Wow, just wow. This show was a piece of abstract art, meaning you’ll either like it or you wont. Its very strong and overwhelming, but it keeps hold of your attention through sheer awe.


Hand shakers is about pairs of people who can use certain abilities as long as they are holding hands, hence the name. They are transported to an alternate world, the Ziggurat and face other Hand Shakers, with their own abilities.

This series is definitely a GoHands studio production. The art style and even the tone of the series is very  much like K Project was. The character design is very similar and the colors are very pastel. The characters themselves remind me of an upgraded Ozmafia or Diabolik Lovers character.


The environment though, is mind blowing. Between drawing someone walking through a fisheye lenses, while the camera was panning the other way, to the constant movement of the background characters while focussing on the main character, I can see how it would be easy to be overwhelmed. Im just in so much awe!


The characters didn’t contain that extra hint of realism that the background and setting did. Which posed a problem early on when a character was being gripped by chains. It didn’t look like they were gripping her, just crawling over her like they were snakes, partly because they were just moving too smoothly across her body. It was the two different animation styles not exactly meshing.


The order of the show was a bit off as well. We open up with a battle, and that is the battle that we see concluded at the end of the episode. We saw a flash-forwards first. It jumped back to the beginning of the story after the OP, but for a little I wasn’t sure if that battle had taken place chronologically before the post-OP scene or not.


There seems to be some trauma resulting in the main character and letting go of peoples hands, stemming from a friend or relative of his asking him to hold their hand as they died. This I can see being brought up a lot in the series, already about 5 mentions in the first episode.


I would definitely check out at least the first episode to see these beautiful, stunning, awe-inspiring visuals.

The storyline also reminds me of Fate/Stay Night. The MC is a tinkerer, he fixes things for people, he’s given certain abilities with a partner and has to fight others with similar abilities.


Gears are prevalent in the episode, which makes me want GoHands to take on Clockwork Planet, but Xebec already has it.


I have not seen any other material for this show so I don’t know what is going to happen, but so far im impressed! I am really enjoying the visuals! How the plotline goes we have to see, but holy cow am I happy.


Thanks for reading!