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Mio woke up when he felt someone shaking him. He groaned and rolled over. “5 more minutes’ mom” he whimpered and pulled the blanket up over his eyes.

He squeaked and jolted when he felt a hand grope his bum. He flipped over, catching the hand under his thigh and looked over at the offender before relaxing and blushing. “I dunno why I always wakeup and attack you” he chuckled.

Tanaka slid his hand from underneath Mio and leaned down to kiss him. “Well I do send you to bed exhausted” he said, pulling the blanket so he could crawl underneath it again and snuggle Mio. “I was debating on how to wake you up” he said. “with my hand or my mouth” he winked.

Mio squeaked and buried his face in Tanakas chest, pressing their bare bodies together, well.. his bare body to Tanakas shirtless body. His body heated up as he remembered what Tanaka did to him the night before, with fingers going places. He reached back and touched his bum gently, as if he didn’t believe it was real.

“You are so warm” Tanaka purred. “on the inside” he hugged his waist. “I wanna touch you mooore” he whimpered, kissing up his neck. “id say let’s skip class but we did that yesterday” he said. “Come back here after class?” he asked hopefully.

Mio hummed. He wished they could skip too. He wasn’t in a rush to really leave this nice warm bed. But if he had to go to school… “mmm, nope” he said, pausing for dramatic effect. “I’m gunna go home to pack my own pajamas first” he said. “And grab a toothbrush. I don’t know how you can kiss me like this” he grimaced.

Tanaka smirked and kissed him just to prove he didn’t care. He knew he had been baited into kissing him but he didn’t care. He would kiss this cutie 25 ways from Sunday. He nuzzled into him and rubbed his hips under the covers. “who needs pajamas” he smirked and slid his hands back to Mios bum. Mio eeped. “I can’t wait to play with you more” he whispered, his fingertips brushing the small muscle, making Mio shiver.

“it hurt… last night it hurt” Mio frowned, he didn’t think it would hurt like that.. “Does that mean I don’t like it, if it hurts?” he asked. He didn’t have any experience in this department, unlike his counterpart here, so he wanted to know..

“no, it just means you’re a virgin” Tanaka slid a hand through Mios hair. “when you get used to being played with it’ll hurt less.” He kissed him. “And then it’ll stop hurting and start feeling fantastic” he said. “You’ll be begging for it” he slid a finger into Mios mouth. Mio let it slide past his lips, touching the digit with his finger. It felt kinda erotic, and also kinda weird. “You’ll want me inside you all the time” Tanaka moaned softly, curling his finger inside Mios mouth. “you’ll beg for me to just take you anywhere and everywhere. You’ll be addicted to me” he slid his finger out, clutching Mio again. “how does that sound?” he asked, sliding his wet finger down to Mios entrance.

“Embarrassing” Mio said honestly, unaware of the mood Tanaka had been aiming for. “What if we are in public, or at my mom’s house?” he asked. “If I can’t control it, then how do people leave the house?” he asked. If he saw someone begging to be fucked in the street, he would be creeped out.

Tanaka smirked at the ruined mood and relaxed his head on the pI’llow. “Not like thaaat.” He whined and pulled Mio on top of him, trailing his fingertips along the edges of Mios back. “Its not so much an… uncontrollable need, but a burning want.” He explained badly. “Like… its not like your dehydrated and searching frantically for water. There’s no beacon in my pants that you’d gravitate to. But there’s always a kind of mood.” He brushed Mios bangs to the side. “There’s a reason people get lust and love confused, both are thought consuming. I want to be on your mind all the time, I want my body to be the one to make you feel the best” he said. “Does that explain it better?” he asked.

Mio hummed. “Kinda. Not really” he said and lifted his head to kiss Tanaka. “But if its not embarrassing then I guess its okay. I mean only if its you and stuff” he said. “but in no way are we having sex at my mom’s house” he said. “and that doesn’t mean I’m an untouchable monk. You may be a hentai, but I don’t hate it” he mumbled.

Tanaka smirked and licked his finger so it was nice and slick. He wrapped an arm around Mios lower back, securing him. “Promise you don’t hate it?” he asked, sliding his wet finger inside Mios center, right to the knuckle.

Mio gasped loudly before letting out an audible cry mixed with pain and surprise. Tanaka didn’t give much of a reprieve when he stated wiggling his finger inside Mio. Mio scrabbled to grab the sheets under Tanaka and catch his breath.

Tanaka hummed, rubbing Mios lower back. “How’s that?” he asked, pulling his finger back halfway and pushing it back inside Mio. With each thrust Mios body shifted, flinching at the sudden intrusion. The saliva made it so much easier compared to last night, and Mios voice was beautiful.

