From the Top is a new story, form the title, but its in the same vein as Bitten. It just focuses more on other characters, Tomaru and Kyoya Heika.

Ive really fallen in love with writing this story for myself and for others, Naja kinda sparked the inspiration for this plotline and its just all gone downhill since then. A good downhill though, like sledding downhill.

The story does get a bit graphic at parts surrounding 1 of the characters. Nothing too fancy, its not I’m confident in my writing or anything >.>

But anywho, enjoy!

Thanks or reading!


Tomii leaned over the table, the cafe was pretty packed and he wanted to say something /really/ dirty.

The man gasped and purred, looking at the boy with smoldering eyes. “Are you sure?” he asked, reaching under the table to touch Tomiis knee, a jolt running through his arm. The younger male was giving him such an erotic look, and in public! What he just suggested, and with the barista as well!

“Should we head out then?” the male asked, taking Tomiis hand and kissing the soft digits.

Tomii made a face, but allowed it with a small roll of the eyes. “Weirdo” he teased and bumped his hip. He leaned over the counter and motioned for the barista to come over. He leaned up and kissed him. “Niko, come with us, go on break” he said and winked back at his playmate. “please?”

Niko sighed and looked to his manager. “can I go on break Miss Yeena?” he asked. She waved him off. “Half an hour” she allowed, and went back to making the coffee.

Tomii jumped with excitement. Niko was a favorite of his, his strong, broad chest and large tough hands felt great on his skin and the man knew how to play internal hockey. He rearranged Tomiis insides every time they got together!

Now with the new hot guy in the mix, things were going to be so fun!

The three exited the café and headed to the hotel across the street. It was so convenient, especially when the hotel was owned by his father. He had all access to every room. “Where should we go today~” he asked Niko. Walking backwards. He walked a bit awkwardly. But he wasn’t in pain.

“Let’s go to worst room” he smirked. “Better yet, the laundry room. I know whores like you don’t appreciate the finer things” he gripped Tomiis chin roughly, manhandling him.

Niko knew exactly who Tomii was. He was his boss after all.

First son to Hiiro Heika, grandson to Totsuka Heika, and next in line for the Heika Head position. Tomaru Heika was an alpha of the top 1%. He had the second most power in all of the.. whatever the scale was, Tomii didn’t care. He didn’t care about any of the Heika stuff. He wanted to be a whore, not an Alpha. He wanted these two men to pin him down in bed, not be pinned down by politicians and family members. Although some of the other members.. he wouldn’t mind tasting with his lower mouth.

The Heika family had been the unofficial ruling class of the Alpha class for nearly 600 years, kept together by strict rules and the exilation of outliers. So far Tomiis fathers line was the only one to survive the Purge of 2006, when his grandfather banished lines left and right.

If he found out about Tomiis proclivities.. he would be left without an heir, and like hell he would allow a beta like Hiiro to be Head. It had to be alphas, and at this point, it had to be Tomaru.

As for who knew about the Head Tomii enjoyed, Kyoya, his twin was his top opposer. The Beta twin was an alpha personified, except in status. He seemed to take as much if not more, pleasure in interrupting Tomiis sexual adventures as Tomii enjoyed having them.

Kyoya was more into the politics of the Heika family than Tomii cared about, He had a lofty goal of being a high-powered Beta in the family, which wasn’t going to happen under Totsukas rule. But it didn’t stop Kyoya from striving.

Part of being a Heika was having a business to run, so the family never was losing power, only gaining. Tomii had been gifted with the lovely café, while Kyoya had been set in charge of a clinic. Tomii was very happy with his café, and it was doing very well. He quickly hired up Niko.

They neared the hotel and took the back stairwell to the laundry room. It was dark, damp, and loud.

“Perfect for a slut like you” the café male attempted the same language as Niko. Tomii was quick to correct him.

“Whore, not slut” he said sternly and looked to Niko. Niko had picked the guy out after all! He scoped him out and dialed Tomii to scoop him up!

“Whatever” Tomii waved him off and leaned up and kissed Niko.

