Hinatas back at Karasuno! Does the team find out? does Kageyama find out!

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Hinata felt nervous, waiting at the school gate. It was after school, he should be at practice already, but instead he was waiting for Mamoru. It was starting to get cold, and Hinata blew into his hands, trying to warm them up.

He adjusted the collar on his throat, it did cover up Kozus Mark, but he was still paranoid about it moving while he played. He had a feeling he would be super conscious of it all day. It was already constricting him swallowing, the metal cutting into his skin. The Mark felt itchy underneath it as well, but it had already started to heal.

“Sorry Hii-kun!” a voice called and Mamoru came running down the street, his face red and his blonde hair bouncing as he ran “I got off at the wrong bus stop!” he yelled as he got closer. He was still in the Seijoh uniform, his bag slid around to his back. He almost collided with Hinata when he got close enough. Mamoru at least had gloves and a scarf to keep warm.

The two of them were near polar opposites. Hinata was a nervous wreck, while Mamoru was laughing and smiling. Hinata was still and pale, easily startled while Mamorus face was red and he was constantly moving. “Ready? Gunna show me how you can jump?” he asked and put his palms to Hinatas cheeks, bringing him make eye contact. “Deep breath Hii-kun” he said, taking one himself. “oh, and im your cousin, on your moms side” he said. “I thought of everything, don’t you worry!” he said confidently, it was like a different person was in front of him.

Hinata smiled back at him softly. “o-okay. Let’s go to the club room” he said and motioned which direction when Mamoru started towards the gym first.

The door was unlocked and Hinata could tell someone was inside already. Maybe Kageyama. He felt his stomach drop. He didn’t want to see Kageyama again.. not after last night.

He opened the door slowly, revealing both himself and Mamoru to a half changed Noya and Tanaka.

“Shoyo!” Noya cried out, dropping his shirt and running towards the Omega. He launched himself in the air and hugged Hinata, almost knocking him over. “You’re back!”

Tanaka walked over and smacked Hinatas back. “Welcome back!” he looked over at Mamoru, the blonde-haired guest smiling sweetly at him.

“Oi Shoyo, who’s this lovely lady you brought?” he asked, giving Mamoru a suave expression, despite his rubber ducky boxers.

“Hey! Im Mamoru” the blonde answered, his voice significantly deeper than Tanaka expected.

With the life now drained from his body he got dressed and left the club room, with Noya on his heels, leaving the two of them alone.

“That boy was really happy to see you, was he your guest last night?” Mamoru asked, unwrapping his scarf and taking off his gloves.

“no, that was Noya-Senpai. He’s really nice, and he’s so cool, he’s a Libero. Daichi called him the Guardian Deity of Karasuno” Hinata continued on about Nishinoya and how cool he was, eventually resulting to the Gwaa language he spoke and loosening up.

“He went to Chidoriyama right?” Mamoru asked, tilting his head.

“yea! How did you… know?” Hinata tilted his head. Just a minute ago Mamoru didn’t know who Noya was.

“I googled the team last night, sorry” he admitted. “I wanted you to calm down, and you two seemed close” he said and continued undressing. He had his gym clothes to change into.

He tied his hair back as best he could, but only about an inch stuck out from the ponytail. His Mark was still fully visible, and Mamoru couldn’t resist running his fingers over the raised skin. “How’s yours?” he asked Hinata, pulling a spare key from his bag. Kozu had given him one to be able to check on the healing. “Do you need a bandaid?”

Hinata jumped back. “no, its fine” he looked to the door, in case anyone was going to show up. “im fine, its okay its not sore at all” he said and touched the side of his collar and frowned. “I don’t want anyone here to know, okay?” he asked. “Please don’t tell anyone”

Mamoru slid the key back in his bag and grabbed his shirt, slipping it on. He grabbed his shorts and changed out of the rest of his uniform. “I wont I promise Hii-kun” He hopped over, one leg still in his pants and kissed his cheek. “now let’s go. I wanna see this boyfriend of yours” he touched Hinatas Half-Mark.

Speak of the devil and who should appear, Kageyama opened the door to the clubroom, to a half naked Mamoru leaning over a frowning Hinata.

