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Mio got home and slammed the door. This was the most emotion he had shown since leaving the hospital, and even while still at the hospital all he had done was be sad and angry. But now he was exploding with anger. “Who does he think he is!” he shouted, inadvertently drawing his mother from the kitchen.

“Who?” she asked, half afraid he was going to say Kino. There was an anger stage in grief wasn’t there..

“Senpai” he growled, taking any opportunity to vent. “He just… he should know exactly how I feel! But he is already over the attack. Its nothing t him anymore! Kino died, and he’s just wanting to forget he ever existed! Like what a complete asshole!!” he threw his bed pI’llow against the wall with such force it knocked a book over on the bookshelf beside it. “He’s had 2 more months than me to be okay! And he wasn’t even there! He wasn’t even there!” he shouted louder.

“What did he say to you?” she asked, crossing her arms and leaning on the doorframe.

“He had the nerve to say that he didn’t like me thinking about other men when we were together! We weren’t even together! I’m sorry, my bo- friend gets murdered in front of me, but fuck you want to play Pac man!” he mimicked Tanaka.

“Oh just call him your boyfriend” his mom smirked, making her son blush. “I knew from the second he bleached his own hair you two were together” she rubbed his head. “and this Senpai sounds jealous. You made great points” she crouched down so she was eye level with him. “You’ve had less time to cope, and it is unfair of him to expect more from you. I support your anger with him” she said. And stood up. “I don’t support, however, skipping school to sleep in an older mans bed” she said.

Mio blushed. “He didn’t set an alarm… and… stuff happened… not sex!” He jumped quickly. “We did not have sex! I’m still a virgin!” he wanted to make that fact clear. “I was taking a bath and he… he wanted to wash me back…” he blushed. This sounded bad. “He touched my back and between that and the heat I puked and passed out.. he carried me to bed and that was everything that happened” he said defensively.

“Well that’s good..” she said. “I expect to meet any boyfriends you have” she said. “Or any boys you are interested in for that matter. I want to know who to be angry at when you come storming home” she kissed the top of his head. “Do you wanna ask him over for dinner?” she asked.

Mio protested. “Didn’t you just hear my rant about how much of an ass he is? You supported me. I’m in the right!”

“More reason to make up.” She said. “I don’t think he was jealous on purpose, and he was honest with his feelings. That’s a commendable quality” she said. “Invite him over, so I can see this asshole for myself then” she said. “I’ll make curry”


Mio groaned as he stood in front of the door he had stormed out of earlier. He looked back at his mother, carrying grocery bags in each of her arms. “are you really gunna do this?” he made an unpleasant face “I just stormed out to make a point and everything…” He was kind of embarrassed to be back so soon.

“And now your gunna walk back in because you made your point” she said. “you can’t push people away for the rest of your life” she kissed his head and nudged him forwards with the bag.

Mio sighed and knocked on the door. After there was no answer held his hands up. “Well he’s out” he said and turned to leave. His mother stuck her am out, blocking his path.

“Or he can’t hear your light knocking” she said, motioning for him to try again.

Mio sighed and turned back to the door, turning the knob. It opened.. “Stay here. He’s probably in the shower or something” he said and pushed the door open, entering the apartment and closing the door quietly behind him. He crept into the house, looking in each room. If he was lucky Senpai would be out on errands or something. Nonetheless his heart was pounding out of his chest. What if he was in the shower, or what if he was… entertaining someone… He gulped. That’s what guys did wasn’t it? when you’ve been scorned.. you go out and find someone to..entertain..

He checked the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, nothing. It was the bedroom then. He paused, listening for any creaking. It was silent. He leaned forwards and pushed the door open slightly and tilted his head.

Tanaka was curled in the bed with one arm wrapped around the pillow on his chest, the other hand slid down the front of his pants. The comforter had been kicked to the floor. His messy hair was unpinned and falling against his face. He didn’t look like he had moved since Mio had left. He was shirtless, only pajama pants on; and Mio knew there was no underwear on under them. He looked so cold.. Tanaka shifted a small bit. He grumbled a bit behind the pillow, his face scrunching. “Noo. M..o” he let out a small sigh and his face relaxed somewhat.

