Interview with Monster girls or ‘Demi-chan’ is a cutesy anime with a school setting. The premise is that the biology teacher wants to study Demi humans, such as vampires and yukionnas and dullahans. It just so happens that there are demi human students at the school!

I’ve read the manga for this series, up until chapter 18. But I enjoyed the anime as much as I enjoyed the manga. Its very light hearted. The conflicts or dilemmas are more surrounding the demis adjusting to people instead of people adjusting to the demis.

The anime starts off with the new teacher, who is a succubus. The manga doesn’t cover her until later on and it didn’t cover the same content as the manga, which was told from the female teachers perspective.

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The first episode does introduce us to the key characters though, and even introduces the different reactions that demis have towards humans. We get a tidbit of each conflict or situation were going to encounter, from the dullahans self deprecating humor to the vampires need for blood.

I do like the biology teacher the best out of all of the characters. I like the questions he asks, after all, he is interviewing these demis. The line of questioning is investigative and curious and at times a little too personal. But its interesting. I can see why he would be interested in the demis. Im interested in the demis!

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With a lot packed into the episode it didn’t feel overcrowded. It does feel like we peeked into each scenario without getting too much into the meat that we NEED to have more of that scenario specifically.

The anime isn’t as hardcore or plot heavy I feel like. It comes across as lighthearted and more cute and interesting than intense. I don’t see any exciting battles coming into the forefront, but if you liked Dagashi Kashi, xxxHolic or any other anime that does a lot of explaining the subject matter/cultural references, then you’ll like this series!

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