So, I was catfished 6 years ago, for about a year and a half.

I was in grade 10, so I was 14/15. I was into online roleplay, CSI, I wasn’t aware of anime yet either.

This person, who I knew as Tyler, I considered to be my best friend, and one of the people who got me into anime. This story is not so anime related, but I really wanted to write it down and share it.

So in grade 10, I was working on a story, my first real story. I still have all my drafts, hand written, 30-40 lines on blank white paper, double sided, about 45 pages I would spend my spare class typing it up on the school computer, print it off and edit it, and fix the edits in my next spare.

If you want to read the very first draft with absolutely no editing, its HERE its awful. Don’t actually click it. I think I lost the memory card it was all on so im not going to be posting it. Its so cringy now. DX

The story was BL, so I started off a fujoshi it seems.

But I was contacted through this post. Tyler private messaged me, saying he liked my story, and he wanted to continue it as a roleplay. I had posted it on a roleplay website after all, mostly because I didn’t have a memory stick and at this point I didn’t have an email my mom wouldn’t have access to, so I was trying to hide it.

The characters, Nahrrow and Jasper were my original characters, Nahrrows character looks were based off of an Allen Walker cosplay I found, before I even knew what anime was.


Tyler and I remained strictly roleplay partners for a while, not having much outside chat. Eventually we started a second roleplay, where one character was previously abused and my character was kind of their rescuer? 14/15 year old’s aren’t that creative okay. Later on Tyler would confess that he was drawing upon his life experiences in those scenarios.

Now this was when my and Tyler started outside communication. We were talking as jill and Tyler. We had exchanged emails, because receiving notifications was more reliable than constantly checking a website for an update. We exchanged phone numbers and started texting.

Tyler back then to me, was a 19 year old boy, who was gay, grew up in an unstable household and was currently in a not-so-healthy relationship with his boyfriend, who he lived with.

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I being the child of a social worker was probably drawn to the ‘broken’ person, but I genuinely cared about Tyler.

Through our conversations he told me about how me was molested at a young age, how he wanted to leave his boyfriend, he would text me that he was crying, and didn’t know what to do.

I cried with this person, I cried over this person. We had arguments, they didn’t answer me, and I cried. I cried over this person, who at this point was my best friend.

Tyler introduced me to Gravitation, to Junjou Romantica and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. Its because of Tyler that I started writing down the animes I finished early on. Its because of Tyler that I have Todd Haberkorns autograph and it because of Tyler that a lot of who I am formed. They were a big supporter of my writing and they were a great friend. They introduced me to fanfiction, which in itself is a small deception.

Tyler claimed his sister read one of our roleplay threads and decided to write a story based on it. He sent me chapters every few days, and it wasn’t hard to find out they were lying.

The characters behaved nothing like ours, and the names were wrong. Not misspelled, but like.. other names. Like they took a Kingdom Hearts fanfiction and just replaced the names.  Neither of our characters was named Marluxia.

That is Kingdom Hearts, right?

The story was good, and I didn’t think too much of it.

Now back then I had a LG Slide phone, so I finally had a full keyboard, but I still had the mental scars from T9 texting. I knew the struggles of the ‘prediction’ software.

Tyler had T9 still, having not graduated to a full keyboard yet, this was in 2011, so I don’t think smartphones were a thing yet. But when I received texts with ‘she’ in them, like ‘she can’t come to the phone right now’ I was curious, but not skeptical. A simple ‘oops, t9’ was a viable excuse back then. T9 screwed you over on he/she frequently.

Im not sure how close towards the end it was, but it was in the last few months that I was becoming suspicious. Not that I was being lied to, but that maybe Tyler was transgender.

The very first person to tell me about anime had just come out publicly on Vampire Freaks (yes oh god that site) as transgender. So, it wasn’t too far of a stretch for me to think Tyler was maybe transgender as well, especially after the second ‘he/she’ texting mix-up.

I actually asked, ‘are you a girl? Are you transgender? Its okay if you are’ because it was.

They denied that flat out, they weren’t female, they weren’t. absolutely not. I believed them. I trusted them.

This was the person I was messaging every day all day. I chose where I sat in science class based on if I could get cell reception to text them. I centred almost of my life on this person for a year, because they were important to me.

And on one June afternoon, I was waiting for lunch period to finish to get into a taxi to be driven to my co-op at the local newspaper, when I got the confession text.

“Im sorry, I can’t do it anymore, I really am a girl’

Okay, not a big deal. They’re trangender.

‘like tans girl or girl girl?’

“Im not transgender. My names not Tyler”

And now I was more than confused.

“everything’s a lie”


What did they mean? What did they mean it was a lie?

Tyler was not a 19 year old boy, they were a 16 year old girl, living at home, with perfectly normal parents.

Tyler, the person I had cried over.

The person I had been so scared for when I heard about a tornado passing by their town.

Tyler the person I had warned about Shota material in a gravitation DJ.

Tyler was ALL lies.

The stories, the scenarios. All of it.

It as an elaborate story created by this girl, faked, just like that Kingdom Hearts fanfiction.

But no, it doesn’t stop there. They got defensive.

I was the bad guy in all this it seemed. I was the one in the wrong for being upset. I was only upset, according to them because I was secretly in love with Tyler. Tyler, my gay best friend at the time.

They offered to pretend to go back to being Tyler.

But it was all lies.

In one fell swoop a year of my life was pulled out from under me. I had been catfished, by a best friend. Someone I exchanged letters with, physical letters.

In all transparency, I contacted them a few years ago, asking if they were interested in our roleplays still, because those had stopped, a week after the ‘big reveal’. I had lost my best friend, I didn’t want to lose my characters too.

During this ‘transition’ though ‘Tyler’ had deleted our threads, erasing all of our messages, all of the replys, everything. It was another punch to the gut. I was beyond angry. I hated them for that. They stole the characters and deleted everything.

our first thread was only spared because it was under my account, and its HERE

And in going through all of this, its not like I could go home and cry. I couldn’t tell anyone. I told one of my friends, in just.. incredulous shock, but my family? My mom? God no, even if I wanted to, its not like telling them would make anything better, or that thy would even understand.

The fact that id lost a best friend wouldn’t mean jack shit, because it was an ‘internet friend’ and therefor they weren’t real. My mother had already had THAT ‘conversation’ with me.

So, I didn’t tell anyone. And now I am typing it up.

I was catfished, and no in my family knows.


So if you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading. I know its pretty off topic, but its not like i havent posted crap emotional stuff before (she says while cringing).

Anywhoo, resume regular programming now!

Thanks for reading!