“Hey!” he shouted instinctively and moved to confront the intruder. He didn’t know him, and Hinata seemed uncomfortable, that was enough motive for him. Before Hinata could explain, Kageyama had pushed Mamoru up against the wall and was growling at him in full Alpha mode.

“Who the hell are you!” He shouted, his hand on Mamorus neck. Mamoru was more in shock than intimidated, but Tobio was still an Alpha.

“Stop it!” Hinata clutched the back of Kageyamas jacket. “Let him go! Don’t hurt him!” he pleaded, trying to pull Kageyama away.

Kageyama turned to Hinata, but didn’t release the intruder. “Who is he and why the hell is he here?” he asked.

“He’s my cousin! He’s here cause… cause…” he struggled to find an answer. “Just let him go!” if Mamoru went home with bruises, Hinata didn’t know if Kozu would be mad, and take away his three months, or if he would go after Kageyama, or what he would do. Kozu didn’t seem to be someone who was emotional, but if he hurt Mamorus Mark.. the ultra Alpha would fly off the handles!

“Just let go Bakayama!” he shouted, giving his jacket a good tug.

Mamoru was freed and fell to his knees, coughing as he held his own throat. “oooooow” He whined, and rolled onto his side almost dramatically. “Hiiiii-kun” he looked up at Hinata, and saw the distressed face. Mamorus own smile faded and he stood up. He looked at the Alpha, who was still glaring at him. He was in between Mamoru and Hinata, and that didn’t sit well with the Beta. So far, first impressions weren’t that high.

He looked to Hinata and headed to him, but stopped in front of his attacker. “Don’t touch me ever again” he let out his own growl, which, as a Beta had no effect on anyone. “Alpha or not, if you hurt me, my Alpha will come at you at a moments notice” he let out a small smirk and looked back to Hinata, his face immediately softening. “Hii-kun, do you have any water? My throat hurts now” he said and walked passed his attacker, to Hinatas bag. An orange squeeze bottle was produced, and Mamoru held it against Hinatas hair for comparison before drinking half of the contents.

Kageyama proceeded to get changed quickly and left for the gym, once again leaving Hinata and Mamoru alone in the club room. When the door slammed shut Hinata immediately went into panic mode. “Is Kozu really going to come after him?” he asked, looking up at the blonde, who was fixing his hair.

“huh? Oh. No.” he said and rubbed the back of his head. “I just said that to rattle him” he said and shrugged. “I mean if I told Kozu then he would be mad, so lets just not tell him” he said and put a finger to his lips. “he’d be mad at me too. Technically I let another Alpha touch my mark, which Kozu doesn’t like” he said, his fingers drawn again to the raised skin. “I don’t like it either. Who was that even!” he asked.

“That was..” Hinata looked to the door. “That was Kageyama” he said. “The Alpha im in love with” he said and frowned. “he’s the one who gave me the half-mark”


The second Hinata walked into the gym the entire team turned to look at him. He felt very self conscious and almost backed out of the gym. Mamoru strutted into the open area like it was nothing, and Hinata noticed the eyes were on him, not himself.

“Hi!” Mamoru waved and walked over to the benches, sitting down. He wouldn’t be participating in the practice, just watching. That didn’t mean his presence was entirely welcome. Hinata could see a few faces were wary of the new face, especially Kageyama. Tsukishima wasn’t entirely pleased either. The air felt thicker than usual as Hinata walked over, handing Mamoru his water bottle to hold for safe keeping.

Daichi met the pair. “Hinata” he said. “Feeling better?” he asked, placing a hand on his shoulder. Hinata tensed up at first but let out an exhale when he didn’t feel nauseous. He didn’t feel nauseous earlier when Noya hugged him.. but he was still a bit nervous.

Hinata let out a small shrug. “Yea, kinda” he said and pushed a smile out.

“Good, then why don’t you introduce me to your friend” Diachi said, looking over at Mamoru and holding out a hand for a handshake.

Hinata wasn’t sure if Daichi was angry at him or not about bringing someone without checking with him first.. its not like Hinata had a choice though..

“This is Mamoru. He’s.. he’s my cousin. On my moms’ side” he said, repeating Mamorus statement from earlier. “he’s a Beta, and um..” he didn’t know what else to say about Mamoru. They were supposed to be family, but he didn’t know a lot about Mamoru. “and he’s really nice” he settled on.

