As I wrap up on D.Gray-Man Hallow I cant help but remember my favorite English voice actor, Allen Walkers own, Todd Haberkorn.


Or many people know him from Fairy Tail or Baccano. I actually have his autograph!


Funny thing though, I know him mostly as Allen Walker, but I watched the entire series of D.Gray-Man subbed…


ANYWHO. Digressing this early.

Todd Haberkorn, born in 1982, Arlington Texas is American, and lives in LA currently. He started working with Funimation on Black cat and Peach Girl before landing key roles like Watanuki in xxxHolic, Allen Walker in D.Gray-Man, and Italy in Hetalia. He had a prominent presence on his Instagram, and works as a production editor for the  Le Theatre de Marionette.


Funimation isn’t the only place he lends his voice, he is currently Grey Matter on Ben 10, and is a host on Geek and Sundrys YouTube channel.


He has been nominated for 6 awards, 5 of them being ‘Best Vocal Ensemble in an Anime Title’ for his roles in Fairy Tail and Free! as well as ‘Best Male Lead’ for voicing Natsu Dragneel specifically.


He is also part of a series Star Trek Continues, in which he plays Mr. Spock! Season 1 returns April 1st. So far 8 episodes are released.


He has a 13 year old child, but I couldn’t find information on them.


SO what is this building up to you ask? WELL. In honor of me finishing D.Gray-Man Hallow, I have compiled a list of my favorite characters Todd Haberkorn has graced us with his voice.


  1. Allen Walker.


You saw this coming. Allen Walker is by far one of my favorite characters in general, and is one of the reasons I adore Todd.


Allen Walker is an exorcist with in the Black Order and is the wielder of a Parasitic Innocence type. His arm is all innocence and he is able to use it to defeat Akuma. In his Crown Clown phase he removes his entire arm as a sword.. One that.. Mirrors the Millennium Earls..

images (4)

While the series as of late had diverged rather heavily from the main goal, which, was actually pretty impossible from the start.. It has focussed heavily on Allen Walker and his position as the 14th Noah, or as Nea Campbell. KNEE-AH. Not NEIGH-AH as the dub would have us believe.


Comment below. Is it KNEE-AH or NEIGH-AH Walker?


Allen throughout both series has been a cute, emotionally soft character who feels secure because he can detect Akuma. Two significant points in his time in the order have been when his safety net, his cursed eye, was useless and he had to deal with the panic of not knowing where the Akuma were, and when his arm was destroyed by Tyki Mykk.

maxresdefault (3)

  1. Hikaru Hitachin!

Ah the original twincest shipping pair!

They didn’t even really try to hide it, they played on that insinuation!


Todd played the elder of the twins, and his ‘whiny shrill voice’ as iMBD identified leant itself to the fun loving nature of the orange haired bumble bee.


Hikaru is the elder twin of the two, but is less mature than Kaoru. He does have a bit of a mischievous streak, that comes across as being mean sometimes, but Kaoru seems to be his grounding agent.


In the anime Hikaru takes Haruhi out on a date, but the manga depicts a date with Kaoru as well. Haruhi is the only character who is able to win the game “Which one is Hikaru” because she sees them as individuals, despite their attempts to appear the same.


The twins are very dependant on one another, stemming from the idea that no one will ever be able to tell them apart. In the anime and manga there are times when they dye their hair to try and be different, but their dislike for others just pushes them back together. They dislike people because they cannot tell the twins apart, but Haruhi can, so that is why she is special to them.


Well this was supposed to be about Hikaru not the both of them!


Hikaru likes outlandish designer clothes!

On a side not, the series is called Ouran School Host Club, but in episode 3, during the physical exam, a man comes in looking for his daughter who goes to Ouran School, and everyone corrects him that they are at Ouran Academy! Ouran School is its own thing!


  1. Death the Kid

This OCD little wonder is the second son of Death himself, although Son is a way of putting it.. They say he was created from a piece of Death himself. So is he like a torn off part..?


He is a character in Soul Eater and is one of the top 3 EAT fighters.


The 3 lines in his hair are actually Lines of Sanzu, a reference to the River of Sanzu, but they serve as a source of power for him. He can connect the individual Lines of Sanzu and gains an ability at that point.


When his third Lines are connected its said his soul reaches the size of his fathers , he becomes a true God and is able to contend with Asura(the guy under Death Academy).


His OCD/extreme need for symmetry does seem to have a lesser effect on him in the manga than in the anime. Possibly due to his maturity? He’s growing up *sniff*. His fathers appearance doesn’t seem to bother him, or he doesn’t talk about it, but that could be due to the immense respect for him.


Death is an interesting kid, with strong morals and ideals, but other than the need for symmetry he doesn’t feel like things should be forced on others, despite going on and on about wanting a perfect world.


Technically, Asura is Death the kids older brother. But again, being ‘born’ from Death meant a little part of Death was separated from him and spawned a whole person. The two are very different and were created for different reasons.



So those are my three favorite Todd Haberkorn Characters! There is definitely more roles he has played in, like Natsu and Watanuki, but I wanted to shed light on these characters. They interest me the most.


So whose your favorite Voice actor? How come?


Thanks for reading!