Oooooh noooooo. Oh nooo.

Its been a while since I’ve watched Kono Bijutsu-bu, but the formats still the same. The episodes still split into 2 mini stories, each with their own plot arc. The first, is like a half plot, it ramps up in one direction, mostly filled with misunderstandings, then it slowly reverses, breaking down each step, like reverse telephone. The second arc builds to a punchline, then drops you. Both are good plotlines to build a comedic episode without coming across as gaggy. They are long run jokes, not gags.

The comedy in these episodes has me on a roller coaster. It goes from “oh no” to “ooh nooo” to “nooo” to “haha, oh wait noooo” *perfect explanation! Nailed it!* The underlying plot of Usami liking Uchimaki is pretty low key this episode, with part of it teased, which resulted in the she-hulk Usami striking out. The episode is light hearted, and is a fluffy feel good episode. The club being able to paint the bottom of the swimming pool, *albeit not with teachers permission* was a really nice scene. The montage of them painting wasn’t like a still photograph montage, it was similar to an OP or ED sequence, which made it artsy, and very fitting for the art club.

Im still questioning Collette here, one second she’s picking up on nuances, the next she’s painting a sculpture, hiding it, and selling her soul to the devil to become a dove. She would be so fun to be around.

The club really is just Usami and Uchimaki, with the Prez and Collette being there to spur on the incidences. The way Usami and Uchimaki are portrayed, a show with just those two would be boring, so the eccentric character and the lazy character are perfect buddies to stir things up.

As for Yumeko-sensei.. *sigh* not a big fan of her. I feel like they’re trying to make her the clumsy Moe character, but you want to support Usami. Also.. Yumeko drawing a big flower on Uchimakis drawing… what? Why? Who? Why? She’s definitely an airhead, but even I, the resident space cadet, know you don’t draw a flower in the middle of someone else’s drawing unless you have a death wish.

Overall the episode was cute. It could have been an ova, the only new information we got was that Uchimaki is in Usamis phone as Subaru, his first name. Which Usami was embarrassed to have found out, but is perfectly fine running around in a bathing suit, with a shirt that goes past the bathing suit, so it looks near naked..

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