Mamoru let out a soft chuckle. “Hii-kun” he pouted. “im Mamoru Hikigaya. Im a third year at Aoba Jo-“ he looked over at Hinata who was making a face and shaking his head.

The shaking stopped when Daichi turned to look at him. “Your cousin goes to Seijoh?” he asked. “and you didn’t want me to know that.. why?” he asked, his voice sweet, but it sent a shiver down Hinatas spine.

“He doesn’t know Oikawa, or Iwa or Turnip Head. I just..” he made panicked motions. “he’s not a spy or anything. I didn’t want anyone to think that” he said and frowned. “he’s not, he’s not a spy Daichi. I promise” he looked to Mamoru, who smiled back at Daichi, who was taller than him.

Daichi looked to Hinata and sighed. “Okay” he said and called for everyone to gather around.

Daichi invited Mamoru into the meeting, to introduce him. “Everyone, this is Mamoru Hikigaya, Hinatas cousin” he said and started speaking about the practice match next week against the community league.

Mamoru looked at everyone on the team and smiled when he saw Tanaka, giving him a little wave. Tanaka avoided eye contact.

Halfway through the meeting Noya stood up and pointed at Mamoru. “WHOAAA I know you!” he exclaimed, and looked at Hinata. “He’s Mamoru!”

The team was silent, until Tsukishima sighed. “They told us that already” he said.

Noya glared at him. “No like Mamoru, the kid from ****, the one who- see! Look at his neck!” he said and continued pointing. “The middle school kid who was Marked! by Ikazuki!”

Mamoru blushed and turned his head showing his Mark before turning back to Noya. “whaaaat, how do you know about me?” he asked. “I don’t know you, you weren’t in my class were you?” he asked, confident in his own memory.

“I heard about it when I was in middle school. My mom kept me home from school until the principal reassured everyone that it wouldn’t happen to us too” he said.

“I remember that too” Asahi piped up, but remained sitting.  “I think it made the news too. Like an attack in the classroom or something”

“Is that why your Mark is weird?” Tsukishima asked. “Normally they’re flat”

Mamoru touched his Mark and blushed. “yea, I hadn’t presented yet, so that’s partly why. It didn’t help that I was bitten twice, and my Alpha didn’t want any kind of surgery to fix it” he said. “he wouldn’t even let the doctor’s stich it up! I bled so much” he said. The story should have elicited a horrified facial expression, but the Beta looked as if he was describing a romantic date. “My Mark is unique, and Kozu loves it” he said confidently. “so, I love it, as ‘weird’ as it is” he gave a sideward glace towards Tsuki.

“Kozu? So its true!” Noya said. “Kozu Ikazuki, the ultra-Alpha, top 5, super high rank Alpha Kozu Ikazuki!”

“Stoooop” Mamoru said and covered his cheeks. “You’re embarrassing me. But yes” he said coyly. “Kozu is my Alpha.” He looked to Hinata. “I like this one, he’s Noya right? The Libra?”

“Libero” Noya corrected him with a thumbs up.

“The other one, the uh..” he looked around the room until he saw Kageyama. “he’s the uh.. Waiter?” he asked. “like waiting on tables?”

Hinata let out a small smirk. “Setter” he said. “Like setting the table” he let out a small chuckle, but stopped when he saw the glare Kageyama was giving him.

“Aaaand that cutie over there is Ryuu, right?” he asked.

Daichi cleared his throat. “If we could continue practice..” he looked to Mamoru, almost showing him more respect suddenly.

Mamoru held his hands up and backed away. “Im sorry, I didn’t mean to get in the way” he smiled. “I just wanna watch. I mean I wanna come back too.. Im with Hinata for the next few weeks anyways. And home is lonely without him” he said and sat on the ground.

Daichi looked down at him and over at Hinata, before resuming his meeting.


Mamoru was definitely a distraction, especially due to his Alpha. Noya was fascinated with Mamoru, and would sneak over to speak to him every so often.

“is Ikazuki-sama as cool as he looks?”

“Even cooler in person” Mamoru answered.

