may or may not be a SHORT post, but im done.


Thanks for reading!


-chibi jill.