Tanya the Evil is a new anime from this season, with the main character being Tanya Degurechaff, a second Lieutenant in the Empires Army. They are fighting against the Republic, who are invading them. The show includes magic, or at the very least Mages and spell-shooting rifles. Also, Tanya’s freaking terrifying, and I love it.

The first 6 minutes of the show had me confused as all hell. It jumped right into a military action filled scene with characters who were clearly not going to be the main character. We had no basis of who was good, who was bad, who we should feel  like supporting. We were just thrown in.


So the premise seemed to be Strike Witches meets Heavy Object with the darkness scaled WAY up.

Screenshot 2017-02-25 01.24.28.png

Tanya herself, is the best part. This character is short, blonde hair and striking blue eyes that dilate when she’s angry or serious. We spend a lot of time on her eyes.


And man, is she twisted. But I like her. I understand her thinking

Oh god what does that say about me?

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She is a powerful, military focussed character that is quite the hardass. But not unnecessarily. She wants to send two soldiers who don’t listen to her back home. No DUH! Why jeopardize herself and the rest of her soldiers because two full grown men cant put their ego aside and listen to their commanding officer, leaving aside her gender! She had obviously proven herself to be worth her rank and she plans to aim higher.


‘getting soldiers killed wont get me that promotion’

Screenshot 2017-02-25 01.26.42.png

So throughout the episode we see immense power from her, and a more overwhelm-the-enemy strategy type. She does keep her soldiers safe, but that’s partly because she’s not too confident in their abilities.


The other characters introduced are pretty unmemorable, but that’s also a common issue I personally have with military animes. Between the two sides, and the multiple levels of military, most of the characters just meld together. They’re all the leader and their advisors either panicking or cheering over something.


So I am really looking forwards to watching more of this, it seems to be an anti-hero type anime, or.. Well she’s not necessarily a hero.. But she’s not a nice character, but an interesting and entertaining one.


We do agree on one thing, Tanya and I, you should not nominate yourself for death.


Thanks for reading!



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