Mio whimpered as he lay on Tanakas chest, his legs fallen to his side as his body was violated. It still hurt a lot, and it was cold. Tanakas finger was so cold, which was why he cried out at the beginning. He felt him deeper inside him now than he was last night, but it hurt a lot less. Was this what he had been talking about? Would it start feeling better now? “why…” he pouted and clutched the sheets as Tanaka pushed into him again.

Tanaka looked down at Mio and kissed his cheek. “is it hurting? I’ll make it feel better” he said. Lift your legs at my side like a frog” he said, praising Mio when he obeyed. “now push a bit like your going to the bathroom”

Well that made Mio clamp down like a code red. “Wh-what?” he stammered.

“You wont actually, just push a little so your muscles relax” he said. “nothing bad will happen I promise” he kissed his cheek. “I’m not gunna let go of you until you do” he curled his finger inside Mio a bit, causing the male to gasp and arch his back. “come on babe” Tanaka encouraged.

Mio bit his lip and whined in fear as he pushed a little, but only for a split second. He didn’t want to poop…

Tanaka rubbed his lover back again. “good job” he smiled. “one more time, for 3 seconds, just relax, and then we can go have a bath before school” he said, “I’ll pamper you and everything” he smiled.

Mio sniffled a bit. This was humiliating, he was sure this wasn’t even going to help, Tanaka just wanted to see him make weird faces. But he took a deep breath and pushed a little, counting to three quickly. He screamed “IchiNiSan!” before he clamped back closed. “Okay let’s go. Get out of me. Let’s go” he said and tried sitting up. Tanakas finger was still inside him, causing him to gasp when the finger slid even deeper into him.

Tanaka purred. Mio sitting up gave him a beautiful view, his porcelain doll, hard as a rock with a penetrated look on his face. He hummed and reached up to pull Mio back down, after a few seconds of course. “I need you to let go of my finger first” he whispered. He gave a small tug for example. Nope, he was stuck inside.

Mio whimpered and relaxed himself, gasping even more as Tanaka pulled his finger out of him, slowly, agonizingly slow. There was a wet pop when the finger emerged, shooting Mios face a scarlet red. He was so embarrassed!!! He hid his face in Tanakas chest. “Don’t look at meeee” he whimpered. Tanaka smirked and kissed his head. “how can I not look at the most beautiful person I’ve ever laid eyes on” he hummed. “Can I see? Lift your face babe” he asked, purring when Mio looked up at him. His face was red, his eyes were full and glazed like he was about to cry. It was adorable. He leaned down and kissed him. “I love you so much, my lewd princess” he smiled.

Mio whined and sat up slowly, covering his chest with his arms. He pushed his hips forwards slightly. “Look what you made me do” he whimpered, his erection dripping onto Tanakas skin. “This is all your fault!” he covered his face.

Tanaka hummed and leaned forwards, taking the soft tip into his mouth, holding Mios hips in place so he couldn’t pull away.

Mio cried out, but pushed his hips forwards a bit. Tanaka wrapped his tongue around the tip, while his lips slid down the shaft, taking all of Mio in.

It was over quite fast, leaving Mio heaving and bent over his shoulder, weak from the activities. Mio didn’t really speak, he babbled a bit, some coherent words mixed in. Tanaka smirked and lifted Mio up, ignoring his own excited member, and took him to the bathroom, setting him against the wall. The smaller male already slept in the nude, so Tanaka slid off his pants and grabbed the shower bag.

Mio pretty much passed out against the wall, snoring happily when Tanaka came back to him. “Baka” Tanaka smirked and grabbed the bucket, using it to clean the smaller male. He was drenched in sweat and would catch a cold if he wasn’t properly cleaned. Although Tanaka wouldn’t mind tending to him all week, he had a feeling Mios mother wouldn’t be too happy.

Mio finally woke up when Tanaka finished dressing him. Mio groaned and rubbed his eyes, looking up to see his lover. “Tana- “

“hush” Tanaka chuckled and finished getting dressed. “I’m sorry for this morning” he said and kissed his hand. “I… I couldn’t wait until this weekend. I wanted to touch you more. I didn’t think id exhaust you like that” he said and tilted his head. “Am I forgiven?”

Mio blinked before smirking and scowled. “Nope” he teased, standing up and crossing his arms. “My butt still hurts, and you tried to get me to poop the bed” he scowled, but faking the anger. He just wanted to screw with Tanaka.

Tanaka frowned. He knew Mio was bullshitting though. “Well I guess I’ll have to make up for it by spending the weekend with your cock in my mouth” he knelt down and fiddled with Mios belt before his hands were smacked away. Mios eyes were wide and his face was red. “Bakana!!” he called as he bolted from the apartment.