Mio blushed and took a step closer to the bed. He had to move the comforter to the side.. Senpai was so cute, a bit pervy with his hand in his pants, but he was cute nonetheless. Out of curiosity Mio leaned closer, checking for dried tear tracks on his cheeks, but didn’t see any. “Senpai” he whispered softly, brushing his hair back a bit. “Senpai wake up” he kneeled next to the bed and carefully slid the pillow from between his arms, laying it on the ground. When he turned back to try and wake Senpai again He was grabbed and held onto the bed. He pulled back, falling back onto the floor. Tanaka calmed down again, resuming his sleep. Mio sighed and stood up, brushing off his knees and kneeling onto the bed. “Senpai” he shook him again. Tanaka reached up this time, pulling Mio forwards so he landed on his side at the head of the bed.

Mio let out a cut gasp as Tanaka grabbed him, his eyes half open and hazy. He resembled almost a zombie, or a wild animal. Mio looked up at him, his heart pounding. Tanaka moved up and straddled Mios thighs.

“Mio..” he mumbled sleepily, leaning down and sliding his arms around Mios hips. He held Mio tight to his body, pressing his hips to Mios. His lips found skin and he kissed the flushed body, biting softly and humming. His hands felt hot on the smaller body, and the lips and tongue felt like branding tools fresh from the fire.

Mio squeaked on an attempt to get out real words but his tongue refused to work as Tanakas hand moved up to undo the buttons on his shirt, kissing up to the hollow of his neck small bruises left as evidence on other patches of skin. Mios hands found Tanakas shoulder and he tried to push him back, but Tanakas grip was stronger, and his lips found their way up to Mios lips. With renewed vigor Tanaka regripped Mios body, securing him in place as his lips and tongue took over Mios senses. His hand slid up across the burning skin of the male beneath him. He smiled softly. “Mio~” he purred when he moved back to take a breath before leaning back down, rejoining lips with the breathless youth. Tanaka moved his hand from Mios hip to feel around the heat between his legs, causing the smaller male to gasp into the kiss.

Mio lost himself for a couple moments, shocks and sensations filling his head, heart and body with pleasure, but he mustered up the strength to hold Tanaka off for a couple seconds. “M-m-my mother…” he exhaled, needing to catch his breath. “Ou-outside… curry” he looked up at Tanaka, watching as his face changed from euphoria to confusion to realization. He looked down at Mio, flushed cheeks, open shirt with hickeys up his chest and neck, hair a mess and legs spread. What had he done to the boy? He blushed a bit and sat up, releasing the boy. “When did you….” He started but gave up.

Mio exhaled and pushed himself up and leaned against the wall. “My mothers outside with things to make curry. She wants to meet you” he said, pressing his palms to his cheeks and looking at his chest. What had Senpai done to him.. He felt good still, the feeling wouldn’t go away for a while. He had never been so… desired like this. It made him secretly happy. “If you do anything pervy in front of my mom…” he gave him a soft glare and crawled off the bed. “Get dressed please” he said and leaned down, kissing him for a couple seconds, pulling back only when Tanakas hands reached up to pull him to bed again. “m-maybe later” he blushed and left the room to fix himself before he let his mother in.

He examined himself in the bathroom mirror. He couldn’t help but touch the hickeys softly. They would darken in a little, which could be problematic, but he didn’t care at the moment. He couldn’t get that encounter from his mind. The feeling of Senpai on top of him, holding him, touching him, kissing him.. it was everything he wanted.

His hand slid down his chest to the other place Senpai had touched. He jumped at how sensitive he was. He whimpered guiltily and took a deep breath to calm down. He buttoned up his shirt and fixed his hair, using one of Senpais clips to hold up his bangs. His cheeks were still red but he could help that. He left the room and went to drag Senpai from bed again, assuming he had crawled back under the covers. To his surprise Senpai was already at the front door letting Mios mother in, and damn he looked good.

Somehow Tanaka had managed to get redressed, brush his hair, and look handsome as all hell in the short time span. Mio blushed. He felt like he looked odd now, still in his school uniform with his bangs pinned up like that. Senpais bangs weren’t clipped up, they were brushed seductively to the side.