“do you two sleep in the same bed?”

“Occasionally” which wasn’t a lie. “he’s pretty busy though”

“has he put any restrictions on you?”

“no, just to make sure my marks visible all the time”

Daichi would scold the libero but he didn’t say anything to Mamoru.


Kageyama didn’t pay attention to Mamoru if he could help it. The Beta was annoying, and now that he knew who his Alpha was, he sure as hell wasn’t going to provoke him. But that didn’t mean he didn’t hate him. The damn Beta was so comfortable around Hinata, touching him and smiling and talking to him. And Hinata was letting him. Wasn’t he supposed to be HIS mate, eventually. Was Hinata still pissed about the other night? Yea it hadn’t been the most constructive of conversations, and suddenly this guy shows up??

He looked over at the redhead talking to Mamoru and accidentally tossed the ball into Asahis shoulder, not his hands.

The end of practice meant that Kageyama and Hinata would be walking home together, surely. Kageyama lingered around the club room while the team changed. His plan was to be one of the last out, with Hinata, and they would just end up walking home together. But Hinata didn’t go for his bike.

“Hinata” he broke their game of silence. “wanna walk home together?” he asked. He had mustered up the bravery to ask, so the damn Chibi better accept. Instead he looked up at Mamoru for approval, and frowned at Kageyama.

“im not walking.. Mamorus giving me a drive” he said and turned away. He opened the door but felt a hand on his wrist.

“I want to talk to you, without your cousin” Kageyama said.

Hinata looked back at him, a sad expression on his face. What Hinata wouldn’t give to just bury himself in Kageyamas chest, but Mamoru would tell Kozu.. and things wouldn’t be good. He would lose his remining time with the team, with Kageyama.

“I… I can’t” he pulled his wrist away slowly. “Im sorry. I have to go.” He said and walked out of the room.

Mamoru turned to Kageyama and smiled. “sorry, Kozus expecting us, don’t blame Hii-kun please” he said and left, running after Hinata. He found him at the bottom of the stairs, wiping his eyes.

“M-ma-Mamoru” he sniffled. “Please don’t tell Kozu about this” he wiped his eyes again. “please Mamoru”


The next day, Kageyama cornered Hinata at lunch. “Roof, now” he growled, grabbing Hinatas collar.

Hinata followed the setter to the roof, the light breeze flowing through him. Being on the roof made Hinata feel a bit calm, because he was so high up. He could see everything. From every direction. He couldn’t play volleyball up here cause no doubt he would manage to fall off, but he like it anyways.

He had spent a lot of lunches up here with Kageyama, sometimes eating, sometimes making out, sometimes just talking. All of those memories flooded back to him once they stood up top, and he felt incredibly guilty.

“Why the hell do you smell so weird” Kageyama asked, turning to him.

Hinata jumped and sniffed his clothes. He couldn’t smell anything weird. “Wh-what do you mean” he asked and stepped back when Kageyama got too close. His nose was right in his neck.

“You smell like that blonde” he said, and ran his nose against his neck, inhaling. “You smell like someone else” he growled a little, protective over his Omega.

Hinata froze. Kageyama being so close made his heart pound, but more with fear now. What if he saw the Mark? “I-I-I..” he stammered, “I spent the night at Mamorus” he answered, which wasn’t a lie. “I-I wore his pajamas, I.. it must have transferred” he explained, stepping back from Kageyama, but the Alpha just pulled him back.

“then I’ll just have to fix that” he said and pulled Hinata into a kiss, cupping the side of his neck, tracing a finger over the half mark. “You were almost mine” he purred softly.

Hinata was a bit relieved that Kozus Mark was on the opposite side of his neck from Kageyamas, and he would be lying if he didn’t want to kiss him more. The warmth that spread through his body was intoxicating and he wanted so much more. He wanted to lay in his arms and take off the stupid collar and have Kageyama as his Alpha.. he wanted that so badly. He wanted everything back the way it was!

