I hear everyone groan, not only at the unoriginality, but also at the title. Am I really copying John Oliver’s show title? Yes. Am I aware it finished airing 12 hours ago? Yes. That’s why I chose the name. Its supposed to be groanworthy. Now groan away and make me happy.


I know a lot of people write weekly roundups, and everyone has different takes on it, so im going to give my own. We all have different perspectives and hopefully I can offer something of interest!


  • My Past Week
  • Everyone’s Writings on Anime
  • Update on Anime
  • My Cat


This week was a slow one for me, I went on a few day hiatus, mostly due to my obsession with a fanfic-turned-whole universe deal with Bitten. I swear its take on a life of its own. I just keep finding more to write about and im absolutely in love. Creating characters and backstories and-


Focus jill Focus.


This week I did get 3 posts in:

Why Fukigen na Mononokean Frustrated Me– where I talk about the frustrating abandoned plot points in the anime, most of which were points used to keep my interest.

My first impression of Tanya the Evil,

And my First impression of Hand Shakers. Love them both.


I’ve recently been binge watching more anime since changing my content from only episodic reviews. Im aiming to finish a lot of series I’ve left unfinished, and have been putting off this seasons series, but holy cow what I’ve seen so far is amazing! Luck & Logic.. Omg I just want more. Why is everything so good!!


Also this week there have been a number of achievements made in at least my small circle of fellow bloggers, as well as some new bloggers that I have discovered and want to pimp out a bit.


First off!! Congrats to Two Happy Cats for hitting 300 Followers!! That’s a huge step! Im so happy for you!! Keep writing and sharing your thoughts with us all!!

Next, Arria Cross’s Carnival Lineup was released! There are 10 great articles included, and yours truly was even included *mini panic attack* Whittling down the 50+ articles down to just 10 must be such a hard decision! Thank you for your time, love and effort Arria-dono *bows*



A Notable posts that maaaay be outside of the week timeframe but is very noteworthy, is Heyitszel reaching 100 posts!! She has since started a  Nendoroid Nook that id so recommend checking out! Its so cute! Im jealous of her lil Nendos, and she flaunts them so lewdly for us to enjoy vicariously! Aha! That’s okay, my Yuri and Kacchan will be with me soon!!


Now two new bloggers for me are

Graqueen, who I found through their Nanatsu no Taizai review! As a major fan of the series to read about their frustrations and thoughts during the first two episodes were hilarious! There’s a lot of comfortable humor in their writing and I enjoyed it thoroughly.


An Anime Amateur from The Tiny World of an anime Amateur posted about our collective fascination with anime lists, and why we love them so much as well as talked about their own experiences with it. As someone whose recently getting into the electronic lists (there’s just something so satisfying about physically scratching a title off my list though) this is all kind of new to me, and it gave me a lot to consider!!


So what’s new in Anime this week?

  • Viktors Nendoroid was released/is available for pre-order. If you live in the states its about $50, but if you’re a syrup covered canuk like myself you’ve gotta shell out 70-80 bucks after currency conversion *sigh*


  • Apparently Marvel is releasing an anime this summer about a young boy who joins the Future Avengers after undergoing gene manipulation  and developing powers.


  • ToraCon is offering a dating service for Otakus, and uses favorite series and genres in its consideration. Its described as a dating service for ‘serious fans’ and not passive viewers.


  • Clockwork Planet is scheduled for April 6th. Clockwork Planet is a series about a failing planet made of gears. Its breaking down and parts of it are being purged, citizens and all. Enter the MC, a tinkerer! Im looking forwards to it. I’ve been reading the manga for a while!


  • And Funimation was hacked back in July! They have now commented and have said that the passwords were encrypted and not viewable on the 2.5million possible vulnerable accounts.


So that’s my week, or our week.. THE WEEK. The format may change as I work out what’s good and what’s not. god knows my contents anything but consistent at this point aha! *self deprecating humor, always a winner*


So upcoming in the week.. Im hoping to get out a new idea for a post, that’s not really anime related. Im floating the name “Phersonal Friday” for alliteration. I know, it’s a weird name. I just wanna get some personal stuff off my chest at some point. When you have a platform.. It’s a bit good to use it… and mom moms less likely to click it if it has a weird title. So that’s a plus. Umm..


Im gunna leave you with a picture of my kitty cat, his name is Kero, he’s 1 year old in May, and he likes to bite feet. Boys, amirite?



WELL! Thanks for reading this roundup… mixed with an OP/ED. I don’t think I can really take myself out of a post to write. Ill make a terrible journalist. Well that’s 4 years down the drain.




Thanks for reading!