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Part 7, its a bit of fluff, some laughs, and a big reveal~~

Mamoru knocked on the bedroom door and cracked it open. He wiped his nose as he poked his head in, and saw Kozu sleep on his back, his comforter pulled down to his belly. The Alpha would kick the blankets off for the most part, and Mamoru was surprised they were still on the bed at all. Kozu tended to be a hot sleeper. Which wasn’t a bad thing, especially when he slept with him.

Hinata didn’t seem to mind either. He was curled against Kozus side, with one leg on top of the blanket. He switched between beds more frequently lately. It didn’t take him very long to get comfy in the new house, but he still had to learn some rules.

Rule one, when Mamoru came to sleep in Kozus bed, he ALWAYS got the middle spot. Mamoru had to specifically sit Hinata down and explain it to him. He told him the whole story behind his Mark, which seemed to horrify the young Omega.

“I still have nightmares from the hospital” he had explained. “and when I do, I sleep in Zuzus bed, so if I come in, move over, please” he requested.

Now it was time to implement. Hinata was pressed so tightly to Kozus side, Mamoru wasn’t sure if he would be able to move him. Mamoru was shaky, having just woken up, and was half ready to give up and go crawl into Misonos bed for some Touch.

He was surprised when Hinata opened his eyes and immediately moved over. He didn’t seem fully awake, but Mamoru was grateful nonetheless. What he hadn’t expected even more was the feeling of the Omega pressed to his back once he was settled. The warm body on his back felt really good to Mamoru, now sandwiched inbetween his Alpha and his Omega.

He buried his face into Kozus side, falling asleep easier. The nightmare had been the same as before. He was just alone, for weeks and weeks. It felt like each day played out, the days dragging on as he waited for someone, anyone to come see him. He had been held in the hospital for only a week after he was Marked, and he knew that it was only a dream, but he couldn’t wake himself up and he had to sit there for the weeks and weeks until he woke up in a cold sweat.


“so, Mamoru can’t get pregnant?” Hinata asked, sitting at the counter, cutting into his waffles. “I mean that’s why Kozu Marked me right? Kids?” his hand felt his own belly. He still didn’t know for sure if he was already pregnant with Kageyamas child. He hadn’t taken a test, and its not like the kid would be kicking yet. It had been 3 weeks. A test might not even pick up on it.

“I probably can’t” the blonde said. “I may be a beta, but I think I was supposed to be an Alpha. And alphas can’t have kids”

“but betas can?” he asked, thinking of Suga, fat with a baby, Daichis baby. Or Asahi with Noyas baby. He let out a little snort at the idea of Noyas baby being bigger than him.

Mamoru looked over at Hinata as he rinsed the waffle maker. “natural Betas yes. But I don’t think im a natural beta. So I cant.. I mean its never been confirmed, but im pretty sure that im just.. im not built to have a baby” he frowned and touched his belly, lifting his shirt to see the soft skin, forever flat. “but if I could, I would” he said, smoothing his shirt back down. “Wishful thinking”

“Well does Kozu use a condom with you?” he asked, and jumped when Mamoru nearly choked.

Mamoru had been taken so off guard by the assumption, he just choked on air. Did Hinata think Zuzu and he…

“We don’t, we don’t do that” he said “never, its never been like that” he said, the memory of the kiss surfacing. How badly he wanted it to go farther than a kiss didn’t matter. It would just never happen.

“Kozus not into men”

Hinata scoffed. “yea, right. That’s why he has 3 guy Mates” he said. “So, he’s doing it with Misono then?”

Mamoru was going to die. This kid was so blunt! He needed more than 2 hands to rub the shock and disbelief from his face.

“Zuzus choice in mates has nothing to do with gender” he said. “Its about status. You and Misono just happened to be guys. And I was in the wrong place at the wrong time”

“So, does he go do it with girls then?”

“no, he doesn’t. I mean as an alpha its his right to date whoever he wants and Mark multiple people, but I don’t believe he does.” He said and took the empty plate. “he doesn’t sleep with anyone”

“but he’s supposed to try and get me pregnant? With what? A turkey baster”

Misono was heard laughing in the livingroom, no doubt imagining Kozu jerking off into a turkey baster and squirting it into Hinata.

