So episode 18 was basic, it offered no new characters, no new information on Saiki or existing characters. Granted it just drove home how much of a complete weirdo Hairo is, but we already knew he was an overly motivational person.


The students seems to respect him because of that and help him in his task, only after he already ropes Saiki into assisting as well.


Episode 19 was more telling of Saikis personality and information. He haaates bugs. And weddings. He sees weddings as places people gather to revel in the inevitable unhappiness of the couple, which is pretty hard to disagree with. I thought the opinion of marriage would have been better in Japan, considering 2/3 marriages survive..


Either way, his parents leave to attend a wedding, leaving him alone. Now a normal teenager would just lounge around, but Saiki has standards. He cleans up, and encounters his worst enemy, a cockroach.


Bugs are Saikis worst enemy because he cant read their minds. Their beady little brains are impervious to his telepathy, and he doesn’t want to even touch them with this telekinesis. I sympathise with him. Roaches are weird. Especially Mars Roaches.


I would be very interested to see a crossover of Saiki in other series, such as Terra Formars and  One Punch Man. Id like to see how his nonchalant attitude faced up against either Saitama or the Terra Formars, which are both more serious animes than Saiki.


The cockroach threat is squashed when Nendou showed up. Saiki has been getting progressively more annoyed by Nendou in general, and it now he’s just very blunt with him, kicking him out of his house. He also doesn’t put too much faith in Nendous mental capacity, because he uses his abilities right in front of him, and Nendou doesn’t even realize it. He also makes remarks about teleporting to different locations and that doesn’t even phase Nendou. Perhaps all characters are going to be progressively stupider, until Saiki admits he has been using his abilities to make abilities like his seem normal. Who knows with this show!


Rating: B-


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