Hey everyone!

Long time no see!


WELL to get things kickin’, I want to go ‘Yay almost been blogging a year’ but i stopped in about March.. due to school and work and daily posts weren’t possible for me, despite the amount of writing i was doing on my fiction piece, Bitten.

yea that irony tho..

WELL! I’ve wanted to come back for a while now. I’ve gotten a new job, I’m feeling A LOT less stressed about money at least for this month, and I’ve been in a fairly good place i feel like, so i want to start dipping my toes back in. I truly do enjoy writing.

It probably wont be a daily post, maybe 2-3 times a week depending on my work schedule. I’m going to do what i can.

So what will i write about? I could go back to doing reviews, maybe. or lists again, or maybe try the social blogging, pfft like i actually leave the house.

I’m not sure right now about the content i want to create. I know i want to write, and that comes partially with a kind of announcement.

I’ve created a second blog, for my fiction writing.

A story I’ve been writing for over 7 months now has been Bitten/From the Top. Its an Omegaverse centralized story, and the more i write it, the more i want to write about it. I love creating backstories for the characters, i love explaining the ways things works in this alternate universe, i love just sticking my headphones in and letting myself follow these characters into the emotions and troubles that befall them!

and i posted a few of them here a while back, because i didn’t want to miss my daily upload, but i feel like they didn’t have a place on the main blog, because it was fiction, it wasn’t ‘blogging’ it was writing, it was creating fiction from another world.

So i made a new site, specifically for my stories centered on the Omegaverse and the explanations.

My Omegaverse

So check it out if you want to. I love love love taking questions on the Omegaverse, and if a scenario is posed to me, i love writing it. i often do ‘rewrites’ where i ask my friends for a specific scene they want a rewrite of, and i try and flip it on its head to see how things would turn out. Its so much fun and I’m always curious to see what people are drawn to in my writing, because sometimes I’m not so confident in it. Sometimes i don’t think it’s that good.

But conversations on the content of chapters are always my favorite art of writing. I love talking to people, and ‘real time comments’ are like my cocaine. I’ve been called a cruel mistress for my writing because i surprise and i ‘go there’ when it comes to the characters and the subjects, god that sounds so arrogant. but that shock factor, knowing i made someone feel something, i love writing like that.

So check out the site if you’d like. There’s not much there at the moment, but the posts should be coming out quickly, considering I’ve got over 350 pages of content.. i just want to run through another edit to see if I’ve missed any glaring mistake I’ll want to die over.

As for this blog, I’m still gunna try and post frequently. i definitely have bingeing nights where all i write is fiction for hours and hours, and i don’t want to stress about making daily posts again, it made me put some really subpar content out there..

So keep watching! Thanks for staying subscribed! and thanks for the community you’ve all been that has made it so much fun for me!