Mamoru slowly shook his head, his face beet red. “I don’t know! He hasn’t given me a play by play” he said and rushed off to get dressed for the day. He kept his head down and almost bumped into the man himself.

“Mamoru? Are you okay?” Kozu asked, holding Mamoru by his shoulders.

“im okay” Mamoru smiled up at him, “just talking to your mates. You sure know how to pick em” he said. “I gotta go get dressed then im ready to go okay?” he asked. Kozu was already dressed and ready. There would be a car that would drop the three of them off at Aoba Josai, and then drop Hinata off at Karasuno. The same car would pick them up after school, except Mamoru who now bussed over to Karasuno every day. The bus rides weren’t too long though so it wasn’t too bad.

The practices weren’t boring either. He got to hang out with a few of the team members, and Noya really seemed to like him. He liked Noya too. He was cute and spunky, but he clearly was courting the tallest guy on the team. They were an odd pairing to say the least!

Tsukishima was still watching him carefully, and he had been asking even more questions, like where was Hinatas Mark, was he being treated well, and whether or not Kozu had done a ‘practice round’ yet.

The most interesting team member though was definitely Kageyama. The boy kept touching Hinata, despite Hinata openly rejecting him a number of times. The boy didn’t seem as dejected as he should have. If your partner suddenly stopped talking to you, would you be as calm as this?

Hinata crying over him unnerved Mamoru too. He felt a bit bad about tearing them apart, but Hinata was part of his pack now, not this one. After the tournament then Hinata would be moved to Aoba Josai and Mamoru could actively admit Hinata was in his pack, he wasn’t just his cousin.

He wanted to get rid of Hinatas collar. It was covering up Zuzus Mark, which was disrespectful. It was a precious Mark given to them by Kozu himself. But he understood Hinatas reasons. He could tell that the team would change how they interacted with Hinata if they knew who his Alpha was. Noya would probably be less of a real friend to him, and ask to come over more to see Kozu. Mamoru didn’t want to break up that friendship. Noya was a cutie.

“If I was an Alpha I’d make you mine” he told Noya one time, just to tease him. The Alpha hadn’t been so keen on the joke, and hadn’t really spoken to him the rest of practice. Only at the end of practice when he brought up Kozu did Noya show interest in him again.

After almost 2 weeks of coming every day, most of the team didn’t interact with him still, and when they did they were very formal. Which he didn’t like. He knew he wasn’t part of the team, but he didn’t want to be an outsider.. Whenever he waved to the Ace, he would freeze and give a stiff wave back and resume practice.

“Im going to be late today” Mamoru told Hinata. “I have.. a thing to do after school. So you don’t have to wait for me” he lied. He didn’t really want to go back right away. He kinda didn’t want to go back at all, but he had to. Would people ask about him? Would people wonder where he was? Or would he be easily dropped? Would they just.. accept that he wasn’t there anymore?

Hinata nodded and waved to the three of them as they left the car. “Ill see you later Mamoru” he smiled and closed the door. He pulled out his phone and texted Kageyama.

Hinata was continuing his relationship with Kageyama, but keeping the secrets was a lot of work. He had to constantly steal something that smelt of Kozu, and he had to avoid Kageyama scenting him! During practice it was easier to explain, but Mamoru saw him before practice, so he wouldn’t be able to use the cover of sweat to hide Kageyamas scent on him. But if Mamoru wasn’t going to be there at first.. there was less pressure.

Lunch time was the same as before, the two would head to the roof together. Kageyama still tried to break Hinatas no touching rule quite frequently. Especially when he was really into Hinata. After a particularly heated make out session he had pinned Hinata and nearly gave him a hickey. Hinata probably reduced his ability to have children that day, after having to use any means possible to free himself.

Today though, with more leeway, Hinata let Kageyama touch him. He took off his jacket though and left it in the classroom.