Tanaka chuckled. “Wonder where he got that name from~”




Mio hummed against Tanakas chest, his cheek hot against his bare skin. He was sweaty and sore and just collapsed. He HAD been doing yoga stretches to help with his back, but apparently it was too much for Tanaka to handle. And the elder bit his bottom and proceeded to finger fuck him to completion. His yoga shorts were now ruined.

Mio rolled over and slid his shorts off, the sticky cum clinging to his thighs. This was a pretty common occurrence lately. He had been staying over at Tanakas house more often, and with his family out in the world the two were left to their own devices. Strangely they’re own devices did not include any adult devices.

“So when are you gunna fuck me for real” Mio asked, sitting with his legs spread eagle, wiping his thighs with a baby wipe by the bed. He didn’t care if Tanaka saw his body at this point. His cast was gone, his back was mostly healed save for some tension, and he didn’t even notice the suicide scars anymore. They seems like they were done by someone else.. But he had been curious about their lack of sex, with Tanakas penis.. in his body. Mio had touched and sucked Tanaka a bunch of times at this point, and Tanakas favorite game was seeing how many fingers he could surprise him with, so why weren’t they having real sex??

Tanaka choked and looked over at Mio. “Is that something you’re concerned about?” he asked. He didn’t want to pressure the issue too much directly, because Mio had asked to abstain from sex until he was done grieving.

Mio shrugged. “I’m just wondering. Is it me? Do you just.. not..” he trailed off and whined. “See I know that’s not even possible.” He smacked his palms into his cheeks and shook his head. “Its not possible that you’re not turned on by me. You pop a boner every morning and 7 times during the day” he exclaimed, pointing to Tanakas crotch. “And god forbid I let my guard down, you’ll turn me into a ventriloquist dummy with your hands up my ass all the time” he said and lay on his back, his bum facing Tanaka, who, true to form, licked his fingertip and gave Mio a quick poke. The surprised squeaks were always the best!

Tanaka pulled himself across the bed and lifted himself between Mios legs, kissing his lower belly before laying his head on his inner thigh, “You asked me to not pressure you, not while you were still grieving Kino” he said and kissed the tender thigh. “so I’m waiting, I’m waiting for you to tell me you are ready”

Mio cooed and sat up to slide his hands into Tanakas hair. “that’s sweet.” He smiled. “Now fuck me” his expression hardened and he pushed his hips up a bit with a pout.

Tanaka sat up. “Are you being serious?” he asked, leaning over him to cup his face and kiss him. “Cause if you are..” his hand caressed his hip. “I’m glad, but I’m not gunna do it here. This isn’t like any old time, I wanna take you somewhere special for you’re first time” he said. “I’ll take you to a hotel, okay?” he asked. “and I’m gunna get you a toy to practice with” he added, licking his lips at the idea of Mio tied up, a vibrator pushed inside him on the highest setting.

Mio furrowed his brow and pushed Tanaka onto his back, straddling his thighs. “I don’t need practice” he said, freeing Tanakas cock. “I just need you”

Tanaka raised his eyebrows and watched Mio. How far would Mio get before the pain was too much? And without lube? Boy this kid was delusional~ but he could try.

Mio slid the pajama pants down far enough to free Tanaka. He scooted up so he was straddling his lower stomach. He kept his hand on the throbbing need, sitting back a bit while trying to aim for his center. He needed to use his other hand for balance, but it would have been better if he had that arm to hold open his butt cheeks. After a few probing tries he jumped feeling his pucker touched.

When Tanaka felt his tip pressed to Mios entrance he let out a small moan and arched his back a bit. He half hoped Mio pushed through the pain, letting him feel the heat and the throbbing of the virgin hole plundered deep by his own sword. He was so into his fantasy he couldn’t help but give a small thrust upwards, drawing a shriek of pain from Mio. He hadn’t penetrated him, but he probably scared him. If both of them were attempting it right now, Tanaka figured his tip would fit inside Mio, just based on the number of times he’s played with him. Once he got a rhythm going Mio always enjoyed the finger playing.

Mio collapsed on Tanakas chest, his ass in the air. “It hurts” he muttered. “nothings ever gunna fit in there ever again” he frowned, clutching Tanakas shirt. He had done what he thought was correct. Tanaka was hard, he was turned on, he set the cock in position and lowered himself onto it. He didn’t even get inside his hole! Just getting to the pucker by himself was hard and embarrassing. And just getting the tip inside hurt sooo bad. His hole was still aching even though it had only been violated for a moment, he clenched to try and take away the pain but it just made it worse.

Tanaka chuckled and rubbed his back. “That’s why we practice, because I want to be able to get inside you” he kissed him. “I’ll get you a nice practice toy don’t you worry. You’ll be ass up for the foreseeable future” he said and kissed Mios red cheeks of embarrassment. Tanaka licked his finger and slid it into Mio, but didn’t move it. “See, you aren’t broken” he kissed him. “You’re just a virgin~ My precious virgin~” he slid his finger out and pat Mios bum. “Up, we have to study before bed”

Mio whimpered even more now, rolling off of Tanaka and pulled the blanket over him. “I don’t wanna” the burrito sounded.