Mio puffed his cheeks out and unclipped his own bangs and followed the other two to the kitchen. “Mom, this is Senpai” he cleared his throat and introduced. “And Senpai- “

“Your mother, Hanatsuki” Tanaka finished with a smile. “We’ve become acquainted”

Mio looked up at Tanaka. Was he crazy or was he ten times sexier right now.. Was this the result of the… wakeup? Surely not. Senpai was always sexy.. when they were alone.. He had never been around Tanaka around other people before. Was this natural behaviour? Or was he putting up an act?

Mio leaned on the counter while his mother handed him ingredients to help prep. He didn’t talk much, he was shy.. his mom was meeting the man he had been in love with for the past year! Of course he was nervous. It didn’t help that he was covered in hickeys. He nearly jumped out of his skin every time his other touched his shoulder. They were still kinda sensitive…

All the while Senpai was enjoying himself, talking and laughing with his mother, completely ignoring Mio. He even offered Mios mom a drink, but didn’t offer one to Mio. Rude much? He just kept cutting veggies and practically making this whole dinner by himself. This was not how this was supposed to go! He was supposed to be by Tanakas side, with all three of them talking and being a part of this night. He was left out…

Every now and then he would look back at Tanaka, and shoot him a look that said ‘include me dammit’, but Tanaka never met his gaze. It was just like in middle school… Senpai only spoke to him when they were alone.. he would always focus on other people..

Mio zoned out while chopping and nicked himself, flinching as the blood welled out of the small slice. He grabbed a paper towel and held it to his finger, and looked back at Tanaka to see if there was a reaction. Tanaka continued chatting with Mios mother, never even sparing a glance in Mios direction.

Mio excused himself if anyone was listening and grabbed a strip of tape from the bathroom, sealing the cut before heading back to the kitchen and adding the veggies and spices into the stock pot. It would all be ready in 20 minutes. “I’m using your rice cooker” he mumbled before setting it up and placing the rice in. He felt out of place. Tanaka and his mother were laughing and talking and she even touched his shoulder.

They were very comfortable together.

How can they have so much to talk about without me? IM what they have in common, why aren’t they all awkward meeting for the first time?

He watched them for a couple minutes. Topics like politics and world leaders and Russia came up. He and Tanaka never spoke about things like that.. All they did was play videogames and.. mess around.. so while they were doing adult things, they weren’t talking about adult things. Did Tanaka enjoy talking about politics and Putin and global infrastructure? Mio didn’t even know what global infrastructure was…

Mio stood silently against the counter until the rice cooker dinged. Surely during actual dinner they would include him in on the conversation, or at least look at him right..

He dished up the rice and poured the curry, setting the plated on the table and grabbing the water and cups. He grabbed the utensils, one set of chopsticks and two forks. He ate curry with a fork, his mother preferred chopsticks, and he knew Tanakas preferences on utensils.

Mio stood like a butler in front of the two engrossed in conversation. “Dinners on the table” he said monotone. The two spared him a glance, smiling softly before heading to the table.

On the way to the table Tanaka grabbed himself a set of chopsticks, and put the fork back in the drawer.

He also held the chair out for Mios mom, pushing it in afterwards. Why was he so… smooth and seductive right now? Who was he trying to impress? Mio puffed his cheeks out for a moment while ha sat down. He fiddled with his sleeves to try and roll them up. Senpai and his mother resembled a dating couple. Senpai was making her laugh like Mios father had. How could he go from son to mother in such a short time span..

For most of the dinner Mio was quiet, more out of embarrassment and confusion than anything. They were all sitting at the table now, Senpai and his mother across from each other like on a date. He had sat next to Senpai, without really realizing it. They seemed to be getting on fine by themselves. He was kind of a third wheel on their date. He could feel the hickeys pulsing under his shirt, which only compacted his confusion. Did Senpai like his mother more than him? Did he like women? The better question would be did he even like men.. yea sure he touched Mio and stuff, but Mio wasn’t exactly the pinnacle of manhood. Yea sure Senpai groped him earlier.. but he was pretty out of it, and he looked so..natural speaking and laughing with is mother. How could a guy that handsome be into guys..