“Oh?” Kageyama was surprised at the development and slid his hands into the orange hair in front of him. Hinata had been so averse to touch, he thought it may have something to do with the life growing inside him, but today was different. “you still smell like that damn alpha” he growled, burying his nose into Hinatas neck, trying to pick up his scent, and not the Alphas. “Do you sleep in his fucking bed or something?”

Hinata blushed. “Sometimes” he admitted. “only when Mamoru has a nightmare though.” He lied. “he needs a lot of Touch afterwards and sleeping in the middle of two people makes him feel better” he explained, running his hands into the back of Kageyamas hair. “id much rather be sharing a bed with you though” he said and wrapped his other arm around Kageyamas back.

Kageyama smirked and kissed him. “don’t worry, you will” he hummed and touched his collar. “When I make you mine” he purred, and reached down, undoing the bottom buttons of Hinatas shirt.

“W-w-what are you doing?! Wait!” he pushed him back. “we can’t have sex up on the roof!” he said. There was no way in hell! Not only because of the situation, but doing it on the roof?! In the open, at SCHOOL?! Even if they were Mates Hinata would protest.

Kageyama scoffed and leaned forwards, moving Hinata onto his back. “I want to see your belly” he said, and finished undoing Hinatas buttons, and opened the shirt. The pale skin underneath the thin fabric was mesmerizing. Hinata wasn’t very muscly. His legs were more defined than his torso, but his torso was home to his perky little nipples, and his growing belly.

Leaning down Kageyama kissed the skin above his belly button, and lay his hand on the skin. “im really happy about this you know” he said. “I know.. I over reacted earlier, but I am happy. Im happy you’ve changed your mind too” he kissed his belly again and moved up to kiss his lips and lay next to him.

“I still have to take the test” Hinata said and hummed as tingles ran up his spine. “I may not even be pregnant” he looked over at him, placing a hand on his belly. “if im not pregnant.. then I want to wait until after highschool to have kids” he said and lay his head on Kageyamas chest. “You aren’t graduating before me, and I don’t wanna be a teen mom. Although id be a MILF sooner” he chuckled and kissed Kageyama.

Hinata knew in the back of his head that all this planning meant nothing. He wouldn’t have another chance with Kageyama. Kozu wouldn’t allow it, and even if he did.. Kageyama would probably hate him. He didn’t want to see the look of betrayal on Kageyamas face if he found out. Things would be perfect if he could just slip away after the tournament. He didn’t want to see how he had betrayed his friends, his pack. They would all hate him. Especially for lying to them now. A good omega would have just listened to the alpha the first time. A good omega didn’t get bitten by another alpha..


The rest of the day had gone by slow enough. Hinata had walked to the gate before remembering he didn’t need to and headed up to the club room. It was empty. Even when he didn’t have to wait for Mamoru he was still late. He stripped quick enough and got changed. When he arrived without Mamoru he got a few strange looks but no one said anything.

Hinata sat quietly, pulling his knees to his chest. Would they notice his absence when he left? Or would things run as smoothly as they were now..

After the warmup Tsukishima approached Hinata. “Where’s your cousin” he asked.

“He’s going to be late today” he said, and was dragged off.

“Then come here” Tsukishima dragged him up to the club room. He didn’t say a word but pulled a packet of pills from his bag. “Take this” he said, and handed him the rest of the packet. “Take one every day, I’ll bring you more when you run out” he said and handed Hinata a water bottle.

“Are these.. suppression pills?” Hinata asked. “For my heat? What? Why?” he looked at the little yellow pill in his hand. “I don’t need to-“

“I know. I know it all” Tsukishima interrupted, and reached for Hinatas collar. “I know Mamoru isn’t your cousin, and I know that once you’re knocked up, the tournament wont mean a damn thing to Ikazuki”

Hinatas face drained of all color as he took in the words Tsuki was giving. He knew. He knew. He knew. He knew. He knew.

Hinata started shaking, and looked up at the Omega. “N-no, I-I I don’t know what you’re talking about” he said and faced away from him. “none of that’s true”

“I heard it from the blonde himself” Tsukishima said. “and your heat is next week isn’t it”

Hinata looked over at Tsukishima. “Mamoru told you.. why would he tell! I told him to not tell anyone” Hinata leaned against the wall and lay his head on his knees. “You can’t tell anyone! You can’t say anything!” he sniffled. “Not Kageyama. Please don’t tell him. Please” he looked up at Tsukishima, who maintained his stony face.