Niko reached down and unbuttoned Tomiis pants, letting them fall to the ground. “Are you wearing what I told you to?” he asked, raising an eyebrow before looking down, the pink lace thong resting on Tomiis hips and weakly cradling his dick.

“And the other side?”

Tomii blushed and stepped out of his pants, turning to show off what had been affecting his walking. He had a buttplug inside of him.

Niko smiled and smacked the bottom of the plug, making Tomii jumped. The start black inbetween two glowing white orbs was perfect. “just where it should be” he smacked the plug again and turned Tomii around.

“New guy” Niko voiced, lifting Tomiis leg in the air. “Pull out the plug, slowly” he purred and looked to the Alpha in his palms. He leaned in close and nipped his ear. “I hope it tears you” he whispered, and kissed down his law line.

The man reached down and gripped the base, and tugged.

Tomii gasped, his one remaining leg shaking. He was already hard, and was standing at the weirdest angle ever! Like an ass backwards flamingo!

“I only have a half hour” Niko told the man, who seemed to be taking his sweet time. “Just rip it out in one go” he encouraged. “this guy will love it” he smirked.

The man nodded and gave a solid tug, almost pulling Tomii out of Nikos grasp, but the plug was still inside him. “Harder!” Tomii cried out his time, wrapping his arms around Nikos neck, pressing his erection into the tough, strong stomach.

The man grabbed with both hands and pulled down as hard as he could, getting the plug base out, and left it halfway in. The sight before him would last in his spankbank for an eternity. The plug was huge, he didn’t know how the boy was not in pain! The skin around was so red and it looked so painful, but the boy was whimpering, one word a constant ‘more’

“Almost there” Niko purred and kissed down Tomiis neck. The boy was already on the verge of cumming. The man was about to go in for a final pull when the door slammed open. The man let go of the toy and it slid back home, the base nestled against the red, stretched pucker.

Tomii didn’t last. He came hard against Nikos belly, or,,his work apron. His body tightened as shocks circled his body, and the familiar feeling of being filled filled every pore in his body.

“Niiiiikoooo” He whimpered in pure pleasure. “god damn it feels good” he moaned, ignoring the new people in the room.

It was hard to ignore them when they came over and assaulted you.

Kyoya walked in and gripped Tomii by the hair, pulling him away from Niko. “Get dressed” His eyes were red. “get fucking dressed” he yelled at the two other men to get out, and leaned on onto of the machines.

Tomii lay on the ground for a moment before standing up and sliding his pants back on. Leaned onto a washing machine as well, before walking over to Kyoya. “you’re crying?” he asked, concerned. Kyoya didn’t cry. “What’s wrong?” he reached to touch his cheek.

Kyoya pushed the hand away and wiped his own face. “the worlds ending” he said, and glared at the leftover shoe form the man. “Jii-san.. he.. he’s dead”

“What!” Tomii said, not believing what he heard. “No, that’s a lie.” Tomii said. He may not have cared for the family politics, but the actual people were a different story! “He’s fine, he’s jii-san, he’s going to be fine whatever it is” he said and touched his brothers shoulder.

“He wont recover from a bullet to the head!” Kyoya shouted, pushing Tomii away. “He’s been assassinated, and that means they need you!” he turned and shouted at his brother, who was reaching into his pants to try and adjust the plug. His ass was burning!

“Me?” Tomii asked, pointing at himself “God no. you go.” He said, wincing as the plug was twisted inside him. “Oh yea, he tore me” he mumbled, a small hint of a smile playing on his lips.

“you’re next in line, its your duty!” he shouted. “Leave your ass alone! For once! Think about something other than a dick in your ass!” he shouted, angry beyond belief with frustration and grief.

Tomii jumped and held his hands up. “alright” he gave in. He felt bad for his twin. They were really close and he was close with his grandfather. Being killed…

“Well if im going to be the head, it’ll be under my terms” he said. “Now, lets go cut a bitch” he walked dramatically past Kyoya and out of the room. Or he would have made a dramatic exit if he wasn’t waddling with a torn asshole and massive plug inside him.

