Heres a little cute side piece to Bitten, it is canon, its not too plot-heavy, but more of a Mamoru POV piece!

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Hinata adjusted to life at Kozus rather quickly. Kozus home wasn’t run casually. His Mates, his housemates, had specific duties to complete, while Kozu himself had responsibilities as well. Kozu took care of the financials, as well as the grocery shopping. It was his responsibility to make sure his Mates were well fed and healthy.

Mamoru liked to think it was secretly therapeutic for Kozu. With Hinatas addition to the Pack, the fridge was stocked with more meats and proteins, to help him maintain his muscle mass after practice.

Sometimes both Mamoru and Misono would accompany Kozu, sometimes one or sometimes neither. Mamoru enjoyed the experience though. He liked watching Kozu mull over the nutritional value of two competing items. There wasn’t a lot of interaction during the trips, but Mamoru was used to them and came to like it when it was just the two of them. Misonos accompaniment often drew stares because he looked so miserable. His attitude was more attention grabbing that Mamorus Mark.

The only time Kozu would really initiate an interaction at the store was when strangers would ask about Mamorus Mark. It was expected that Mamorus Mark be in full visibility, but not for people to touch or ask about. It was expected that they know that it meant he was HIS.

Mamoru secretly-not-so-secretly maybe instigated a few Q&As to see Kozu get angry and possessive. The Alpha would puff up his chest and glare down, before putting his arm around Mamorus shoulder and growl, sending shivers down the Betas spine. Being possessed like that felt good. Especially when Kozu wasn’t exactly a standard Alpha, or young adult. Kozu never touched Mamoru, in a sexual way. He never had. Not even a kiss, to Mamorus disappointment. He was still in love with Kozu Ikazuki, so the closest he got to affection was when Kozu pulled him away from the questioneers, and kept him at his side.

Which was why seeing how easily Hinata interacted with Kozu upset Mamoru.

The tiny redhead would demand more snacks, Kozu would deny him, but after the next shopping trip a few snacks would start to creep in.

Kozu was giving into the small Omega more and more, in ways that he never gave into Mamoru.

It wasn’t only giving into requests that was changing, but Kozu wasn’t as angry about the defiance from Hinata as he was from Misono.

Hinata had decided to record his shows on the PVR, and Kozu told him to stop, and even deleted the recordings, but the next day the shows reappeared. They were deleted, and Kozu even blocked the recording of that title, but again, the next day the show would still be there.

If Misono had done that, he would be black and blue. If Mamoru had done that he wouldn’t have been beaten, but Kozu would inflict emotional damage. He seemed to know just how to hurt his Mates..

But instead, Hinatas shows remained, and Kozu ignored the boisterous laughter that erupted at each stupid joke from that god awful show.

Occasionally the two would even have little spats. They often started when Hinata would refuse or forget to do something that Kozu requested, and they would almost argue back and forth.

Mamorus could tell Kozu was enjoying himself, dealing with the defiant little Omega put a smile on the Alphas face that Mamoru hadn’t seen in forever. He could easily end the argument by raising his voice, but then the fun was over. Instead he let the argument continue, chasing down the Omegas obedience.

Mamoru didn’t understand how the omega could talk so casually to Kozu. Even now he still had to be careful what and how he said things around the Alpha. If he spoke too casually then he would be reprimanded. He didn’t misspeak often anymore, but Misono was still learning. Swollen jaws were supposed to be excellent learning tools..

The first-time Mamoru heard Hinata yell at Kozu he nearly had a heart attack. He felt the need to run to the child and protect him from whatever blow he received, to plead that he didn’t understand things yet, but instead of the sound of palm on cheek, he heard Kozu speaking, not yelling, not over-exerting his dominance, just.. speaking.

Mamoru wanted that.

So he started emulating the Omegas behaviour. He set up his own television show on the TV, he took up part of Kozus scheduled bath time, and tried speaking more causally to him around the home. He wasn’t sure how to change his speech though, he called him Zuzu at home all the time. The nickname seemed to be acceptable to the Alpha, but only from Mamoru. One thing he would get truly angry at Hinata about was the use of that nickname.

The argument resulted in Hinata whining and pounding his fists on Kozus chest, almost like he was having a tantrum. But Kozu allowed it, up to a point. He had gotten fed up with the boys tempter tantrum and walked away. Later that night Mamoru could hear Misono crying, and found thawed peas in his room in the morning.