Pushing Kageyama back he leaned up and kissed him, holding it for a few seconds before pulling back and taking a step backwards, letting out a small whimper. “you’re so mean” he whispered. “Especially after the other night” he said, and touched his belly. “you’re so stupid. You’re unbelievably stupid. You have a volleyball in your head not a brain” he said, but screamed for him to stay away when Kageyama tried to get close. “Don’t touch me. Don’t touch me. Don’t touch me.” He said, but stepped close. He leaned up and kissed him again, but backed away when Kageyama tried to close his arms around him.

“I said don’t touch me!” he yelled again, wiping his eyes. He just wanted to kiss him, but he couldn’t smell like him. If he smelled like him then Mamoru would know. Kozu would know. Everyone would know. And everything would be over.

Everything was over temporarily, and the bell rang. Hinata stepped away and headed to the door. “Tomorrow.. here. But don’t touch me next time!” he said and slammed the door as he walked down the stairs and back to the classroom, grabbing a cloth from his bag and rubbing it on his neck. The cloth was heavily scented like Kozu, and hopefully it would cover any of Kageyamas scent..

The next lunch period Hinata disappeared from the classroom and Kageyama followed him to the roof. He found Hinata against the edge of the roof, sitting on the ground. He walked up behind him and reached out to touch his shoulder, but paused. “Hinata” he said, and watched the boy jump.

Hinatas face was red and he wiped his eyes.

“Hinata what’s wrong?” Kageyama asked, reaching to touch the boys shoulder, to comfort him. “Did something happen to-“

“Don’t touch me” Hinata moved back. “im fine, nothing happened. Just.. emotions ya know” he said and looked away. “im not here to talk. I don’t wanna talk. Turn around” he said and stood up.

Kageyama obeyed and turned around. He felt his arms being pulled behind him, and a rope sliding around them. “What the hell” he asked, but Hinata didn’t answer.

“You can’t touch me” Hinata said and moved to stand in front of Kageyama. He looked up at him and frowned a bit, but leaned up and pressed his lips to the Alphas.

Confused as all hell, Kageyama leaned down to press to Hinata as well. His arms felt weird being held behind him, and they started to hurt.

“untie my arms” he said, breaking the kiss. “now”

Hinata shook his head. “I can’t. I can’t.” He said. “But sit down” he leaned on Kageyamas chest a bit.

“I hate that you smell like the blonde” he growled, but managed to sit down without the use of his hands. “You stink, its so god damn strong. Come here” he said. “im going to fix that” he said, getting frustrated at Hinatas continued defiance. “Are you going to listen to me or not!” he snapped, looking up at the Omega. “get over here so I can erase that bastards scent from you!”

Hinata jumped but remained standing. “You can’t” he said. “you can’t” he sat on the ground and moved to straddle Kageyamas legs. “just kiss me. Forget everything else, please” he asked.

Kageyama hated everything right now. Hinata was being so god damn stupid! “You’re walking around with my kid, smelling like someone else, and you want me to forget that?” he asked, as if it was the most ridiculous idea ever. When he heard the ‘yes’ from Hinata he felt floored. He would have protested but Hinatas lips were soon on his.

They didn’t talk the rest of the lunch period, they just kissed. Hinata seemed to bounce between being on the verge of tears and almost being happy. The emotions confused Kageyama so much, but Hinata wouldn’t talk about them. He just kept kissing him.

When the bell rang, Hinata undid Kageyamas arms and wiped his lips. “don’t tell anyone on the team” he said and headed back down the stairs, running for the cloth in his bag. He made sure to rub all over his neck, and even his lips.

He knew he was risking everything, but he couldn’t not. He couldn’t leave Kozu, he had a right to his Omega, and he was only letting him stay at Karasuno as a courtesy. It was all thanks to Mamoru that he could even see Kageyama, so he couldn’t get caught, but he couldn’t ignore his Alpha, his REAL Alpha, Kageyama.


Practice was the same as before. Mamoru sat on the bench, and Hinata tried to act normal around his teammates. Which was hard. He had to balance his affection for Mamoru with his relationship with his team, making sure neither groups knew either of his secrets, that he was Marked by Kozu, or that he was still seeing Kageyama. Everyone seemed to be ignorant to the situation. A few of them had commented on his scent, but Mamoru had explanations.

“he’s staying at my place, everything there smells like Kozu!” he explained.