“First we get Niko!” he shouted from the hallway. “My holes burning, I need his soothing touch”


Plug-free and slightly grumpy, Tomii got into the car with a still upset Kyoya. The Beta twin was trying his best to hold it together, but Tomii felt a lot of melancholy. He was angry to all hell, someone had DARED hurt not only his grandfather, but by extension his brother, and their heads were going to be on a stake! But as to the whole ‘our leader has been killed” he wasn’t too hung up on it.

They arrived at the main house and Tomii turned to his brother. “You need to stop crying” he said, wiping his face. “I have a plan. But I need you to stop crying” he said and smoothed Kyoyas hair back. “be angry, not sad. Let the hatred burn away the tears” he looked him in the eye and smiled when he saw anger take hold.

“Good” he kissed his forehead. “Now follow me, and agree with whatever I say” he said. “Got it?”

Kyoya looked at him skeptically but nodded. The two of them crawled out of the car and Tomii put on his Alpha face. He raised his head and lowered his shoulders. He straightened his back and donned an angry expression. He was Tomaru Heika, and everyone here were going to listen to him, whether they wanted to or not.

He was the dominant, and they were all his subs.

The air was heavy with sadness and suspicion. The killer wasn’t known yet, and everyone was suspicious of one another. Even Tomaru felt the prickle in the air. They were all on the outside of the main house, he presumed his grandfathers body was inside, being prepared for a funeral.

He walked to the front door, Kyoya by his side, and turned to face them all. “Everyone is to meet in the Dining hall. No weapons are permitted. At all” he added weight to the final command, making sure they ALL felt it. They may all be top1-2%s, but he was now the Head, making him 0%.

The men outside all turned to him and in a collective ‘Yes Sir!’ they bowed. The men made up the eldest in the various lines of the family. All were disqualified from being the Main Line, due to various circumstances, and had for a while been exiled from the Main House, but news of Totsukas death brought them all together again.

Tomaru turned to his brother and placed a hand on his shoulder. “I put you in charge of the men, make sure there are no weapons. Guns, knives, hell, earring studs for all I care. I want no weapons in the house” he said. “Can I trust you?”

Kyoya took a shallow breath and looked up at his twin. “Who the hell are you and where’s Tomii” he scowled.

This made Tomaru laugh. “just do it butthead. I told you I have a plan” he kissed his forehead again, getting a snarl from the younger twin before he headed off.

Tomaru took a deep breath and headed into the main foyer, his grandfathers body in on the floor. No one had moved him since. He looked.. dead. Blood was oozing from his headwound, leaving his skin pale. The scent of blood filled the room, it was sickly.

“Who did this” Tomaru asked, trying to breath as little as possible. Eve in death the old man looked angry.

Hide stepped closer. The tall man had been his grandfather’s assistant and second hand man. He paused up his glasses and adjusted his usually slicked back hair. It looked as if he had been running his hands along the hair, wearing away the gel.

“A member of the family, Tomaru-sama” the man addressed him. Tomaru allowed the title. “Hanae Heika, a nephew of Totsuka-dono. Exiled in 2006 for excessive behaviour”

“Where is he now?” Tomaru asked, and was pointed to the back room.

“We restrained him and secured him for punishment”

Tomaru nodded. “Move him to the basement, still secured. Do not let Kyoya see him” he gave the order, trusting Hide.

A moment later Hide returned. “a-and what of Totsuka-dono?” he asked.

“have him taken to the backyard and cleaned up. His funeral will be tomorrow, noon” he looked to the second male in the room, Tokimune.

“Once my brother has finished in the dining hall, bring him to my quarters” he instructed, and left the men to their tasks.

Tomii quickly closed the door and collapsed onto his knees. Being an alpha was exhausting! He preferred to be on his back than on his feet.

He lay on the tatami and closed his eyes. The image of his grandfather’s body hung around, which he wasn’t too much of a fan of.  He didn’t like dead things but he knew that a funeral had to be arranged.

“If Im ever targeted, I hope they just rape me” he whimpered, jumping when the sliding door was thrown open, revealing Kyoya.

“So what’s this brilliant plan of yours” he grumbled at his lazy good for nothing twin.


