Toot toot! All aboard the hype train! Here comes another Megane List!!


Mel and Naja recently did Megane lists, so I’m going to avoid their characters. But be sure to check out their lists! But they’ve peer pressured me into making my own (send help, I’m being held in their basement) so here is my list of.. 8 Megane characters.


Quick Facts about Meganes!

  1. Jill herself is one! (why third person? Jill doesn’t know) -7.00 and -7.50.
  2. Needing glasses doesn’t mean you see into a void! Everything’s just blurry at a certain part!
  3. Thank you for telling us how bad out eyesight is after snatching our spectacles. We had no idea. Its actually our brain that’s fuzzy, not our eyes.
  4. Looking for your glasses without your glasses is the literal definition of hell. To combat hell I use my phone camera!


Salt aside


So my list begins!


My first Megane, is Eiri Yuki! Or Eiri Uesugi.


This handsome fellow with a troubled past is a writer of romance novels and notorious slut. He is one of the leads in Gravitation. He doesn’t wear his glasses often, then again he doesn’t really leave the house often. He wears them when he’s writing, I swear just so he can take them off and wipe his eyes.


I cant type with my glasses on. I get distracted by them falling down my face constantly so I commend Eiri Yuki on his abilities.


The second Megane!


Of course its Yuri Katsuki.


Who are we kidding. That little Cinnamon Bun, and then that sexy Spicy Meatball, seducing the world with those bespectacled eyes. I have yet to see artwork of Viktor wearing Yuri’s glasses though, and if there’s anything that a glasses-wearer knows, is that people LOVE stealing and wearing our glasses.


The anxiety! Id rather you drop my phone than my glasses. At least my phone has  a protective case 24/7. Between frames, lenses, and the special glass I need (cause im blind af) runs about $400 a pair! #blessschoolinsurance


The third Megane! I don’t know who remembers him, the series he’s in has been on the backburner for a loooong time. The manga hasn’t updated past chapter 117 for like… 4 years. But I loved it.


Soubi! From Loveless!


Remember this guy? Who virgin-shamed the teacher! I saw this show early on in my anime spiral. The characters all had cat tails and ears, but they lost their ears and tails when they lost their virginity, or so I assume. I mean enough hints were dropped..


Ritsukas teacher was still ear-ed while Soubi wasn’t. I mean, who could resist Soubi, glasses and all. I mean he was seducing an elementary school kid wasn’t he? Its been a while. But there was the ear piercing, and the kiss, and the strange devotion to Ritsukas brother despite him being mean to him.


Soubi looks like he would be a suave character, but he’s really masochistic.


Number 4!


Watanuki Kimihiro!


XxxHolic is a great show, filled with wonders and mystical beings and information! Mix in Watanuki, who adds that perfect amount of salt to the sweet story. XxxHolic Rei, the manga, is an interesting continuation of his story though.


The fact that he has glasses doesn’t really impact the story or anything, but it adds to his character. He’s the salty Megane, not the sexy Megane. Maybe all Meganes have a bit of salt inside them.. Hmm..


Number 5! (whoo long list.)


You may have seen him on your screen recently cause this boi has returned to the small/medium screen! Yukio Okumura!!


Ooh im all caught up on the manga and there’s so much going on with him!! I forget he’s the YOUNGER brother sometimes, and he’s like this 12 (ahem 15) year old kid whose not only dealing with demons on a daily basis, but is a teacher, teaching his older brother. Man the sense of responsibility this kid has! He literally gets to watch his older brother act like a goofball and make so many friends while he’s stuck being an adult.. No wonder he’s such a secretive little Megane! *sniff*


Ill hug you any day Yukio, ow, your glasses poked my boob. GLASSES PROBLEMS AMIRITE. Wait, is he taller than me? Do I want to know? God Damn 5’11.


WELL #6 is Lucie-wait. No. not yet.

#6 is..


Izumi Sena!

Why are all my Meganes from BL? >.> No comment


Izumi as a Megane is adorable! He seems to be the Clark Kent/Superman of anime, because his glasses seem to conceal his identity.


The anime doesn’t cover it but Izumi does start acting and is a natural at it. Seeing the little cutie show off so much is great, Ryouma isn’t too happy and drama ensues, but I don’t know what happens cause it hasn’t been updated in 11 months -_-. Chapters hasn’t caught up to the scanlation yet either! Eiki Eiki! Please!


NOW! The 7th Megane, is! Seven! 707! God Seven! Luciel Choi! The elusive hacker from the stars, my Groom on the Moon!


I don’t know if he counts as an anime character, cause… well… he’s not in an anime.. But he’s from the life-ruining app Mystic Messenger. The game is actually SO much better than I originally thought it would be. I assumed it would be SmarterChild (aging myself here) with google image pics of ‘hot anime guys’ but there’s a whole plot, times events, intricate character profiles, and I am in love.


The app doesn’t cost anything, unless you choose to purchase hourglasses. But playing routes doesn’t cost anything. To unlock the deep route costs 80hourglasses, but you get plenty from playing the game and from the developers when they update the game. But for $1.39 CDN ($1.07USD)for 100 Hourglasses, its not even expensive to participate.


And frankly this app is so well done I actively want to support the developer. I read that they recently just donated 100,000 to charity. Considering they haven’t spent money on advertising (way to go anime community) and they’ve been able to achieve this, it’s a fantastic feat!


And Luciel is my husband. Its official. Back off. Honestly though, as a character, Luciel is so adorable and complex. He is actually a shy character, who behaves crazy and funny. But he’s so sweet and the interactions with this character have melted my heart (yes, I own two cats. Why do you ask?)


707, Hacker God, is a GREAT character, and his signature specs are a staple to his persona.


AND FINALLY *geez im out of breath*


Ikoma! From Kabaneri of the Iron fortress!!


Oh lord his first scene, the one where he is tying himself up (not like thaaaaat) I was cheering him on! As a character Ikoma has gripped me by the heart and refused to let go! He’s so passionate and smart and stupid at the same time! I haven’t finished Kabaneri yet, cause ima piece of garbage, but its not forgotten! I get so excited about shows I spend more time fangirling over the thought of them that I forget to actually watch them.


I don’t know why.


ANYWAYS That’s my list of Meganes! Be sure to checkout Mel and Najas posts on the Meganes! And Hazel here is doing a March Megane event soon! So check back for those!


Sometimes peer pressure isn’t all bad *snort* What?


That wasn’t a drug joke.




Thanks for reading! Don’t touch my glasses \O-O/