The Virgin-Killing sweater is making the rounds again, but this time, on men.


A few weeks ago the Virgin-Killing sweater popped up, enthralling viewers. The sweater is open-backed and low cut, showing off just a hint of the butt crack. Its really cute actually, and the fan art of female characters wearing sweater took off!


But now, thanks to twitter user @yomimate, we have seen the sweater on a male, and its not half bad!

Now there’s definitely been fanart of male characters wearing the sweater, most notably Viktor Nikiforov.


We’ve also been blessed with Sousuke and Makoto from Free,


and Lance from Voltron, and


Cats and


whatever.. This is.


Man, fans are crazy!


If history can tell us anything, there will be some crossplaying guys at conventions, wearing the infamous sweater come the warmer weather!


So, which  male characters would look fabulous in this virgin killing sweater? Well here’s a few!



This man, in his tall, smooth glory and Megane-ness would rock the virgin killing sweater.


Sakamoto is the victim of bullying, by a majority of those he encounters at first. Through his cool and suave way of turning that bullying against him, he is able to bring the bully’s in as admirers of himself. I can easily see mean-spirited classmates cutting his clothes or leaving him with a virgin killing sweater after gym class, and he would just wear it and rock it, coming up with an acceptable excuse.



Another tall Megane beauty, whose long legs and skinny torso would create the necessary curves and lines that would best utilize this sweaters lusty appeal. The sweater, hanging just above his bum, the fabric loosely covering his sides. If only I could draw.


I feel like rei would take it in a more sexual way as well, more than Sakamoto. Sakamoto would be oblivious, or play oblivious to the sexual connotations, but rei would use it to point out his beauty and symmetry



Now Nagisa would be the cutest little guy in this sweater! He’s short and playful and he would pop his butt out a bit and wink at the camera as the sleeves that were juuust a bit too long for his arms would flop over.  Wait, it doesn’t have sleeves. Okay his has been altered to have sleeves! For added cuteness!


He’s a generally easygoing character, but I’ve seen those Tumblr posts, of him being a sadist.  I can see him standing over his prey in the sweater smirking.



Blessed 15, he’s so cute. I just wanna hug him.


I can actually picture Uno and Rock in the sweater as well, Rock being more confused than anything. Uno would just… oh Uno. He’s probably be up for a photo shoot.


Jyugo would probably be annoyed at the outfit. He’s one of the more clothed characters in the show, with Uno and Rock at least having zippers open and tank tops on underneath.



Now how can there be a sexually enticing trend adapted to males without bringing up this little cutie! I think I reference him too much but OH WELL I love him get used to it.


The youngest of the Sena clan has been notoriously shy but has recently found love. He would probably be tricked into wearing the outfit, having be told it’s a Lalala cosplay by Ryouma.


Not that he would be wearing it for long, Ryouma would strip it quick enough, that dog. :}



The best for Last, Goats Sin of Lust, Gowther!

This kid! Kid being a loose term… human being a loose term… crossplays a lot the more we get to  see him, from altering his whole appearance to that of a woman’s to wearing the Boars Hat uniform with gusto!


I was SURE I had seen a photo of him in the Virgin Killing Sweater, but alas, I could not find it. Maybe I imagined it because he would SO wear it!


His emotionless face, his little pouty bottom lip, man its already a fashion shoot! Plus he has the long limbs and… does he have a belly button?  If only Melodias was as enthralled about Gowther Crossplaying as he was about the girls in he series just wearing skimpy skirts.


So! What do you think of men wearing the virgin Killing Sweater? Do you think it should have died long beforehand? Do you have any other characters that should be depicted in the sexual sweater? Let me know below!


Man I really with I could draw!! Id love to see Gowther in it at least.


Thanks for reading!