The two sat across from one another, and Kyoya wasn’t entirely doubtful of the plan. For once something good was coming from his brother.

“So, ill be the Shogun, and you be the government” Tomii said and clapped his hands. “Simple, ne” he smiled. “ill be the figurehead, the decorative doll, the geisha on the stage, while you actually run things, with my authority, you’ll be my assistant, like Hide was to Gramps” he said

“only alphas can be the assistant though” Kyoya said, “Your plan has flaws”

“you do realize who your talking to, im literally the top now” he said, and made a ‘yeez; face at the thought of all that power. “I can decide who does what, who’s going to stop me? Gramps?” he said rhetorically.

“You are my assistant. End of story” he stood up. “Now, help me find that red Kimono, with the flowers on it”

“Kimono?” Kyoya asked, standing up and following his brother. “Why? What? What are you going to do?” he scowled.

“I have to address all those geezers, and im doing it like I want, in a bright red Kimono, a katana, and with Sake!” he smiled. “Like they do in movies”

“you’re fucking joking” Kyoya stopped and looked up at him. “This is the first thing you do?” he asked. “you have 50 people downstairs looking for leadership and you’re copying bad Jackie chan movie?!”

Tomii smiled and winked. “Hell yea.” He entered a room off to the side and raided the closet.

It took three rooms to find the kimono, and he accompanying accessories. There was a hair pin, an obi, a chest bandage, the katana, and the shoes. “Kyoya, help me” he whined

Fully dressed, Tomaru had Hide set kneeling pillows and cups of Sake at each pillow. He lay on his side at the head of the room, the katana in front of him. His hair was tied in a bun with the hair skewer. It jangled, it was fun.

The men filed in and took their seats on the pillows, some surprised to see the sake cups offered already. The room remained silent as the room filled, which felt unnatural. There was still the looming feeling of sorrow in the room, which Tomaru wasn’t sure how to dispel, other than to start.

“I am reintroducing you all, your lines included, back into the Main family” he said. He tried to take stock of the reactions but everyone was silent. A lot of shocked faces, but no one spoke out.

Kyoya waked into the room and took his place next to Tomaru, surprised at the faces. “what did I miss?” he asked, a bit nervous.

“I’ve just invited them all back to the main family” he said, and smiled. “one big happy family.”

“You what!” Kyoya verbalized everyone’s shock. “you can’t just.. do that! Oji-sama had his reasons, and-“

“And those reasons resulted in this situation now. With me as Head. I think its okay to say gramps didn’t think it though” he said and turned back to everyone. “now, if you would like to rejoin the family, come up and share a drink with me!” he lifted his own saucer of liquor.

A few men stood up at a time, and sat in front of Tomaru, sipping for their saucer with him. “Welcome back” he smiled, and the next man sat down. Tomaru had to eventually switch to water.

The mood of the room was a bit livelier with booze introduced and family members greeting family members.

“Now, as for the situation. The killer has been found and is awaiting punishment. The execution will take place tomorrow at 1pm, immediately after gramps funeral” he turned to Kyoya. “You will deliver the blow” he touched his brothers forearm and touched the center of his forehead. “with your bow. Take vengeance” he smiled.

Kyoya nodded and steeled his face. “Ill make you proud” he said. He felt weird saying that. Alpha Tomii was weird as all hell.

Now, for a few rule changes” he cracked hic knuckled. “Hide take note” he pointed to the man who struggled to pull out his notebook.

“No more mandatory 2 female omegas. As long as they are fertile, have at it. males, females, both are fine. If you are looking for more omegas, then please look at Stolen Omegas. Its not a Rule” he said. “But it’s a request. There are some scummy Alphas in our territory and we have a lot of under cared for Omegas. If you find any Alphas known for stealing and abandoning omegas, apprehend them and bring them to me. Ill take away their abilities” he smirked. He knew a few men in this room were of those type. Mitsuhide, the fat man to the left had 3 stolen omegas loose in the world. Those poor omegas, having enjoyed the thrill of being held down and forever abandoned. No omega should go un-fucked for life.