“Mio?” his mother interrupted his depressing train of thought. Mio looked up, he had been mixing his curry mindlessly, carving shapes and trenches in the rice. “Stop playing with your food” she reached across the table to still his hand.

He pulled his hand back and nodded. “Sorry. Ill stop” he lied and gave a soft smile that faded shortly afterwards. She sighed and watched him for a couple more seconds before speaking to Tanaka again. He half expected Senpai to make some kind of under the table reach for his hand, or some kind of perverted touch, but senpais hands were firmly above the table, accentuating his conversation with his mother. It made Mio feel lonely.

When he finished his food he took his plate into the kitchen and started cleaning up. “Oh babe I’ll help” His mother stood up to clean as well but he shook his head. “Its fine mom, I can handle this much” he gave her a reassuring smile. She sighed, kissing his forehead. “You’re such a good kid” she said and sat back down, like a wife returning to her husband.

She called him a kid.. in front of Tanaka..

Mios smile fell when she wasn’t looking and he started to clean. He would look over at Tanaka every now and then, half hoping the elder would be sneaking glances at him or something, but he was always focussed on his mother.

When he was finished with the cleaning he wasn’t sure what to do. The two at the table weren’t finished eating, and were requesting tea.

Again his mother stood up before he stopped her. “Ill make it” he said. He didn’t want to have to talk right now. He was past being angry about being ignored. He was upset about it now, and the paranoia was louder than ever. If one of them came up and started talking to him now.. he wouldn’t know what to say. Anything he said would be immature and unintelligent compared to their current conversations.. or he might ask a stupid question, like ‘why are you ignoring me’ or ‘would you two like a room’. He shook his head as he flicked the kettle on. He wanted to disappear.

He zoned out until the kettle beeped. He grabbed the cups and the tea and made the teas as he knew each of them liked it. Like a good child.

He brought the cups to the table and smiled at the two, who spared him only a quick glance again. He wasn’t their child; he was their waiter. A seen and not heard waiter. Just bring the food, just bring the tea, I don’t want to hear the specials.

Mio nodded and backed away to the counter, wiping it and drying the dishes. When it was all done he hovered in the kitchen for a little before biting his lip. “I’m gunna run to the convenience store” he said. “Does anyone want anything?” he asked.

Both adults looked over at him and declined before going back to their own world, engrossed in each other. Words like ‘trade embargo’ and ‘Guantanamo closure’ were passed around. Mio nodded and left the apartment, shoving his hands in his pockets. How stupid was he, running away from… he didn’t even know what all that was. Senpai wasn’t even his boyfriend or anything like that. He was his Senpai in school. He offered him books. They didn’t go outside together or anything. Tanaka could have a real partner for all he knew, he didn’t know anything about him. So what, they kissed a couple times. Like that meant anything in the real world. He probably had been mishearing Senpai the entire time. He was just in the way, or some kind of grief relief over Kino. That’s something depressed men do to isn’t… sleep around to try and feel better. What’s better than screwing your dead best friend’s lover.. He sniffled. Kino had never left him alone when they were having dinner. Kino always maintained some kind of contact, physically, verbally or even just making eye contact when they were apart. He never felt alone like this. He never felt like he was in the way, or a third wheel or unwanted. His chest tightened when he thought about how that apartment felt. How could he go back? He didn’t want to go back. He was tempted to just stay out here all night. Or to go home. He doubted they would miss him. He kicked a rock that was on the ground, hearing it thud against a trash can. What if they didn’t notice his absence? How would he face Senpai after that? How would he face him after this? Would Tanaka expect him to lay in bed, the same bed he had probably taken his mother? Would he pass it off as nothing, a quick fling? Or was it all just a quick fling. Was Mio a fling too? Was none of this real? How could any of the past day be real if he’s in there fawning over a woman he just met… or maybe that’s what he did.. he spent a day with someone before moving on. So Mio got 24 hours in heaven huh. Now back to hell.

