Small, gooey, delicious little cinnamon buns! It’s a more recent term I’ve seen floating around, and it seems to fit animes cutest of characters. But what constitutes a character being a cinnamon bun?

A cinnamon bun character is the male equivalent to Moe. While Moe isn’t saved only for female characters, the majority of the times its used is for female characters. So Cinnamon bun probably isn’t a male-only term, but I’ve never seen a female character and thought *such a cute little cinnamon bun*


There’s also Spicy Meatball that’s popped up recently as well, but that’s for a different post.


So what makes a character a cute little cinnamon bun?


Being small, cute, and slightly helpless is the trifecta.


Smaller characters are often cuter, and more childlike. Add in the occasional chibification of characters and they get even cuter. I mean, hasn’t that been the formula for Moe characters? Small, young female characters you cant help but support?


So who would count as a cinnamon bun?


For me, Kacchan, or Bakugo from My Hero Academia is a little Cinnamon bun.


He’s small, he’s cute, but he’s anything but helpless. But.. I want to support him. Seeing him go through emotional struggles makes me all happy. That sounds worse than I meant. But watching this kid deal with his emotions towards Deku and mishandle them has me just whining ‘Kacchan’ at times. Because its adorable! He’s trying to act tough! Its adorable!


This goes towards the young aspect of being a cinnamon bun. I wouldn’t be able to say All Might is a cinnamon bun, it just.. Doesn’t fit.


Technically Kacchan should be a spicy meatball, but he just.. He fits the cinnamon bun moniker so well!


Mika! Mikaela Hyakuya from Seraph of the end is another Cinnamon bun I love.


The Mika and Yuu relationship in the show is just the cutest thing ever. The entire season I was rooting for them to finally meet. Mika just seemed so sad while looking for Yuu.


Mikas as a child is strong and defiant, but adult vampire Mika is cuter than child-Mika. How is that even possible! The singular mindset is what I cant help but support. There’s a worldwide war of species going on, and Mika just wants to find his best friend! -in a totally platonic way- the goal of finding Yuu is Mikas whole driving point, considering that we see that Yuu assumes Mika is dead. So the fated reunion, and the eventual reveal that Mika isn’t dead is like the climax of the show.


King! From Nanatsu no Taizai.


He is very similar to Mika in the way that he’s a cinnamon bun. He’s small, he has this secret, and you cant help but support him. His sister is dead, he is generally weak -without Christoffel- and his love for Diane will never be realized.


That and have you seen his face, he is so adorable! The OVA series that just came out addresses his feelings towards Diane, and the memories and *sniff* its both a “yay!” and a “dammit!” moment. Why cant he just be happy!


Hikari from Nagi no Asukara

Well, technically all of the male characters could be considered cinnamon buns. Each male character is going through puberty and some form of emotional distress. Hikaru has his unrequited love for Manaka, when she’s in love with a surface person. That means she will be banished from their home if she chooses to live above the water. Just like Hikaris sister chose.


Hikari spend the series angry and hurt, but still semi-hoping that she will like him. He is angry a lot of the times and defiant, his mishandling of his emotions, but its just so adorable.


So those are 4 little cinnamon buns. Honestly there are so many, so I may do another list eventually. But these cute little boys! I cant help but cheer them on and find their emotional fragility adorable. Im a horrible human  being, I know!


Thanks for reading! Checkout more of my lists HERE! They’re fun, I promise. Some are salty. oh so Salty.


Thanks for reading!