“Also, Kyoya, as you know is my twin brother, and a Beta. There has been a rule in this family that only Alphas are able to ascend to higher ranks, but Kyoya is a better alpha than I could ever be, so im making him my assistant” he smiled. “Hide, you are able to retire now, but feel free to live here, and be supported by the family. You’ve spent your life in servitude to my gramps, there’s no way in hell im tossing you out” he smiled. “you have the run of the house” he smiled.

There was dissention in the men, and one finally piped up. “A beta? Surely that cant be allowed”

“did you not hear me? Im changing the rules. And Kyo here is the best. Id trust no one else to give it to me straight and deny my deepest desires, than this guy” he smirked at his brother. “If I find out any of you have denied a request of his due to him being a Beta, then I will personally end your family line” he growled.

“Will others respect him as an assistant? If he’s not an alpha” a man piped up but remained hidden.

“They will with my Mark” he said, drawing gasps.

Kyo turned to his brother and backed up. “No no no no no no no no no, hell no!” he scooted away, forcing Tomaru to get up and chase him.

“Kyo!” the older male whined. “just let me Mark you, im not going to actually have sex with you like a Mate” he sighed, and pinned his brother to the floor. “besides, you can still take a mate of your own. I do expect nephews” he said and smirked.

Kyo scowled up at his brother and sighed, “Fine!” he growled ineffectively. “Left side”

“Nope, Middle!” he lifted Kyos jaw up and left a Full Mark right around the Betas Adams Apple, in full view of everyone

The beta cried out in pain as his skin was punctured, and his limbs jerked on the floor.

Tomii looked down at his brother and smiled. “its so pretty Kyo” he hummed and sat up, pulling the heavily breathing twin with him. “Let’s have that taken care of” he said and allowed his brother to be taken to the infirmary.

“If you’ll excuse me” Tomaru bowed to the men. “tomorrow at noon the funeral will begin, and there will be food and the execution of course. All family are invited” he smiled. “now, please head home” he bowed again and ran after his brother.


Kyoya lay in bed, feeling groggy. It hurt to swallow, and he didn’t remember why. When he shifted, he noticed Tomii laying his head on his bed, despite having a whole futon to himself. The memories came back and Kyo ran to the mirror to see the mark. “For fucks sake!” he growled and took his pillow, smacking his older brother awake. “Rat bastard!”

Tomii woke up with a groan but smiled. “so, how does it feel to be Head of the family?” he asked, touching the Mark. “Your known as my mate, making you immediately of higher status than any of them” he smiled. “no longer just a beta.” He mused

Kyo paused his tirade and looked at his bother. Technically that was true, but it still hurt like a mother fucker. He was about to praise his brother for his smarts but he should have known that Alpha Tomaru didn’t stick around long.

“Think you can pick up these two guys for a nice afternoon fuck? Assistant-sama~”



“Tomii!” Kyoya shouted, opening door after door, looking for his elder bother. The Line Heads were at the house for the morning meeting, and the new Head wasn’t there yet. He could only stall for so long!

“One week into his job and he’s already sleeping in” he grumbled, checking room to room. He had checked his bedroom first, but that was conveniently empty, the bed already made, or never unmade.

“a main house with like 50 rooms, who the hell built this place!” he shouted, opening the 25th door. He saw his brother and opened his mouth to yell at him, but the sight in front of hm was too much. He paused and turned around immediately “Tomii you fucker we have business!” he shouted, holding his hand over his eye and turning back to see his brother. He adjusted the position of his eye to cover up the man behind his brother, but that didn’t hide the jerking of his brothers body.

“Kyo-ya~” the elder brother moaned, and tapped the man behind him to stop for a moment. He grabbed a blanket and stood up, letting out a whine as he detached from the male. He stood up and wrapped the blanket around his shoulders like a cape, and leaned on the doorframe.

“Hey little bro~” he purred, his voice hazy. He stole a glance at the man still in the room, who looked slightly annoyed at having not finished yet. “What’s up?”

Kyoya grumbled, avoiding looking at the man in the room. He could smell the sweat from outside the room. It as a wonder it took him so long to find the room.

