We all know that sections of a manga can be omitted either due to story needs, time restraints, or it being a mini-filler arc. But sometimes in those arcs you have a lot of information that is not inputted elsewhere in the eventual anime.  Servamps anime did just that. They omitted critical information, but then tried to use that information to create a larger emotional effect later on in the story.


So if you haven’t read the manga, spoilers will occur. The anime was wrapped up with an original ending, so im not assuming there will be a second season. But ill be talking about events that happened in the manga, not the anime.


You’ve been warned.

Servamp is a vampire/contractor anime, with Mahiru as the main protagonist. He picks up a small kitten and gives him a bell, and a name, Kuro. It turns out Kuro is the Servamp(a vampire who was created and can be made a servant) of Sloth. There is one Servamp for each of the 7 sins.


The main antagonist is Tsubaki, the Servamp of Melancholy, and was hidden from the other Servamps. Events in the past go on to influence how these characters interact and the main plot of the story, but that’s not why im here.


My quarry with this series has to do with Lily, the Servamp of Lust, and Hyde, the Servamp of Greed.


There is an arc in the manga in which Lily’s Item is broken, his pocket watch. An Item is what signifies the contract between Eve and Servamp. The bell that Mahiru gave to Kuro for example, is Kuros Item.


The items strength is determined by the bond between the Servamp and Eve, so even if the item was a paper crane it could not be torn if the bond was strong enough.


But in the omitted arc, Tsubaki destroys Lily’s Item using Misono(Lily’s Eve) and his feelings of hatred towards his elder brother. Lily knew of a secret that he hid from Misono, to protect him. But Misono couldn’t forgive him, and the Item was fragile and easily broken.


The arc was really good, and it explained Lily’s backstory in Misonos family, his hatred of his elder brother, the reason why Misono is a sheltered child, and the way in which Misonos mother died.

Servamp Episode 2

Because his item is destroyed, Lily’s and Misonos contract is deleted, and Lily loses control of his abilities and his sanity. He’s evil and it takes a lot to get him back.


I would suggest you read it. its really good, especially if you enjoy Misono as a character.


How does this affect or stunt the emotionality of the last scenes?


Well prior to the original ending/resolution, Tsubaki appears in front of a battered Hyde, Servamp of Greed and Licht, his Eve.


Can I gush for a moment? These two, look at them! Licht claims to be an angel and his attitude comes across as rude to begin with, but he’s motivated and straight forwards and.. Hyde! He’s so adorable. His backstory is so sad and I love them as characters. Which is why, come the episode 11 cliffhanger, I was freaking right out.


Tsubaki grabbed Hyde’s Item.


Tsubaki was going to destroy it, and break the contract and he would spiral out of control. His abilities when he was rational could kill literally an entire theatre of vampires, the damage he could do when he wasn’t rational..


But if I didn’t know what the broken Item meant, I would have just seen an emotional item being snatched. It wouldn’t have sent me into panic mode.


And that’s where I feel like Servamp let us down. Sure they said in passing “a Servamps given an item and a name in the contract” but there’s no emotion behind that, or any explanation of the repercussions. We start off the series seeing Kuro not under a contract and living fine. Hyde is well known for killing his Eves to find new ones.


Am I really upset over the omission of the arc, no. Story wise it was standalone. It was character development, it was backstory unrelated to the TsubakixSeramp main plot.


Other animes leave out arcs all the time. D.Gray-Man Hallow left out the little Zombie arc, but that made sense in the manga, they had to transfer headquarters so time needed to be reasonably filled. The anime omitted that arc because in 8 years they probably finished.


But have you seen Servamp! Did you watch the ending without reading the manga? What was your reaction when  Hyde’s Item was snatched! Let me know!


Thanks for reading!