Kageyama seemed to be pissed off at that answer, with Hinata smelling like another Alpha, and not like Mamoru, like he had assumed. Mamoru smelled like the Alpha completely. Kageyama wasn’t even sure what the blondes scent was then. What did he do, sleep wrapped in his Alphas clothes?

In a spur of the moment decision, He had grabbed Hinata during a meeting and pulled him into his lap, nuzzling his neck, scenting him. It wasn’t uncommon on the team, and they all pretty much smelled the same after practice anyways. Noya had done it to Yamaguchi earlier, and even attempted to scent Tsukishima. The Blonde Omega had allowed it, but he didn’t look happy. Platonic scenting on the team was encouraged, and he had hoped it would relax Hinata a bit, but boy was he wrong.

Almost immediately, Hinata crawled out of Kageyamas lap and sat next to Mamoru, leaning his head on his shoulder. He looked over at Kageyama for a second, glaring at him before softening his look to an apologetic stare.

No one really seemed to notice, or so Hinata thought.


The day of the community league practice match was upon them, and the team was getting ready, setting up the net like usual. The air was buzzing with excitement, especially from the shorter players. Noya, Yamaguchi and Hinata were chatting in the corner about Yamaguchis new float serve he was going to try. He was starting in the rotation, and Tsuki was sitting out to begin with. The blonde was okay with that. He knew his friend had worked hard and he wasn’t about to listen to the freckled kid whine about not being able to show off to his teacher.

This afforded Tsuki the chance to talk to the latest addition to the teams’ benchwarmers.

Mamoru intrigued him. Why was he here? He was hanging off of Hinata like they were Mates, which of itself was curious. He had heard rumors of Mamoru being an Alpha, but he did not behave like one at all, Marked or not.

As he had watched him and Hinata, things only became more confusing. Hinata was very aware if Mamoru, and almost asked him for permission. Hinata was also touching his collar more and more, especially when looking at Mamoru.

Was Hinata Marked by Mamoru? One good sniff of Hinata after lunch gave Tsuki his answer. Hinata was definitely Marked by someone.

His scent was different, and not just because he reeked of another Alpha. Hinata had a.. sunshine or tanning bed smell to him, but it was different now. Tsuki had noticed the same change in his brother, but others hadn’t picked up on it. Betas and Alphas couldn’t detect the change, but Omegas could. Omegas first instinct was to other Omegas, and then their Alphas. Tsuki hadn’t noticed at first because of the overwhelming scent.. but Hinata was definitely Marked.

During the game, Tsuki left his bench and moved to Mamorus. “So, was it you or Ikazuki?” he asked.

“Pardon?” Mamoru asked, tilting his head.

“Who bit him. You or Kozu Ikazuki? I know he’s Marked. don’t lie to me” he said and looked over at him, raising an eyebrow.

Mamoru let a chuckle escape. “You’re smart. It was Kozu. Im just a handler” he said. “how could you tell?”

“His scent, Hinatas own scents changed. Your scent just overpowers it” he said.

“don’t mind don’t mind!” Noya shouted as the ball shot towards the pair talking. Tsuki bumped the ball back onto the court.

“don’t Alphas usually move their Omegas?” he looked to Mamoru. “How long is he going to be here?”

“hmm, about 3 months. He said there’s a tournament that he worked hard for. Kozu hasn’t registered the Mark yet though, so don’t tell anyone. It’ll just make Hii-kun panic unnecessarily” he said and looked over at the red head as he jumped to spike.

“Go Hii-kun!!” Mamoru cheered, drawing attention to himself.

Tsuki rolled his eyes and grit hi teeth. “So Ikazuki stole him then? Is that what happened?”

“kinda. I mean stolen Omegas are abandoned. Kozu wouldn’t abandon him. He wants a baby”

“Should you be telling me this?”

“You’ll just keep asking anyways, Kozu didn’t say I couldn’t tell people, Hinata is the one who wants this to be a secret. And I doubt you’ll expose him” he said and leaned his head on Tsukis shoulder. “Omegas stick together right, you guys are probably really close. Or you look out for one another” he hummed and looked at Tsukushimas long, pale, unmarked neck.

Tsukishima stood up and turned to Mamoru. “I wont tell Hinata I know” he lied. “but I don’t trust you”