Akiba’s Trip is like.. It gets so close to being taken seriously, its building up to an intense scene, then it just .. Rips clothing off of girls.

The show itself isn’t bad. Its set in Akihabra, which, for a fan living outside of Japan is GOLD cause Akihabra is one of my favorite places and I want to go so badly! But essentially these ‘Bugged Ones’ are slowly taking over and have chosen Akihabra as their base because the cosplay allows them to dress however they want to protect themselves.


My first feelings about the show is that it isn’t anything really new. I don’t think it would be a breakout series or have a big of an impact on people. Its not Fanservice either, there’s no crotch shots or oversized boobs, and there seems to be an actual bit of plot wedged in there.

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Standard kinda plot-setup, with the MC being turned into a vampire(?).  There is a bit of confusion because the Bugged Ones speak to the female MC like she’s one of them, but the transmission of being a bugged one is different than what happens to the MC. Its not explained very well and I hope its elaborate on more.


Fighting wise there wasn’t a lot of mush or blurred actions. It seems pretty smooth.


The best part of the episode was the character Arisa, she’s very polite, even when talking about really weird action figures. She’s really strong and funny and I want to see more of her. The  way she’s set up I believe she will be a recurring character.


So those are my thoughts. It wasn’t a horrible show, but its not #1 on my list to get through. Ill probably wait for it to finish and binge it to try and maintain a coherent idea of what’s going on.


Have you seen this series? What did you think? Let me know below! It seems to have been adapted form a video game, is it an accurate depiction of that game or is it as toned down as the Dramatical Murder anime was?


Thanks for reading!