I did not think that I would like this series. I assumed I would have to force myself through it, groaning and dragging my heels but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.


Sansha Sanyou, or  ‘Three Leaves, Three Colors’ is the story of Yoko Nishikawa, a girl who recently lost her ojou-sama status. She lives mainly on bread crusts and mayonnaise and takes frugality to a whole new level.

She makes two friends at her new school, one who is described as a demon, and one who is a food challenge champion.


This series is 100% slice of life and school setting.


The series does have continuity, but it doesn’t have a plot per say. The characters are continual, and the MC maintains a job, as well as the order of seasonal events remains in order.


The character types in this show are what make it enjoyable. Not even so much the main cast. The supporting cast are really the highlights.


We have Sonobe, or Sono-Bae, the 30 year old woman who looks like a child. She was previously the maid for Yoko and is now her boss at a cake shop. This new role development thrills Sonobe, not that you can tell on her ever stoic face. The small things she mumbles under her breath before being caught are entertaining and zingy and she is the best character I find in this series.


Yamagi is the previous butler of the Nishikawa household is constantly stalking the MC. It became an ongoing joke that they would call his name and he would pop up. He still treats Yoko as if he is still her butler, and the contrast between her ‘rich’ personality and her new humble personality show up when he goes against her.


Although it was in a dream, when Yamagi told Yoko to go to class, she outright slapped him, as if she was scolding her servant.


Other side characters include Usuda, a wanna be idol with no singing skill, who is pushy and sometimes rude.


Takezono, Yokos unofficial fiancé who ends up catching the eye of Usuda, and falls victim to her whims.


And Tsuji, the tactless sidekick to an already side character. The blunt way she tells things as they are very shocking to the Main Cast and it creates a few incidents.


The animation wasn’t anything special, it was pretty standard. There were no standout plot twists, there was no climax really as well. The episodes were wrapped up within themselves and the jokes were repeated a lot. It hit the Christmas episode and the Valentines episode, and even the Beach episodes.


It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad either. It’s a Fine series. If you need something to play in the background while doing homework, this series would be perfect. You don’t miss any large plot points (there are none) there are no major character developments, or complex scenes.


Its essentially “you’re still eating bread crusts? I ate 5 bowls of ramen! I hate Hayama, and Miss Yoko!”

Yup, that about sums it up.


Have you seen it? Did you like it? Let me know down below!


Thanks for reading!