Tanaka smirked and got off the bed. He went to his desk and ruffled some papers. “I saw your last test scores” he growled, sending vibes of menace towards the boy-ritto.

Mio eeped and pulled the blanket over his head. He had failed the last test, badly. He thought he had burned the test!! How did Tanaka get it!!

“Mio, if you aren’t going to study, you’re going to flunk. And I can’t promise I wont find a cute boy in college while you’re repeating 10th grade” he said non-chalantly, sitting at the table by the bed with his back to Mio. “And here I thought you wanted to graduate early and join me at my university” he sighed. “I guess- “

Mio crept up to the edge of the bed, his eyes glowing green with jealousy. He jumped from his burrito and clamped down with his teeth on Tanakas neck, drawing blood and a shriek of pain from the elder.

Tanaka felt his neck when Mio let go, there was blood on his fingers. He took the workbook in his hand smacked it on the top of Mios head. “What was that for!” he growled.

Mio retreated to the edge of the bed, holding his head and pulling his knees to his chest, his eyes were glossy. His head was throbbing but that wasn’t why he was upset. How was he supposed to study with Tanaka! Every chance he got he molested him! So even when Tanaka wasn’t there, Mio couldn’t concentrate because he was thinking about Tanaka! “You’re so unfair!” he sniffled. “its all your fault!” he shouted but didn’t move. Tanaka would just follow him, they would argue and end up on the floor all sweaty. He didn’t want to end up like that right now. He was too hurt emotionally to enjoy intimacy, even if his body decided otherwise.

Tanakas eyes narrowed as he stood up to get a tissue for his neck. It was a deep fricken bite! Mio really had it out for him. “You’re lucky you didn’t bite my left side, you would have bit through my fucking artery” he growled, wiping up the blood that had trailed past his collarbone. “Why the hell did you do that??” he stood in the doorway, a safe distance away.

Mio frowned. He was concerned though; he hadn’t meant to bite him hard.. he saw in those BL books that it was supposed to be a cute thing.. he pulled his knees tighter, feeling like a cliché. “You idiot!” he shouted. “You said you were going to find someone else while you were away! Like that’s even fair! You don’t get to do this to me and then flake out cause I’m not smart like you!” he grabbed a pillow and chucked it at Tanaka. “After all the sappy shit you’ve been saying the past couple weeks.. and you know how I feel!”

Tanaka bit his lip. Okay maybe that had been cruel. That hadn’t been his intention. “I was trying to rile you up..” he mumbled before sighing. “like motivation. Not murder” he tossed the pillow back with only a fraction of the force Mio had thrown with. “kay I get it. I’m sorry. It was a bad judgement call on my part. You still don’t get to eat me though, you little monster” he sat on the bed behind Mio, leaning down and kissed his head where he hit him with the book. “I’m sorry for hitting you” he whispered. “but your bite hurt. Like a lot” he took Mios hand and pressed it to the wound. “Get up here and kiss it better” he said, but Mio pulled his hand away and pulled it close to his body. Tanaka frowned. “I apologized didn’t I? Why are you still mad?”

Mio buried his forehead in his knees and shook his head. He didn’t want to talk. Tanaka frowned and slid a hand into Mios hair. The blonde roots were starting to grow again. He sighed and lay his cheek on top of Mios head and closed his eyes. “I’ll wait you out” he grumbled, intent on finding out what was wrong.

Mio sat in silence for 20 minutes, until his head just hurt from the pressure. “You distract me” he said and stood up, grabbing his books and moving to the corner. In the corner he could fend Tanaka off easily. His ass was literally the hardest to access if he was in a corner.

Tanaka watched Mio pack up and hide in the corner. He shifted so he could watch him from the bed. Mio appeared to actually be doing work. “So how do I distract you?” he asked simply, tilting his head to the side.

Mio finished writing and looked up at Tanaka. “You know” he went back to writing.

Tanaka sighed and sat up. “Do I?”

Mio nodded and gave an affirmative hum while he continued to write in his notepad.

Tanaka reached over and snatched the notepad, causing Mio to cry out in frustration and lean forwards to grab it back. “Like that! Give it back!” he growled, but Tanaka was already at the top of the bed and looking over the work.

“how did you fail the test if all your works good?” he asked, holding a foot out to keep Mio at length.

“I told you!” Mio shouted in frustration. “You distract me! You stick your fingers in me whenever I’m actually doing work and then you expect me to ace my tests? How can I study when I’m freaking paranoid about you??” he stood up on the bed and snatched his book from Tanaka roughly, half temped to smack him with it. Instead he grumbled “Bakana” he went back to his corner. “Could you be less self aware?”