“What’s up is that its 9am, the meeting is starting and you aren’t there yet. Get dressed” he looked to the man in the room. “And you go out the back door “

Tomii pouted. “Can he cum in the back door first?” he asked, the answer being given in the form of a t-shirt to the face.


The room was silent as Tomii arrived and plonked down onto the pillow at the front of the room. He crossed his legs and his arms. He was not pleased. The men all sat in rows along the sides of the room, and breakfast was on a table in the center of the room. On the table was an assortment of pancakes, eggs, omletts, toats and jams. Bacon and sausages were brought in piping hot and laid on the table. The room was filled with the delicious aroma of bacon and eggs. Tomii felt his tummy growl and motioned for everyone to eat.

“Everyone eat, then we talk” Tomii said, and stood up to get his food.

“Ah!” Kyoya stopped him, standing up and putting his hand on Tomiis chest. “Ill get the food” he said, “Sit back down” Kyoya had a much nicer tone than he did 10 minutes ago. He had to, in front of the family. He had to be more submissive, because he was his assistant. Little did everyone know that Kyoya was the real boss, who had been making all of the big decisions so far. Things had worked out so far, if you didn’t count the constant interruption of Tomiis morning activities.

“Make sure to get me extra sausage” he chirped at his twin. Tomii wasn’t so good at altering his mood to situations like Kyoya. If he was in a bad mood, it carried.

Tomii didn’t get his extra sausage. He didn’t get any sausage. He glared at Kyoya who returned with only a sickly smile.

Even as people sat back down there was more food on the table. Tomii looked around, noticing a lot of empty seats near his side of the room. He pouted, before remembering something. There were supposed to be more people here by now. “Where are they?” he asked his brother.

Kyoya checked his phone time, and jumped up. “Ill be right back” he said and hurried from the room. Arriving was supposed to be representatives of a few local shelters, who dealt with Stolen Omegas. So far in the past week 3 members of the family had taken in Stolen Omegas, and Tomii was looking to start a sponsorship program with some of the shelters. A few Omegas would live in the main house, and others would be sent to school, to be able to support themselves later on in life.

This was the one plan Tomii had been insistent on, but Kyoya wasn’t to thrilled about it. He didn’t understand his brothers fascination with Stolen Omegas, while it was a noble cause. It was a much more noble cause than his ‘make-a-dick-foundation’ idea, where the sole purpose was finding him men to have sex with. But the Stolen Omega sponsorships would take a few weeks to organize officially. That didn’t stop Tomii from forging ahead with little regard for consequences.

Not even 5 minutes past and the doors opened again and 15 people flooded in, 12 being children rsnging from 7 to 15 years old. The room was quiet for a moment before Tomii smiled. “Welcome!” he stood up to greet his guests. The kids were silent for a little, cautious of the amount of men in the room. “Come down to this end, please” Tomii said, and waved the kids down closer to his end of the room. “Eat, everyone. We have so much food” he smiled. He still hadn’t touched his food. He would wait until everyone had a share.

Soon enough the room was filled with talking, and Tomii started to eat. He leaned over to one of the kids on his right, he looked about 13. “Hey can you co grab he one of the sausages?” he asked, motioning to the table, and looking for Kyoya. The kid nodded and soon returned with the meat. “You’re the best” Tomii kissed his forehead and hummed. “So, what’s your name?”

“M-me?” the kid stammered, and bit his lip. His blonde hair covered one of his eyes, but the visible one was a pretty shade of blue. “Im Keiji” he said.

Tomii ate the sausage and hummed. “Hello Keiji, im Tomaru, but you can call me Tomii, okay?” The boy nodded and started eating. “So Keiji, what’s your story?” he looked to Kyoya as he sat on his left side. “That’s my lil bro” he whispered to Keiji.

Keiji waved to Kyoya who waved back.

He shifted a bit to it more comfortable and ate a little, speaking after. “I was taken to the shelter last year after..” he touched his neck. The mark seemed to be awkwardly placed, having been at an angle and rather high up on his neck. “I had run away from home, my mom wasn’t happy with me being an omega” he frowned. “I wouldn’t have minded being Marked if the guy stayed.. I mean even I know about responsibilities. You break fix it..” he dwindled off and shrugged.

