If Danmachi and Asterisk Wars had a baby, it would be Luck & Logic! Can it be considered a Magical Boy anime? Not in the sense that Binan Koukou was a magical boy anime, but the MC is donning quite the extravagant costume!

This series is an adaptation of a card game, and is being produced by Doga Kobo, the studio behind New Game and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, among others.


My first impression is that this series is cool. Its very much a ‘don’t worry, for I have arrived’ type scenario, with the male character regaining his ability to fight and immediately taking charge of the female battalion.

Screenshot 2017-03-11 11.21.52.png

Its not so original, in fact my favorite part of the series was when the male character fell into a girl, his hand on her boob and goes to apologizes, she shoes it off and resumes the battle. *mind blown*


The characters that get upset in those scenes drive me nuts. It was clearly an accident.


The premise of the series seems to be that there are cards that give people ‘logic’ but what logic actually is, I have no idea. I feel like they tried to explain it to me at the beginning, but it should be a recurring opening to hammer it into peoples minds. Im assuming the luck part comes in after, like ‘your logic is different, lets call it luck’ or something.

Screenshot 2017-03-11 11.23.56.png

Will I watch this again, heck yea. It seems great! I really enjoyed the first episode, even if it wasn’t ground shatteringly new and innovative.


Magical Boy anime *smirk*


Anyway! What  do  you think of the anime? Let me know down below!


Thanks for reading!