Tanaka couldn’t help but smirk. Of course he shouldn’t be happy, but Mio was flunking because of him <3. Tanaka crawled off of the bed and crawled on all fours to Mio in the corner. “Is that right?” he purred, kissing his knee.

Mio scowled and pulled his leg away before using it to push Tanaka away.

Tanaka grabbed the foot and kissed the side, and then his ankle. “I’m flattered” he smiled. “I’m so flattered by that”

Mio leaned forwards and pushed him away. “Seriously! This is what I’m talking about! How am I supposed to graduate with you if I can’t do this work, you wont let me and then you’ll just..” he turned his head.

“I’ll just what?” Tanaka asked, his coyness turning to concern. “Move on? Find someone else?” he asked. “I told you I was joking about that, I didn’t mean it” he reached forwards to touch him and reassure him. “I wouldn’t just abandon you. I don’t ever plan on that. I promise”

Mio wiped his eyes and pushed Tanakas hands away from him. “Then let me get this stuff done” he said and looked away from Tanaka.

Tanaka sighed and stood up, leaving the room. He went into the kitchen and opened the fridge. He was hungry. They hadn’t had dinner, and frankly he had no plan. He had some basic things, nothing really substantial.. and nothing really good enough to use to make up to Mio. He honestly didn’t know what to do..

He leaned on the counter and stared at the ceiling, his stomach making audible sounds by now. He groaned and pulled out the rice cooker. He would at least do that then. He could make bento things. Octopus hot dogs, onigiri, tamagoyaki, simple things. He wanted to make things up to Mio. He didn’t like it when his lover was mad at him. It made his stomach hurt.. like what if Mio was mad at him forever now? What if he never let him touch him? Just as he was about to get sex! That was cruel and unusual punishment!!

He groaned and crouched down behind the counter, waiting for the rice cooker to heat up. He heard it ding and stood up, adding the rice and setting to on again. He pulled out the other ingredients for the bento, namely the eggs and hot dogs. He had a jar of pickled plums he would add to the rice, along with some spicy paste he would use to make a surprise onigiri.

Tanaka had been alone a lot of his life so making a bento was pretty standard. Making a bento that looked good was another topic altogether and one that he flunked. It was always him making his own bento, so looks didn’t matter. But now he was making a bento for the boy he loved, it had to look perfect! It didn’t help that he had no matching chopsticks, so it would look like he didn’t care.. which was why he needed to make this better!

He ended up using all 24 eggs just to get a presentable tamagoyaki. Even then, it looked a bit burnt in some places. He wasn’t happy… but it was the best looking one he had. He sliced the egg and set them in the bento box. He had the hot dogs boiling and he just needed to wait on that and the rice. He grabbed the nori from the fridge and the scissors. It was romantic to have a nori heart on the rice right?

Again, 5 sheets of nori later… the heart looked wonky but it had to do. The rice was done and so were the hot dogs. He took the hot dogs, and added the faces. He cut faces into the hot dog and rubbed a little octopus ink in the ‘wounds’ like a tattoo. He didn’t even know if that was how it was done, the octo-weiners ended up looking scary. But he set them in the box and went to the rice.

Now he was pretty good at rolling onigiri. If he wasn’t they would fall apart when he tried to eat them. So he was semi-confident about something at least. He added the salt and grabbed the plums, placing one to each ball before shaping it and adding the nori. He made 5 easily, and set them in the box. There was still an empty compartment in the box..

He groaned. He didn’t know what went into the fourth box! What else goes into a bento?? He didn’t want to just fill it with rice, that was so lazy! Maybe.. did he have apples? He did! He grabbed one and proceeded to make a bunny out of the apple and set it in the box, sealing it and grabbing two chopsticks that would work fine. He wrapped the box in a cloth and smiled contently. He was proud of what he had done, as garbage as it looked.

He slunk back to his bedroom and knocked on the door, and held the box up so Mio could see it. “Peace offering?” he asked, walking in cautiously and kneeling in front of him. Mio cautiously took the box and hid behind his knees as he opened it.

Tanaka heard a gasp and a coo from Mio, before the tiny head looked over at him. “Its adorable!” he praised. “Thank you, I’m actually starving you know” he said and sat up, moving the books. “Where’s your fork?” he asked, knowing Tanaka to a tee.

Tanaka blushed. “N-no its not for me. Its for you” he said. “I’ll eat later..”

Mio smacked his knee. “Go get a fork” he shooed him away. “I don’t want to eat alone, lets have a picnic over this beautiful bento” he smiled.

Tanaka was warmed by the smile and nodded. “Okay. If you insist” he leaned over to peck his lips but Mio already had an onigiri up to his face. Tanaka pouted and lowered the onigiri to peck his lips.