He walked into the convenience store and grabbed the latest copy of Jump, paid for it and headed back. He sat on the stairs for a little, reading the first couple chapters. The concrete was cold on his butt, but it felt nice against his back. After 10 minutes he stood up. They had to be done dinner how right? He opened the door quietly as to not interrupt their conversation and took a step inside before his heart shattered. He dropped the Jump and stepped back out of the apartment, not even bothering to close the door. He took off back down the stairs and just got away from that place. His heart was pounding, sending broken pieces throughout his body, making It hard to breathe. How could this happen. How could they do this to him… adults really are shit.

He found his way back to the park and leaned over the trash can, his stomach tossing his dinner into the plastic bag within. He clutched the metal rim until his knuckles were white. His eyes watered as he dry heaved a couple of times. He should have known this was coming. He should have seen it coming, why did he go back into the apartment!

When he was sure there was nothing left inside him he sat against the can, pulling his knees to his chest, hiding his face under his arms. He still felt sick, he wanted to die. He wanted Kino, he wanted to be somewhere, he didn’t know what he wanted, he wanted anything but this!

He wiped his mouth on his sleeves and pulled open the top buttons. He felt like he was suffocating. He stood up, and walked to the far side of the park, sitting on the swing set. He leaned to the side, letting the cold chain press on his temple. He sniffled a couple more times. His nose was dripping now. He was a mess. No wonder he wasn’t allowed with the ‘adults’ look at him, vomiting and crying like a baby. It was just sex. What was so upsetting about that. Why was his chest caving in, why couldn’t he breathe? God he was such a kid.



Mio felt his heartrate slow and he half closed his eyes. Everything seemed slow and blurry. He didn’t care. Nothing mattered anymore. Everything had been a lie. All of it. Senpai didn’t want him.. he wanted his mother. He was enjoying her right now. She was raking her nails against his back as he plunged into her over and over. He was kissing her forcefully, holding her down, marking her with hickeys all over her body. Right now his mother was moaning Tanakas name as she cums, her back lifting from the bed. Tanaka was sucking her nipples, savoring the delicious sounds that were coming from her lips. Mio was the farthest thing from his mind right now, and Mio knew it. He knew that was what was happening. He knew Tanaka was balls deep in his mother, just hours after kissing her son. She was covered in hickeys, hickeys that Mio thought was some sort of promise to love, after being called love bites.. ‘I’m yours, you’ve marked me’ Mio remembered before scoffing. The hickeys weren’t proof of anything. They were nothing. They meant absolutely nothing!

He reached up and dug his nails into his skin, raking them across the throbbing hickeys. He wanted them gone, he wanted all of this gone. He wanted everything to stop being taken from him! He hated this! He raked his nails over the hickeys until his chest, shoulders, even his neck was spattered with broken blood vessels. His chest stung, breathing hurt. He didn’t care. He didn’t want them. Tanaka didn’t want him; he didn’t want the hickeys. He didn’t even want to see them ever again. They would be overtaken soon enough when the blood vessels spread and made bruises themselves. He didn’t even know how he would look his mother in the face again.


Tanaka exited the bathroom, a towel around his waist. He used another towel to dry his hair. He could have sworn he heard something. Shrugging he walked to the laundryroom, and smiled at Hanatsuki. “thanks, sorry to put you out” he said.

“No worries” she glanced at his naked torso and blushed. “Anything to help” she closed the washer and started it. “I tossed the bed sheets in too, they were all messy” she gave him a motherly eyebrow lift. She knew what boys did in bed.

Tanaka blushed and shook his head. “Noo, not me” he teased and grabbed a shirt from the dryer he had yet to empty. He slid on a tshirt and retreated to the bathroom to slide his shorts on.

“Ill clean up the table” he said and went and wiped down the table, picking up the knocked over cups. He looked over nd blushed at Hanatsuki. He felt like she had all her eyes on him, devouring him. He felt a shiver run up his spine. He turned and looked at the front door, swinging open with a breeze. “Hey…” he frowned and went to close it. Didn’t mio cloe it when he left?

He tried closing the door but the magazine got in the way. He picked it up and furrowed his brow. “Where did this come from?”

Hanatsuki showed up behind him and took the book. “Mio reads these” she said, flipping through a couple pages. “you read it too?”