“You’re so stupid. You think im going to be the one to screw this up? you’re being with two alphas. Do you know how much of a mess you are making? When Kageyama finds out you’ve been Marked, cause its not like when you leave in 3 months that people will forget about you or think you’ve died. You’ll be at a school down the street!” He growled. “You should have come clean in the first place. So just take the damn pills and keep acting as a decoy.” He scoffed and turned to leave.

“I can’t” Hinata piped up, making Tsukis nostrils flare. “And why is that”

“They would hurt the baby” he whispered.

“The what” Tsukis voice was flat and blunt. “Whose? Ikazukis?”

Hinata shook his head.

“Well fuck”

Hinata sniffled again and pushed his hands into his hair. “I didn’t mean for any of this to happen you know” he said. “I didn’t wake up one day and decide to get knocked up and bitten in the time span of a week” he sniffled. “I didn’t want any of this!”

“Do you know for sure? That its Kageyamas?” he asked. Have you taken a test?”

Hinata looked yup at him and shook his head. “I haven’t taken a test. Im never left alone. And if I buy one.. people will know” he said. “its only been 3 weeks..”

“Excuses” Tsuki scowled. “Get up, were going to the store” he said and pocketed the pills.

Hinata stood up and obeyed, wiping his eyes.

“Im going to tell Daichi that we are going for a run” he said and headed into the gym. “stay here.” He left him and headed into the building.

As Hinata was waiting he saw the bus pull up and Mamoru get off the bus. Hinata quickly jumped into a bush, hiding from Mamoru. The blonde wasn’t really looking around, but was making a beeline for the club room. Hinata watched for Tsuki, and only came out of the bush when Mamoru was in the club room.

“What are you doing?” Tsukishima asked, scowling at the bushdweller.

“Mamoru… he’s in the club room” Hinata said. “if he sees me.. he’ll want to come?”

“you’re telling me that the alpha who’s going to try and get you pregnant doesn’t know you may already be pregnant?” he asked, needed more hands to slap into his own face. “Lets just go”


The two walked to the corner store. Hinata wanted to stay outside, so people didn’t know it was for him. “So, you’re okay with people thinking im pregnant?” Tsukishima asked. “ill just say its for Asahi” he said and walked into the store, returning a moment later with a plastic bag. “kay, now you can go hide in the bush” he said and handed him the bag.

“O-out here?” he asked, looking around.

“unless you want to go back to the school and do it, and run into Mamoru” he suggested.

Hinata eeped and looked around for a bush or a tree or something. He fumbled with the box and pulled out the stick. He looked at it in his hand. It was so light, but it felt so heavy. It felt like it weighed a thousand pounds. It was essentially carrying his life. He took a deep breath and looked to Tsukishima. “I just…”

“Pee on it” he said and motioned for him to go. “it’ll take about 2 minutes to go, and then it’ll either show one line or two” he said. “the wait is the scariest part. So just go and pee already”

Hinata his behind the bush and uncapped the stick.

He had a bit of performers anxiety and couldn’t pee for almost a minute. But things worked out and he avoided peeing on his hands. Recapping it he sat next to Tsuki on the bush, the stick wrapped up in the plastic bag.

“This is scary” the smaller omega whispered. “I didn’t want any of this. I wanted to wait until after highschool. But they attacked me, and Kageyama.. he brought protection but he was so wrapped up and I tried to stop him and I tried. I really tried Tsuki” he sniffled.

Tsukishima sighed and pulled Hinata to his shoulder. “I get it. believe it r not, I’ve taken one of those tests too” he said. “and thank god it was negative”

Hinata looked up at the confession. “Who? Kuroo?”

Tsukishima shook his head. “My brothers Alpha. I was going though a heat and he came over looking for my bro. he found me instead” he said and sighed. “I wasn’t even conscious for most of it, so don’t be asking questions” he looked away. “so I guess I understand what you’re going through. That doesn’t mean you’re not completely stupid” he said and sighed. The redhead was still looking for more information, but there wasn’t much to give.

