Grimgar is an aesthetically pleasing, toned down Danmachi. The premise of people becoming RPG characters is the main plot point of this series similar to SAO, Log Horizon and Danmachi but the focus of the show is very different.

The story teases the idea that the characters came from ‘somewhere else’ because they have memories of things they cant explain anymore. This rounds up at the end with the characters being okay with forgetting where they came from, because Grimgar is now their home. There wasn’t all that much desire to ‘go home’ throughout the series though.

The layout of the show seemed to be like a third person POV, and instead of following the characters it would have long timeskips with montages and narration. The scenarios we were there for were closer looks at the story but it still had a very detached feel. A lot of the show was training and mindless farming for skills and money though.

The series overall was very muted. Even the intense scenes had a sense of calm to them.


Death and mourning are a heavy, if not the crux of the show. After the death of a party member the rest of the characters struggled with the grief and the realization that they needed to find a replacement soon.

Half of the series was heavily focussed on the deaths, but again, we only saw montages and peeks into the story. Its not a bad plot model, but it did feel very distant and calm, like we were being kept at an arms length.

That didn’t stop me from crying.

As for outside conflicts, there isn’t much interaction with non-party members, keeping the conflicts internal.

There is a confusing romance element between three characters. The eventual result ends up being more insinuated than confirmed, which is a bit frustrating, because frankly he chose the wrong girl.

The art style of the series was beautiful though. It was done by A-1 Pictures and had a very painted look. The art style was my biggest draw to watch the series and I wasn’t let down.


The fighting animation even was really interesting and it didn’t feel awkward. There was the element of fantastic because they are human rpg characters with bought skills. Shouting and calling it ‘Roar’ would feel a bit awkward though, but if you’re gunna die I don’t think you care about how stupid you look, and that’s evident though the bad boy of the group Ranta.

I bet Ranta played videogames before he was taken to Grimgar. He was shouting his move names and took pleasure in being a dark knight. He was so into it it was awesome.

Im don’t think there will be a second season. I feel it wrapped up what it needed to.

So have you seen the series? Did you like it more than the other human-turn-RPG series? Why or why not? Let me know down below!