Tanaka shook his head. “It was on the ground, the door was open” he took the book and lay it on the table. “Was he here? I haven’t seen him?”

“Hes not the type to leave books on the floor or doors open either” Hanatsuki said. “What the hell is he pulling” she sighed. “Mio!” she called though the apartment in case he was hiding. She got no answer back. “Damn kid” she sighed and closed the door. “What now. If hes run off, he doesn’t have a phone. Does he knew the area?” she asked.

Tanaka shook his head. “We don’t really go outside. We play ideogames and study and stuff” he said. “Its not dangerous here though, I mean at night.. I don’t know. Ive never had issues..”

“you also aren’t an introvert who looks 12. You look like an adult. What if some perert grabs him?” she frowned. “Im gunna call the police” she grabbed the phone.

“they wont listen” tanaka said. “Hes been gone less than an hour” he said. “They wont take it seriously. Lets just see if he comes back” he put his hand on her shoulder. Inside Tanaka was beyond worried. Mio had been acting weird all night. He was never that quiet, or docile. Was that how he behaved at home? He didn’t know what was behavior. Did Hanatsuki even know Mio and him were in a relationship? Or did he tell her they were just friends? He didn’t want to get Mio in trouble, and his mother hadn’t said anything about abnormal behaviour.. He figured this was just how Mio was at home, and that he would perk up when they were alone. He wanted to ask him if he was okay. He wanted so badly to pull Mio into his lap and hug him and kiss his neck, but Mio wouldn’t have liked that.. and Hanatsuki never left the room. Tanaka didn’t even have a moment to talk to Mio. He felt terrible.

“this is all my fault” he groaned and pressed his face into his palms. “I should have been paying more attention to him. Of course he ran away. Ive barely said a word to him all night”

“Hes quiet anyways” she said. “He.. since he woke up, Mio hasn’t spoken much. I haven’t seen him smile or anything” she said. “hes grieving. Of course he wouldn’t want to talk about politics.”

“Then we should have changed the subject” he said. “Cause the Mio I know is always smiling. He was so weird tonight.” He shook his head and stood up. “I need to go find him” he said. “I have to bring him back here before it gets dark. The last thing I want it to abandon him again” he slid on a jacket and grabbed a spare, leaving the apartment. Frankly he didn’t care if she followed him. He had to find mio.

“I’m going to look for him. You can stay her if you’d like, I’ll bring him back here” he said and slid his shoes on.

He started asking around, at the convenience store, other shops if they had seen him. The convenince store clerk had, but not since he bought the Jump. Tanaka sighed and continued asking around, looking in alleys and diners. After about 2 hours he sighed and leaned on the wall. Then it dawned on him. Where would a character in a book have gone? Where would a depressed, thought-to-be discarded lover hide? The park, the epicenter of childhood innocence! Play parks, at least in novels represent childhood naivety or innocence. If Mio thinks he had been forgotten, of course he would go to a park. Tanaka cursed himself for taking this long to figure it out.

He ran to the local park and sighed when he saw Mio sitting on the swing set alone. He bought 2 milks from the vending machine and handed him one silently.

Mio jumped from the cold and looked over at Tanaka before looking away. If he couldn’t see Tanaka, Tanaka couldn’t see him.

“I wasn’t sleeping with her” Tanaka said, getting to the route of it. “I spilt tea, I had to take my jeans off” he tugged at the track pants.

Mio flinched, biting his lip. He wanted to believe Tanaka. But he didn’t. how could that be the explanation, they had been flirting and making goo goo eyes all night, how was it he conveniently spilt tea when they were alone?

“Mio, look at me” Tanaka said, sitting on the sand in front of the swing. Mio didn’t look over. Tanaka grabbed his arm and pulled him off the swing set, onto his lap. Mio struggled. “Let go of me” he pushed his hands against his chest. “don’t touch me” he struggled against him, his unbuttoned shirt ruffling.

Tanakas brow furrowed when he saw the bruises on Mios chest. They had spread considerably more than they should have. He leaned over and pinned Mio onto the sand, holding his two hands with one of his own. He opened Mios shirt to see the bruises, and the red bruises all around them. “What happened to you?” he asked, concern fI’lling his voice.