Mio didn’t push him away, he reached forwards and held his neck to hold him to the kiss. He may have been frustrated earlier, but the space and the lunch made him feel really good. He hummed into the kiss and managed to sneak some tongue in before Tanaka pulled back.

Tanaka sat back and smiled softly, sticking his tongue out and picking up a piece of rice that he had stolen from Mios mouth. “Sexy” Mio purred and giggled. Tanaka rolled his eyes and ate the piece of rice before standing up to get his fork.

When he came back Mio had moved the food to the table, so he and Tanaka could sit together. When Tanaka did sit down, Mio crawled in his lap and leaned on his chest. “Studying is lonely” he said and looked up at him. “I don’t like studying anymore” he mumbled. “I like studying with you ya know” he fiddled with Tanakas fingers. “I like doing everything with you… I just need some serious time with you so we can get things done” he shrugged. “Does that make sense?”

Tanaka sighed and leaned his chin on Mios shoulder, squeezing his hand to hold Mios hand. “It makes sense” he said and kissed his neck. “I just can’t help it, I love you and I want you to always be pleasured” he said. “but I understand.” He hugged him and inhaled his scent from his neck. He was still a bit sweaty from earlier, and he had a delicious smell. “so… until your grades are up…” he inhaled and squidged his face a bit. “no sexual contact”

Mio jumped and turned to face him. “Haha, you’re funny” he said, waiting for Tanaka to laugh. But he didn’t. “No, no you’re bullshitting me” he said and frowned. “you can’t be serious. You’re gunna cave in like an hour” he said and crossed his arms. “Or tomorrow morning, you’ll be back to messing with me while I’m waking up”

“If you think it’ll be that easy why are you trying to convince yourself I’ll be the one to cave?” he perked his eyebrow. He was serious. He would abstain until Mio raised his grade. It would kill him, but he would rather have Mio be mad at him for a week than spend a year away from him.

“because- well…” Mio got quiet. “you love me don’t you? Then why are you saying you wont touch me? Cause I failed a test? I’ve passed every other test, what’s one test? If this is about me pushing you away, I’m sorry okay? I’m sorry!” he sounded frustrated, and rightly so. He was a big mess of emotions right now, ranging from fear to panic to depression. The irrational part of his brain was telling him this meant he was worthless and unattractive, but the rational and mature part of his brain was saying he knew Tanaka still loved him, and that this was temporary. It was much easier to believe the irrational part of his brain, but he knew that that was wrong. It didn’t really help to believe the rational thoughts when the irrational thoughts were so much louder and were screaming at him. Suddenly he didn’t feel hungry.

“i-im going to bed” he whispered and stood up, not knowing if he should sleep in the bed or on the couch. Tanaka might try and get frisky if he slept in the bed, but he would also want to talk… Mio didn’t know if he wanted to talk right now, or what he would say. He knew his thoughts were irrational, he knew it but they still gnawed at him, turning his stomach. Tanaka would know something was up if he slept on the couch…

So he crawled into the bed, fully dressed and in the corner. He pulled the blanket up to his ears and closed his eyes.

Tanaka reached over and pulled Mio out of the bed and back in front of the table. “Stop being a drama queen” he said. “Whatever is going on through that skull of yours, stop it. Nothing bad is going to happen except you’re gunna masturbate more. There will be no cheating, leaving, or otherwise falling apart. You are going to eat my dinner for you, study for your math test, and pass. When you do pass, I’m going to take you to a hotel and fuck your brains out” he handed him the chopsticks. “And you still have to sleep naked though. Cause I prefer you naked..” he put his hands on his hips. “Got it?”

Mio looked up at him and couldn’t help but crack a smile. “If I’m naked, you have to be naked too” he said. “I’m the one in trouble if I’m naked” he pouted and took the chopsticks. “Can we at least be intimate for tonight? Cant this start at midnight?” he asked and gave Tanaka the puppy dog eyes.

Tanaka thought about it for a moment. “Fine, midnight. Don’t worry, I’ll make you regret it” he said and leaned down to kiss him. “Now eat so I can get you in bed and make use of our last 2 hours” he kissed him again and bit his lip. “I worked hard on that dinner” he said and stood up to make the bed for their last night for a little.


Mio panted when he got home leaning on the back of his home door before sitting his bag down. He was in paaaain. Tanaka and him had spent those two hours making the most of the time. While no dicks entered any holes, he felt like Tanaka had all but fisted him. He could still feel the fingers stroking his insides. He came so much in those 2 hours eventually he started just cumming dust. He was dry, Tanaka had milked him for everything he had. And now he was exhausted. He couldn’t focus much in class, so afterwards he came home instead of heading to Tanakas. He needed to grab new clothes anyways and shower. Him showering at Tanakas would result in only his dick getting cleaned. Being naked at Tanakas would just overwhelm him. Especially now that intimate contact is forbidden.. it would be all he could think about while over there. While in the kitchen he would be imagining when Tanaka pushed him onto the counter and ate his ass out. In the livingroom he would remember when Tanaka bent him over the back of the couch and fingered him to orgasm. Even in the laundry room, he would be brought back to the time Tanaka sat on the washer and had him suck him off. The whole house was their sexual paradise; he couldn’t get any real work done there so early.