“he was an alpha, there wasn’t much I could do” he said. “Just like you. You’re stuck as an Ikazuki mate. What is it with Ikazukis and Karasuno Omegas” he whispered, rolling his eyes.


“Yea, like your precious Kozu” he said. “Marik Ikazuki is my brothers Alpha. He’s not in the main family, but his older brother is going to take over one of the hospitals” he said. “Aniki did well for himself”

Hinata frowned. “im sorry Tsuki. That’s a horrible thing to happen to you” he said and hugged him. Thank you for telling me” he said supportively.

Tsuki pointed to the bag with the pee stick. “just joking, that story was to distract you while the stick developed. Check it now” he said.

“Wait what? That story wasn’t real?” Hinata asked, confused as all hell now. It was such a personal story! “I know you’re not nice but I didn’t think you were cruel like that” he pouted and turned away from him, and pulling the stick out. He was about to uncap it when he had his name being called.

“Hinata?” one of the community leagues members walked up to them. It was Yamaguchis mentor. “Fancy seeing you here. Are you headed to practice?”

“Yea” Tsuki interrupted. “Just grabbing a snack. He ate his lunch in first period, so the bakas starving now” he said, shooting Hinata a look.

Hinata grabbed hid belly. It was in knots, so its not like he could even eat. “yea, its hard to jump when my stomach hurts this much” he said.

The man to him and sighed. “Ah to be a growing boy” he waved to them. “Well I’ll tell Ukai you guys are on your way. Im heading over now to work with Yamaguchi” he said and started walking.

Hinata sighed as the man walked away. He was almost caught.

Tsuki stood up. “Check the stick and lets go” he said, tugging the plastic from Hinatas pockets.

Hinata took a deep breath and pulled the stick out, and uncapped it. The indicator tip was.. blue.

The two of them looked at the tip and gasped. Hinata was frozen for a moment and touched his belly. “Its solid blue” he whispered, and looked up at Tsuki. “What does that mean”


The pair walked back to the gym, almost soulless. Hinata had tossed the box with the indicator colors away, and Hinata was too nervous to go peek at the other boxes in the store to try and read them.

“Its blue. But what does blue mean?” he asked.

“I don’t know! If you had kept the box we would know by now wouldn’t we” he said and growled. “Idiot” he walked into the gym and over to Yamaguchi.

Hinata walked over to Mamoru and gave him a quick hug. “When did you get here” he asked, knowing full well when Mamoru go here.

“Apparently just after you two went out on a run” he said and smiled. “that’s okay though. Was it a good run?”

“yea, I needed to get some energy out” he said. He sure got energy out. Now he was empty of energy and wanted to curl up into a ball.

“Are you kay? You look a bit pale” he said and felt his forehead. “you don’t feel hot, are you okay?” he asked, and stood up, checking him all over. He had Hinata sit down, and heard something click against the wood.

“hmm? What’s this?” he asked, and reached for Hinatas pocket.

“No!” Hinata jumped and grabbed Mamorus hand. “Its nothing. Leave it” he said and stood up. He still had the stick in his pocket. He meant to toss it.

“Hii-kun” Mamoru said, looking at him sternly. “What’s in your pocket?” his voice was calm and slow

Hinata tried to back away, keeping his hands over his pocket. “Its nothing. Its nothing. Its nothing”

“Clearly not, if you’re this upset over it” he said and pilled at Hinatas fingers, prying them away from the pocket.

Kageyama came rushing over, and pushed Mamoru away form Hinata. “What are you doing to him!?” he asked, scowling. “you’re making him cry”

Noya and Asahi ran to Hinata, in case he needed to be moved.

“Hey what’s this” Noya said and picked up something from the floor. “is this yours?” he asked Hinata before looking at what it was. “Nitro+.. Pregnancy test?!” he looked to Hinata.

Kageyama and Mamorus eyes jumped to Hinata. “Pregnancy test?” they said in unison.

“Shoyo, what’s Blue mean?” Noya asked.