“Get off of me!” he shouted, trying to free himself. This wasn’t even the fun kind of being held down, this was mortifying and weak and humiliating. He hated this. “Let me go, get off me!” he pleaded, his voice cracking.

Tanaka frowned but he didn’t let go. “I’m done letting you go” he said. “I let you walk out earlier today, I wanted to chase after you and pull you back inside. I’m done letting you go” he leaned down and kissed his chest.

“This isn’t funny!” Mio shouted, “If you want sex so bad then go fuck someone else!” he said, wanting to shock Tanaka.

Well mission accomplished. Tanaka looked down at him and frowned. “I told you I didn’t sleep with your mother!” he growled.

“Bullshit! I was your stupid third wheel! The second I was gone you just moved on!” He shouted, his eyes welling up. “You couldn’t wait for me to leave so you could have her all to yourself!” he sniffled, keeping his eyes from making contact with Tanakas.

Tanakas face contorted in confusion. Is that what Mio thought? Yea, sure, maybe he had been nicer than usual, okay maybe he ended up neglecting Mio a bit, but what part of all that meant he was trying to sleep with Mios mother?

“I was trying to make a good first impression” he sighed. “I’m pretty sure your mother wouldn’t want you around me if I was touching you all the time like I want to be” he let go of his hands. “I told you, I never, ever, slept with your mother. I never want to, I never will, I told you like… 8 hours ago I loved you” he looked down at him incredulously. “why would I lie about that?”

Mio covered his face as he sniffled. “y-you were ignoring me. You didn’t talk to me or touch me or acknowledge I was even there! What am I supposed to think!? “he shook a bit. “I figured you weren’t interested in me anymore” he said. “i-im not even a girl…”

Tanaka tilted his head. “well I hope you’re not a girl” he said. “and I’m sorry or ignoring you” he leaned over him. “It was never my intention. I thought you were quiet because you were embarrassed” he said. “I thought touching you would make you uncomfortable” he said, brushing Mios hair back. “I wanted to touch you all night. I wanted to pull you into my lap and hug you, I wanted to wrap my arms around you and hold you close” he smiled softly. “I’m not sick of you. I’ll never be sick of you” he kissed his nose and wiped the tears sliding down his cheeks. “You are far to precious to me”

Mio sniffled, “screw first impressions. I already told her about how much of an asshole you are” he said, looking up at him for a second.

“Oh is that so?” Tanaka perked an eyebrow. “I guess I could take you home and fuck you on the couch, I bet that would leave a great first impression?” he suggested, making Mio squeak. “If that happens it better not be on a stupid couch” he muttered.

Tanaka smirked and leaned down to kiss him. Mio put his hand up and covered his lips. “I need to sit up” he said. “The sand is starting to hurt my back” he said. “and if you kiss me we’ll end up here for a long time” he said. Tanaka licked Mios hand and sat up, pulling him with him and brushing the sand off of his back gently. “Then let’s get you back on my mattress” he said and kissed his nose.

Mio nodded and took his hand. The two started walking, it had gotten pretty dark, so Mio clung to Tanakas arm.

“Hey” Tanaka turned to Mio. “Why did you bring up girls?” e asked curiously.

“w-well you’re a boy.. a handsome boy.. you’re probably more into girls than guys.. like slept with a bunch and stuff” he shrugged.

Tanaka hummed. “I did sleep with a couple girls” he admitted. “I’ve slept with Kino too you know”

Mios eyes widened and he covered his mouth, looking up at Tanaka incredulously. “What? Nooo” he pushed his shoulder. “Stop joking. Goofball” he blushed before pouting, and looked up at Tanaka, who had this shit eating grin on his face. “Okay!” he gave into the elder. “When did you two sleep together! And by sleep you better mean sex”

“A year ago” he said. “over summer break. It was only one time, we were drunk. We went to a mixer, and we both struck out. We had been friends for like 5 years at that point” he said with a smirk. “We bathed naked together all the time. Anyways, we started making out. I’m not sure who I thought I was kissing, I was soo so so hammered. I was surprised I got it up. By the time we got to the actual sex part both of us had sobered a bit. I mean we made out for like a half hour” he rubbed the back of his head and laughed at himself. “but I really liked it, so when it came to..penetration we were both hard so we rock-paper-scissored it. I won, I fucked him.” He puffed his chest out. “if he had won he would have put it inside me.” He said and shrugged. “but I totally rocked his world”

Mio bit his lip. Kino and Senpai… together… “I-it was only the one time?” he asked softly, clearly interested in the story.