He was going to ask his mom if Tanaka could come study over here, her presence would make sure they stayed sexually dormant, which was good for them. Mio could get his studying back up but still be around Tanaka. His back felt cold when it wasn’t pressed to Tanakas chest. He felt his shoulder, pressed against the cold door and stood up. He set his bag by his desk and pulled his shirt off, tossing it in the laundry basket. He slid down his pants and grabbed track pants. He wasn’t wearing underwear because… well because Tanaka messed them up. He played with his ass too much last night and all the saliva and lube left a stain at the back like he pissed himself. So they were in his bag.

Mio couldn’t help but look at himself when he passed the mirror. His chest was covered with small bruises, a couple resembling hands and fingers. Tanaka never hit him, but he did hold him down occasionally; not in an abusive way though. Everything done to him was consensual, desired, even if afterwards he regretted its after effects.

He touched a couple bruises on his chest, wincing. They were still sensitive. “Bakana” he chuckled. He could only imagine what his thighs looked like, hand bruises all up and down his inner thighs, like a group of shadows on his skin. He didn’t mind these bruises. They were different from other bruises; like the ones he was left with after the attack. He personally didn’t remember those bruises, but he had seen pictures. His face had been swollen, his side was black from being kicked, his back bruised from being stomped.. he was like a painting of depression. But now he was a canvas of love, covered in red, white, and black&blue.

“Love” he chuckled to himself, smiling as he touched more of the bruises.

He was so engrossed in his appearance he didn’t notice his mother standing in the doorway until she spoke. “Long time no se” she smirked. Mio nearly jumped from his skin, covering his naked chest.

“Mom!” he smiled and hugged her. “yea, sorry. I didn’t mean to stay over so long.. but I was texting you from his phone every morning” he said and hummed, backing up and sliding a shirt on. “I wanted to talk to you” he smiled. “instead of me staying over there.. can Tanaka come over here for a couple days? I want you to know him and we can still study over here and everything”

“Oh so you study over there do you?” she perked her eyebrow. “That’s not what your schools telling me” she said.

Mio tilted his head. “What? Why would my school know what were doing?”

“They called, you failed last weeks’ quiz” she said. “and you haven’t done well in the 2 before that” she frowned. “Is being with him going to affect your grades? Cause if that’s the case, I’ll forbid it right now” she said sternly.

Mios eyes widened and his lips curled in anger a bit. “No! Its not like that! He’s been helping me! Yea, sure, I had a crap week last week, but I’d be doing worse if he wasn’t helping me with the 2 months of work I missed while in the hospital!” he shouted. “yea so we were a bit distracted this week, I overindulged, but Tanaka freaked about that test too. That’s why he made me come home, so we could only focus on studying” he said and frowned. “I’m trying to graduate EARLY, so he’s helping me. I’ve been doing his homework with him so I can get through next years’ material faster, so I’m sorry!” he yelled, and waited to get the blowback from his mother.

“if you fail, your classes, passing his wont mean a damn” she said. “So how about you focus on your work, instead of making sure your high school relationship continues. Most high school relationships don’t last past high school. Don’t plan your future around him like that”

“We aren’t going to break up!”

“You don’t know that! Men cheat every day, and you are so…” she took a breath. “You lost one important person, so you’re more likely to ignore the signs when to dump the next one. You will be okay alone; you don’t HAVE to always be in a relationship” she said. “I didn’t raise you like that”

“Like what? Happy? News flash mom, until this year I haven’t had anyone important, I’ve never had friends, I’ve never had someone like me, so why is it so abnormal that the person I like likes me back? Because I’m so fucked up?” he sniffled. “I barely felt anything until last year except for shame and self loathing! I would have tried to kill myself long ago if I had known how to do it, because I had nothing! Yea, I may have excelled in class because I had nothing else to do, I didn’t have any interests or passion, I was a freaking shell of a person. I don’t remember ever smiling before last year, and you just let me stay like that. I got the grades so it didn’t matter if I was depressed or if I hated every singe breathe I took!” he screamed. “so don’t say Tanaka is ruining my life, he saved my life, before I even knew it” he lifted his arm to his eyes, wiping them. “Kino DIED for me, to protect me, and you don’t know how that feels! For weeks I’ve felt sick about it, how my weakness killed someone, how I prayed to god that he would change it, so my worthless life would be traded for his every day! And the only person who saw that and told me otherwise is Tanaka! So don’t you DARE slander who he is and what he has done to save me!” he pushed past his mother and stormed from the apartment, slamming the door so hard it knocked the key holder off of the wall next to it.

