It hit me while watching Drifters. There’s rarely a reference to Hitler in any anime, much less in a negative way.

Growing up in Canada we were taught about World War two, and about Hitler. We were told about the gas chambers and the atrocities. We read a diary of a survivor that I felt guilty about enjoying. Whaaaat, it was written well and told the story well!


When someone mocks an evil person, its often Hitler, because his mustache is so recognizable.


Now I’m not a WW2 fanatic, so if I have facts missing or mistaken, please kindly let me know.


But the Allied forces included Canada, UK, Russia, Australia, China, and a lot of other countries that fought against Germany. The Axis Powers are the countries aligned with Germany during the war.


Canada actually *cough* was in it before the USA.


The Axis Powers include Japan, Italy and Germany.


So for a quick explanation of the pre-war relations as told by Google, Japan and Germany saw one another more as partners than competitors because of their economies being similar. But both saw their physical traits as ‘Master Race’ traits. They were enemies in World War one at Britain’s request. Japan was a signatory of the Treaty of Versailles. But Hitler considered them ally’s because he saw them as ‘targets of jewry’ and bestowed the status of ‘honorary Aryans’ to the Japanese.


This is a different history than what we are taught. A duchess was shot, war was declared, the trenches sucked, everyone hated Germany.


But then there is Hetalia, and the chibification of Germany and the Axis powers. The western worlds ‘enemies’ are turned into adorable, relatable, silly characters.


From internet research, it seems that Hitler isn’t the focus of the second world war for the Japanese. But the focus is more on the Atomic Bomb. Which makes sense. The Atomic Bomb is no doubt one of the worst things to come from that war, and from the articles I read, I think its safe to assume that how in the west we are told about Hitler, the Japanese are taught about the Atomic Bomb like that.


I don’t have any first hand knowledge, nor have I spoken to a human about this, so please don’t take me as fact in this. I just.. I thought about it and I found it really interesting, the idea of someone else’s perspective being so different (oh geez that sounds ignorant) is really facinating. But not liking Hitler and seeing a lot of anti-Hitler messages in western media,(or pro-depending on how you see trump) it was just  a ‘huh’ moment.


I don’t know where this is going, but if this makes anyone else think then this post did its job.


Anyways, thanks for reading!