“Why don’t I tell you more about it when we get back to my place?” Tanaka smirked. “Where I can lay you in bed and crawl right up to you and see your honest feelings on the matter” his eyes flicked downwards causing Mio to squeak and cover his crotch.

“No! Tell me now” He protested. “Wait… you were at a mixer.. you were straight? Kino was straight?”

“Kinda” he shrugged. “I mean I dated girls before, but I never fell in love. I never fell in love with Kino or any other guy either, except for you” he said. “and frankly, since being with Kino I was a lot less hung up on whether I was straight or gay. I was… me. I would love who I wanted, I would have sex with who I wanted, I wouldn’t worry about what others would consider me as” he pulled Mio close by his hips.  “and then I met you”

Mio blushed as an image of Kino and Tanaka in bed together spiralled in his mind. “I wish there was a photo of you two, it sounds hot” he said. Tanaka laughed out loud. “Me too” he hummed. “So does that mean you’ll let me take photos of you?” he asked.

Mio blushed scarlet. “No!”


When they got back to the apartment Mios mother was gone. ‘call me when you’ve found him. And make sure he goes to school tomorrow – Hana’

Tanaka smirked. “Id say I made a good impression, good enough for her to leave you here with me” he said and pulled Mio to his chest, rubbing his hips.

Mio took Tanakas phone and texted his mother, leaning on Tanakas chest. When the text was sent he looked up at him and bit his lip. “kiss me” He demanded quietly. Tanaka heard it loud and clear. He leaned down and kissed Mios soft warms lips, shivers travelling down his spine. He picked Mio up and carried him to the bedroom, laying him gently on the bed. He unbuttoned the rest of Mios shirt, throwing it onto the floor. He wanted to touch Mio. He wanted to touch him and make up for the dinner, he wanted to watch Mio arch his back in pleasure, he wanted to devour his cries of passion.

Mio whimpered and stopped him when he made a grab for is crotch but Tanaka pulled his hands away, rubbing him. While Mio was subdued with pleasure Tanaka slid down Mios pants, and slid his hand into his underwear, causing the little one to gasp even louder. “this is what I want” Tanaka whispered in his ear. “I want this, I want you” he kissed his neck and stroked him faster and tighter until he felt the shuddering of the body underneath him and hear the whines of a spent orgasm. His hand was sticky, and he liked that. “look at that” he showed off the messy fingers to Mio, who covered his face with his hands. Even behind his fingers Mio could hear Tanaka licking his fingers. “H-h-hentai” he whimpered.

“You’re the hentai for making such sweet tasting cum for me” he whispered in Mios ear. Mio whimpered, gasping when Tanaka took hold of him again. “Not yet!” he cried out, he was too sensitive!

Tanaka hummed and slid his hand farther back, poking between the two perfectly round globes, causing Mio to arch his back upwards. “N-nooo” he shoved Tanaka.

“I’m not gunna put my dick in there” he said, teasing him. “that would hurt you too much right now” he said. “especially with your back” he kissed his neck. “Just let me play with it until I can jerk you off again okay?” he asked, his finger massaging the pink rosebud already. Mio whimpered under the ministrations before succumbing. He let out a loud gasp when he felt the finger push into him, albeit not very far, but far enough that he felt it! “I’m jut playing with it I told you” Tanaka hummed. “I don’t want you to be in pain when we do have sex” he said, talking him down and kissing him again. He continued to kiss him the entire time he was playing with Mios body, poking him and stroking him. Come midnight Mio was on the path of the delirious, covered in sweat and saliva.

Tanaka looked down at the sexy boy, and kissed up his chest. “I love you Mio” he cooed and pulled him close, nuzzling his nose into his hair and falling asleep.