“You’re not broken” Tomii touched his head. “not at all. Do you have friends at the shelter?” he asked.

Keiji nodded and pointed at a little brunette down the line. “That’s Maru, he’s the coolest ever” he smiled. “He’s 14, but he’s been there for a long time already. So, he knows all the good hiding places”

Maru kept looking oer at Keiji, ignoring the others around him to focus on the energetic blonde. Why Maru didn’t sit  up here earlier tomii didn’t understand, but it was okay.

“Hiding places huh? Do you guys sneak off and kiss?” he teased, not expecting the massive blush to cover Keijis face. Tomii covered his ear to ear smile with his hand and let out a small chuckle. “good for you” he nudged him with praise. “he’s a cutie, just like you”

Kyoya cleared his throat to draw Tomiis attention. “Tomaru, its time to start the meeting don’t you think?” he asked.

Tomii pouted and rolled his eyes. “siblings” he said and Keiji laughed.


Taking the cue cards prepared by Kyoya, Tomii began.

“Thank you for attending everyone. Those who couldn’t make it, included Kousuke Tenma, but he sent his son Kouta in his stead, which I am grateful for. I hope you pass on this information to your father” he said formally, looking at the young line head.

“So, to cover a few topics from yesterday..”


The meeting included talks of local buisnesses profite, family owned profite, crim reports, and the surrender of 2 alphas who enjoyed the virgin flesh of young omegas. They were being held in the basement until the following day. Kyoya had been against making a spectacle of the ordeal, but Tomii wanted to prove a point, but not infront of the guests. These kids had seen enough, they didn’t need to see someone else being forcefully marked.

There wasn’t really a protocol for what Tomii was going to do, this was the first time it had been considered an issue. ‘Then create a protocol’ Tomii had snapped at his btother when he tried to dissuade the elder. He sisnt understand his obsession with Stolen Omegas!


“And finally, we have our guests of the day, the representatives of three Omega Shelters, and a few of their charges. I’ve heard some of you have already started taking in a few stolen omegas, for which im grateful, but I can’t expect my men to do something while not doing it myself. So im sponsoring these 12 kids, 6 for schooling, and 6 will be residing here” he smiled. “I know 12 isn’t a large portion of the total Stolen Omega numbers, but it’s a starting point”

Tomii was met with murmurs in the group but no one opposed the plan. “Dues will not be increased, if that’s the fear. Kyoya and I found a savings stock that Gramps had set away for his cigarettes. There was well over enough money to start the sponsorship” he sighed. Okay so it was a half lie. He doubted the fund was for cigarettes when he found the money in a box along with a list of notable prostitute establishments. But he wouldn’t sully his reputation like that. Totsuka Heika did a lot of good for the family, even if he dwindled it down to nothing.


With the meeting, over and the line heads dispersed, the shelter guests remained. Tomii approached them and knelt down to the childrens level. “Is everyone full? You can still have more if you want” he said and watched as a few kids went for seconds. “Ill have the rest packaged to take back with you” he offered, and the representatives thanked him.

Kyoya came up to them with a clipboard and some papers. “As for which child receives which sponsorship, ill leave that up to you three” he said but Tomii interjected.

“Id like 2 of the kids to reside here to be Keiji and Maru” he said. “If that’s alright. I was speaking with Keiji during breakfast, and he seems really sweet”

Kyoya cleared his throat. “it their decision” he said and handed off the paperwork and the two of them left the representatives alone.

“You’re so mean to me you know” Tomii whimpered after they left the main dining hall. “I just want those two, im not picking all 6” he said. “Let me have some joy in my life”

“You’re not picking your in-house sex slaves” Kyoya whispered, drawing a look of shock from Tomii.

“That’s what you thought!?” he looked at his twin incredulously. “1, im a whore, not an offender. 2, have you seen the men I enjoy? Big, strong, men, on top. Im not going to push down a little kid, geezus” he pushed his hand into his hair. “I want to bring them here cause they’re in a relationship together. They’re hiding it at the shelter cause their probably not allowed, so I want them to be open here” he sighed. “wow, I didn’t know you had such a low opinion of me” he laughed a little.

