What’s better to rock out to than some technopop with lyrics you cant understand and barely sing along with? Absolutely nothing!!

I cant tell you how many ani-songs I’ve butchered while scrubbing dishes and swishing my butt back and forth!



Well my music taste hasn’t really evolved past early 2000’s emo/punk music. Billy Talent, sum 41, Marianas Trench, those bands are my staple. I cant get enough! But when it comes to Ani-songs.. All cards are off the table. I have so many Japanese song titles in my phone I have to have an English Song playlist for when im around non-fans. At least now I do.

*flashback to belting Spyair in the car with my two sisters* they weren’t as enthusiastic as I was.

And there’s the usual turnaround of songs, I like these ones right now and just spam them on repeat, but then there’s the ones that have stuck around for so long, that they are engrained into my blood!

So here’s the Ani-songs or jpop/jrock that top my charts! *feel the prestige~*

  1. Days OP #2. Howl Be Quiet

The second I heard this song I knew it had my heart. Its so light and bouncy and there’s so many different parts of the song to listen to! You can focus on the words, which are fairly simple to sing along to after a little bit.

The song is very bouncy and cheering. There’s clapping and whistles and hidden little musical tidbit that make the song just so much to listen to and dance to!

  1. Drifters OP Gospel Throttle

Oh lord this song! I’ve been spamming it since I finished the season last week. Its all in English and fairly repetitive. The full length song, 3~ minutes is a lot of the same lines repeating, and the music is more ‘western’ rock than a lot of ani-songs. But it matched the show well and is a gem to rock out to.

*bonus* you can listen to it with non-fans around! They wont know its ‘asian-something or other’.

  1. Nanbaka OP Rin Rin! Hi Hi!

Another recent one, and one im glad they carried over into the new season. The opening riff is carried throughout the song and is very danceable to.

Singing along to this song is damn near impossible, aside form the ‘Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey! Whoo Hoo!” sections. I swear the lyrics have to be sped up electronically! There’s no way someone can talk that fast naturally!

Even listening to it now im shaking my whole body to the music.

  1. Mob Psycho OP 99

If you want a song to motivate you to run that extra mile or run up those stairs, listen to this song!! It counts for you!

The counting element of the song is accentuated and carried out throughout the song, and even when its not counting in the lyrics its so damn catchy! Again, some of the lyrics you can sing are the numbers, but its such a catchy song! Not so much dance-inspiring, but like.. Bounce inspiring? I wanna bounce up and down listening to it!

Besides, the animations that went along with it, I think it should have won the Crunchyroll award for best OP.

  1. Haikyuu OP Im A Believer

Honestly, any Spyair song is perfect. They are so powerful and motivational and they bring along with them memories of Hinatas God Quick. I cant listen to one without singing along, try as I might.

There’s even parts to just belt out and hold the note, cause what else can you do in the car!

There are actually a lot of great Spyair songs, including Just One Life, which I beliiiiiee is an OP for an old anime.. I wanna say Samurai Champloo.. It’s a Shounen anime I didn’t watch as a kid.

Samurai Heart, an OP for Gintama is also a fantastic Spyair song! Almost impossible to sing along with, but its so catchy and great! Ops are like gateway songs to the bands, and I am in love with Spyair. Im a bit sad to hear they didn’t get to do Haikyuu s3 Op. but I’ve heard great things about the song that was chosen.

So these are just SOME of the ani-songs im in love with. I have more but I don’t want to overload you. These songs are pretty intense. Although they’re not that uncommon, so a lot of them people already know… >.>

Share any of your favorite Ani-songs down below! I love hearing new ones and soaking it all in! *gimme gimme gimme*

Anyways! Thanks for reading!!