He walked down the stairs, his eyes red with anger. He let out a cry of frustration and walked down the street, his anger still bubbling. She didn’t understand! Just because her man screwed her over didn’t mean his would. He loved Tanaka, he would follow him everywhere, he would always love him..

He eventually found his way to a park, and sat on the swings. He always ended up at a park, he didn’t know why. The swings just gave him something to do while he thought. He stayed there until it got dark, and the street lights came on. His eyes stung now, the salt in his tears making it hard to see. Part of him hoped he would be attacked, just to get back at his mom. She would feel terrible if he was back in the hospital. The other half didn’t care what happened to him. He could stop walking, drop onto the floor and stay there all night. He didn’t care at this point. He just.. he didn’t care anymore.

When he did make it home he walked inside silently. The lights were off and his mom was in bed. He walked to his room and packed a bag. He grabbed clothes mostly, and his school bag before leaving again,


There was a thundering bang on the door, angry and frantic. Tanaka groaned and got up. He rubbed his eyes and stood up, yanking. “alright alright, I’m coming!” he called out, agitated. When he unlocked the door and opened it, he was forced back before he could open the door himself.

“Where is he?” Mios mother asked angrily. Her face was red but she looked concerned.

“Mio?” Tanaka asked, extremely confused. “He went home yesterday. I haven’t seen him since after school. Its… 5 am Hana” he said. “did he make it home?” he panicked himself. Why didn’t Mio have a fucking phone already! “Could he have just gone to school early?” he asked.

“we got in an argument” she admitted. “He left, he stormed out, talking about suicide and Kino and wishing to trade places” her voice shook. “This is all my fault, oh god” she crouched, covering her eyes with her hands and tried to compose herself. “If he’s hurt.. I’ll never forgive myself” she said. “You’re sure he didn’t come here last night?” she sked

Tanaka held his hands up. “I haven’t seen him” he said, biting his lip. “Did you call shelters? Hospitals? The police?” he asked.

She shook her head. “I came here first” she said. “You have to help me find him.” She begged.

Tanaka nodded. “Let me get dressed. You call the police” he said and grabbed a shirt from the dryer, sliding it on and leading her from the apartment to begin the search. He locked the door behind him and headed down the stairs.

Mio crept out of Tanakas room when he heard the door lock, dressed in an oversized t-shirt only. His hair was a mess and so was his face. He hadn’t slept when he got here at 3 am, his belongings in tow. He hadn’t explained the whole thing to Tanaka, he just crawled into bed and cried against Tanakas chest. He didn’t want to go home, not yet. Possibly not ever. He partially felt bad for his mom panicking like this, but he was mad at her.. she didn’t understand anything, she wasn’t there for him when he needed it, she just wanted him to stay her obedient shell of a son. He wasn’t empty anymore…

He walked out and made sure the door was secured before making himself some tea and crawling back in bed. He wasn’t sure what to do now. She would eventually find him at school, he couldn’t quit school.. he didn’t want to go home..

He sipped the tea and closed his eyes. When he finished the tea he set the cup on the floor and closed his eyes, eventually finding sleep.

He woke up to the feeling of arms wrapping around his body, securing him. He hummed, he knew it was Tanaka. He rolled over to face him, burying his nose in Tanakas neck. He smelled so nice. “is she gone?” he mumbled.

Tanaka nodded. “She filed a police report, so you’ll be found when you go to school. You’ll have to say you slept in a park or something” he said.

Mio nodded. “okay”

“Do you want to tell me what happened?” he asked.

Mio whimpered. “She said we wouldn’t last past high school and I shouldn’t include you in my plans for the future” he said, summarizing the argument.

“What about the suicide stuff she was talking about?”

“I told her that you saved me, and that when I was younger.. I was so depressed I would have tried suicide if id known what it was” he said. “and how in the past couple weeks you’ve helped me where I’ve wanted to die in Kinos place. I wouldn’t be here without you, and she was disregarding everything you did for me. I love you” he sniffled, his voice breaking. “I love you so much, and she just kept calling you garbage and crap and threatened to forbid our relationship” he sniffled again.

Tanaka pulled him close and kissed the top of his head. “Mio I am not leaving you, I will not go anywhere without you, I love you so much too. You are my light, my life, my future. I plan on marrying you I hope you know” he said.

Mio blushed. “Good. Once I’m 18 then” he said. “Its settled” he leaned up and kissed him, breaking the no intimacy rule. He didn’t want Tanaka to push him away, he wanted this, he wanted everything.