Heavy Object is a 24 episode series that aired from October 2015 to March 2016. the series was adapted from a light novel series, which also spawned for 3 manga adaptations. A number of characters are playable in the Dengeki Buko version of Smash Brothers, published under Sega.

The premise is that the world has adapted to contain a military of Objects, large scale machines that have a set amount of power. To minimize human casualties the objects are used for battle instead of humans. The objects themselves are run by humans, or Elites who are trained specialists for that machine.

Our story follows Qwenther Barbotage and Heivia Winchell, two civilian members of the Legitimate Kingdoms military. Qwenther wants to be an Object designer and is undergoing a type of apprenticeship while Heivia hopes to attain rank and prestige because he is the head of a wealthy family.


The Elite of the Baby Magnum, the legitimate Kingdoms Object is Melinda, or as they call her Princess. Melinda has developed a crush on Qwenther, but that is not the focus of the show, although it shows as a bit of motivation for a few characters.

The show itself was really good. I felt like it had a great balance of logic and humanity. The large portion of the show has been Qwenther and Heivia working with their surroundings to help the Princess defeat the enemy Object, using strategy. The use of objects mean that humans are no longer necessary in battle, so these two involvements and survival has been a notable event and earned them quite the reputation.

The romantic element was largely ignored by Qwenther, but that does not mean there was no innuendos! Surrounded by women in power both Qwenther and Heivia ‘warned’ the women that their turn-ons included being scolded from above, and being strangled with their face pressed against a boob. So the ‘perv’ title was being placed on the women, which I found hilarious!

The names in the show are all very interesting, from City Slicker to Slatter Honeysuckle to Qwenther himself, the names are certainly one of a kind, which did take away a bit from the logically based plotline.

Now I love plotlines that focus around logic. I love to se the ways people work things out more than magic based animes, so this series was right up my alley.


While a lot of the military relationship nuances were over my head (corporal, lieutenant.. Idk which one is a higher rank) the personal relationships were very easy to follow. Heivia and Qwenthers relationship was easily the best part of the series. There was no sexual tension, so by relationship I strictly mean friendship.

But the two were both teasing one another and bouncing off of one another. They have different motivations when it comes to their participation in the war and Qwenther is more of the intellectual while Heivia is more the physical of the duo, they come together and get the mission completed, with or without military consent. They butted heads but always ended up working towards the same goal, even when physically separated.

Id love to see more from this universe, and more from Qwenther. The credits photo reel showed a more domestic/provincial setting with Qwenther and the Princess, but mid-war im not so sure that would be possible, although based off of the finale it does lend itself to them being on Leave. Who knows. I want more.

I don’t have any major criticisms of the show, other than the off naming’s. There were a lot of mini-stories throughout the series, and a few of them resurfaced in the final arc, but everything was kind of standalone, with not much building on one another.


I stopped watching for about.. A year. I picked up the second half of the series recently and it was easy to be reintroduced to the characters and scenarios, because there wasn’t so much a tie in to previous arcs.

Overall I really enjoyed this series. Its definitely one of my more favorite military/mecha animes, kinda along the same vein as Captain Earth.

I would definitely recommend this series.

It is Dubbed, so it is available on Funimation.

Thanks for reading!