Hinata was getting away with so much. It became unbearable when one night Hinata came to sleep in Kozus bed. Mamoru had already crawled in, coming from a nightmare. Hinata seemed to just be unable to sleep, but he was given the priority spot, the middle next to Kozu, and Mamoru was pushed to the edge of the bed.

But Mamoru didn’t say anything. He didn’t sleep at all that night. He was too angry and hurt. When it came time to make breakfast for everyone, Mamoru skipped his responsibility and headed to school before everyone else, a big nono. But he was angry, and he didn’t know how to express it. He hadn’t been angry in a long time.

That was the first time since Kozu had Marked him that he had hit him. It shocked him, he felt like he had disappointed Kozu, even though he had wanted to garner attention. That anger.. it in turn made Mamoru feel worse.

Mamoru continued his new route of behaviour. It had gotten a response from Kozu, albeit a rather negative one.

He didn’t skip kitchen duty again, but he would make requests he knew Kozu would reject, and pout afterwards. He even attempted to touch Kozu in a negative way, not as upfront as pounding his fists on his chest, but he pushed him a little bit to get his attention, instead of using his words. He was yelled at, but at least he wasn’t struck.

After a week there was no real change in his relationship with Kozu. If anything he felt more distanced from him. He was hesitant to even use his nickname sometimes. Meanwhile Hinata was continuing to take position as the favorite Mate.

Mamoru wanted to scream, Hinata didn’t even want to be Kozus mate! Hinata didn’t even love him! He wanted to demand his place back, he wanted to be the favorite, he wanted to have his close bond with Kozu back. But Kozu Ikazuki wouldn’t want to hear worries like that. Instead he would listen to the epic adventures of Tanaka and Noya, as told by Hinata Shoyo.

Or at least he thought.

He was called into Kozus room, requested, politely.

A million worries flooded Mamorus mind. What would he want to talk about? Was he going to ask him to leave? Was he going to kick him out? Would he strike him again? Would he ask him to teach Hinata, to pass down all the knowledge he had accumulated?

The fears were so mentally exhausting that by the time he made it to the bedroom he was pale.

He sat where Kozu motioned, at the end of his bed, facing the headboard. Kozu sat at the top of the bed, facing Mamoru. The silence hung around for a moment and Mamoru struggled to sit up, let alone make eye contact.

The silence was going to hang around forever it seemed, but Kozu had things to do.

“What is going on with you” the voice sounded more accusatory than concerned, and it made Mamoru flinch. How could he admit what he was trying to do.

‘ill make you jealous and you’ll like me more again’ yea right.

“Im fine” Mamoru said, looking up at him for only a split second.

“Is it a beta thing?” Kozu pressed

Mamoru flinched and his posture worsened. Kozu didn’t understand anything. He picked up on the new behaviour, but not the emotions behind it. He went to open his mouth but paused when he felt his voice catch. He took a shaky breath.

“its nothing. Im fine. Nothing is the matter Kozu”

“Something IS wrong” Kozu pushed, getting annoyed with this charade. “Kozu? Not Zuzu?” he repeated Mamorus words. “Since when do you actually use my name?”

“Since when do you give in?” Mamoru snapped, his own voice low. It surprised even himself. He hadn’t meant to even speak, and he brought his hand to cover up his mouth. He would be getting another strike for that. His cheek still throbbed sometimes.

The alpha was more thrown off than he would like to admit over the outburst. He had never seen Mamoru get angry like that. Then again he had never struck him before. This week was a trail of firsts.

Mamoru waited for the growl, the snap, the feeling of hand on cheek, but the hand appeared on his chin instead and lifted his head to meet Kozus gaze.

“that is what I mean, you, emotionally, what is going on with you. Are you getting along with Hinata? You did not change like this after Misono was added” he said.

Mamoru tried pulling his chin free but he was stuck. He was here, alone with Zuzu, in what felt like forever. There was no Hinata. It was just the two of them.

Mamoru took a small breath and put his hand on Kozus hand, moving it away. He got off the bed and walked to the door.

“Im not done-“

“Im just closing the door” Mamoru said, letting the door click closed, then locked it. He didn’t want to be rudely interrupted. This was his space with Kozu now, and he wanted to take advantage of it.