Kyoya paused and bit his lip. “Well you can’t blame me when every 5 minutes there’s a new guy” he said and frowned. He knew he was in the wrong but he didn’t know how to apologize. He didn’t think Tomii was really mad about it, but it left a weird feeling in his stomach.

“sorry” he mumbled before Tomii touched him. He jumped.

“Whoa there thumper calm down” he said and lifted Kyoyas chin, looking at his Mark. “How does it feel?”

“I barely notice it” he said and shrugged. “So, I guess that’s good. Its not infected or anything”

Tomii smiled and pulled him clos to touch the skin again, feeling it still slightly raised. “Are you okay though? After.. Im sorry  for making you be the one to exact revenge” he said. “I didn’t think it through 100%”

Kyoya pulled away from him and frowned when he remembered what Tomii had made him do. “You don’t think through a lot of things” he mumbled, but shrugged. “its past”

“Tomii followed him, standing in front of him again. “You haven’t picked up your bow since” he said, holding Kyoya by the shoulders.

“Ive been busy!” kyoya pushed Tomii away again and attemoted to leave the room, but Tomii just kept putting himself in between his younger brother and his escape.

“Bullshit, you always practiced every day, even if you were dead tired. You said it helped you focus” he said and reached for Kyoya, but he was evaded.

“”Its not so calming to see a deadman at the target anymore” he daid, and physically pushed Tomii away to leave the room He didn’t want to talk about it. Things were done, the man was dead, things would moveon from now.


Kyoya stood in the room and pushed his hand through his hair. He regretted his decidion so much right now. He had wanted to call off the execution hen he saw Kyoyas shaking hands as he pulled back thr bow string.


The atmosphere after the funeral was a somber one, save for the frantic please of the man at the target. He was thr man who killed their grandfather, the previous head of the Heika main family. He deserved to die. He had to die. It just had to be.

The man was secured to the totem and sedated, so he moed around less. Everyone was gathered in the back, and Kyoya walked out exactly at 1pm. He was quiet and looked calm, like an executioner. He wore his ususal archery garb, blue, the color of the Heika family crest. He didn’t speak to anyone, he just took up his position.

Tomii was both watching the men and watching his brother, Kyoya was an excellent archer, it only seemed fitting. He would feel a sense of closure as well, at having taken vengeance for the death of the grandfather he loved so much,

Tomii expected the alm face, tomie expected the quiet demeanor. He didn’t expect the shaking hands and first missed shot.

People were stunned at the arrow that narrowly missed the mans head, striking the target pad behind him. Murmers illed the crowd but Tomii quieted them. He had approached Kyoya but the tounger brother waved him off.

Tomii should have intercwpted then. He should have stopped the event and spared Kyoya. He would never forget the look Kyoya wore when the arrow punched through the mans forhead, and the final cries shattered through the air.

The ender habd tveen looked over at the man, he was staring at the executioner, the young boy who had been burdened with such a task, that he looked like he was oing to cry. The bow that had been taken care of to the perfect standard was discarded on the ground and left to be trampled, as its owner fled into the house as the body was remoed.

Tomii tried to follow, but the men began celebrating and Tomii couldn’t escape. It wasn’t until 3 hours later that Tomii snuck inside and saught out Kyoya. He heard him in his room, but felt too guilty to open the door. Instead he sat outside the door, listening to the boy sttentot o stifle cries,

“he deserved it you know” tomii eventually broke the silence, starling the boy inside. “He hurt our family, and you made things right. You are going to be the best member of this family, I promise” he said through the door. “you are Kyoya Heika, the 10th Head of the Heika family. And I am youre figurehead” he mused. “I love you lil bro”


A knock ont eh door shook Tomii and he slid the door open,. The representitives were there and smiled. “WE have filled out the papaerwork” one said and heded Tomii the clipboard.

Kyoya looked at the sheet and smiled. “Thank you” he gave a small bow. Keiji and Maru were on his list. “thank you so much  for working with me in this endeavor” he said.

A servant of the house started packing the leftover food in the dining hall