He walked back to the bed, but sat next to Kozu this time, and leaned his head on his shoulder. “Do you still like me?” he asked

“I’ve never been romantically attracted to you, so my feelings haven’t changed” he said, blinking down at him. Mamoru knew Kozu knew he was in love with him, even when they were kids.

“Not romantically, but.. as a mate. am I still a good mate?” he asked. “Better than Hinata?”

“Lately you’ve been slipping up, hence this conversation. I take it you believe Hinata has been a better mate?” he asked.

Mamoru scrunched his face a bit. “you seem to like him more” he rubbed his cheek on Kozus arm, and felt his Mark. He liked touching it too. “Even when he’s being defiant”

“he’s an intriguing Omega” he said, allowing the affectionate touches. It seemed to be something Mamoru needed at the moment,

“I copied him.. and you struck me” he said, pausing the nuzzling and sitting up, detaching himself from Kozu at the memory.

“You neglected your responsibilities, without asking or explanation. Hinata doesn’t have responsibilities as of yet” he said, countering Mamorus claim.

“you let him hit you”

Kozu didn’t have a quick response to that one. Mamoru pursed his lips and frowned. “I just.. “

“you aren’t being replaced, if that will allay your fears” he said. “Hinata is.. small. So im hesitant to be tough on him, especially, as you put it, if he hates me, it could affect the baby” he said, a small teasing sound infiltrated his voice. “Once he is carrying my child, things will probably become ‘worse’” he looked over at Mamoru. “But ill rely on you to help manage him, like I do with Misono” he said. “Can I trust you with that?”

Mamorus eyes were wide and he looked up at his Alpha, a small smile creeping up. “Maybe” he teased and leaned back on him. “Of course Zuzu” he said. “you can rely on me for anything. I will do anything for you, i..” he was hesitant to say his feelings out loud.

“I feel like I should get to punch you though, because Hinata could” he said, more teasing than anything. he seemed to be allowed to get away with it at the moment.

He felt Kozu take a deep sigh, his body moving under his cheek.



“One punch, and only one”

Mamoru looked up at his Alpha and gave himself a small pinch. Not dreaming. The Alpha was going to let him punch him? And get off scott free? Because he asked?

“Ill be sure to not tell Misono about this” he mumbled.

Kozu turned sideways so he was facing Mamoru. “one. I don’t care if you screw it up. No do overs, ever” he said.

Mamoru looked up at him and gulped, balling up his fist. He didn’t want to punch him hard, he was going to go for a rather light one and take advantage of being able to touch him so intimately.

The minute seems tor drag on, to the point of Kozu doubting Mamorus intentions. When Mamoru took too long Kozu backed out of the deal, or half backed out.

“You can either punch me, or kiss me. One chance for either of-“

“Kiss!” Mamoru exclaimed, the thought short circuiting him for a second.

Kozu raised and eyebrow. “Fine, one ti- hey!” he raised his hands and caught Mamoru mid air, having launched himself at him already. “Let me speak first”

Mamoru pushed his hands into his hair and sat quietly, his eyes focussed on Kozus lips, and not so much what was coming from them.

“Alright?” Kozu asked, shaking Mamoru from his trance.

“I get to kiss you” Mamoru whispered, and moved closer again. “you’ve never let me kiss you before” he said. “I want to. I want to” he repeated, and moved closer.

“Go ahead. Don’t expect me to participate though” he said.

Mamoru smiled and lifted himself onto his knees so he was taller than Kozu. He cupped Kozus cheeks, and lifted his head. In all of the fantasies bout kissing Kozu, Mamoru had never imagined this steely look greeting him.

Leaning down he closed his eyes and pressed his lips to Kozus, almost breaking the kiss to gasp at the shock that ran down his spine. His lips held fast to Kozus, and it was after 47 seconds that the kiss was ended.

Mamoru sat back down on the bed and bit his lip, giggling to himself. He touched his lips, they were tingling. He was so happy. He felt like he could float if he tried. He kissed Kozu, he finally kissed Zuzu. It wasn’t an eventful kiss, he hadn’t coaxed him into making out or anything, but it was perfect none the less.

“Are you happy” the Alpha wiped his lips and lay against the headboard. “Then come here.  I know you’ve been having your nightmares again and not coming here afterwards” he said and pulled Mamoru to his side. “Sleep. Ill wake you when its time to make dinner” he said and touched Mamorus Mark.

“because that’s your responsibility in this pack”